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Bones - The Resurrection in the Remains (Sleepy Hollow Crossover Event) - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

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The crossover episodes between the two shows on FOX which no-one thought could never happen is finally upon us. Science meets the supernatural when the leads from Bones and Sleepy Hollow both guest star in each other’s series this Thursday evening in a two-part Halloween Special Event.

I haven’t watched Sleepy Hollow since giving the series up during its first season I’m afraid, and as yet haven’t watched the screener for the second part of this story so can’t judge how that section of tale goes. However, if like me you are only a fan of Bones, then you will be pleased to know that this can be viewed as a complete standalone episode, the case is tied up for the Jeffersonian team when the end credits roll in a satisfying manner. Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) are introduced smoothly, slotting into the story in much the same way as any other weekly guest cast are, so you shouldn’t find anything too jarring or puzzling in that regard either.

For those that don’t follow Sleepy Hollow here’s a very swift who’s who, although most of this is covered in the episode. Ichabod is originally from the eighteenth century and knew a fellow Englishman called Abraham Van Brunt during the Revolutionary War, they became adversaries and both died in battle. Crane was brought back to life fairly recently and now works with FBI Agent Abbie, while Van Brunt is an undead headless horseman and one of the main antagonist on the show. It is his remains they are attempting to locate, which is why they have arrived in Washington to investigate and retrieve a headless body that has been discovered in a church vault.

The couples find themselves split up for much of the episode, Ichabod spending his time getting under Brennan feet as he marvels at the wonders contained inside the institution named after a man he knew in his past. The sheer number of antiques, historical documents and other curios that the building houses are of great interest to him. He is after all one of the few people who was alive when some of these catalogued items were brand new…not that any of the squints would ever believe that, even if the evidence was staring them in the face…

Meanwhile, Abbie joins Booth on his investigation, both to assist in wrapping up his case and to check if there is anything that links it to the headless Redcoat. She has only just become an FBI Agent, being part of the police department for the last two seasons on Sleepy Hollow, and therefore is eager to show that she is competent while at the Washington office. So when Seeley surprises her by sharing the news that they have an old friend in common, enabling him to pass on words from beyond the grave, this naturally will affect how she feels about her new role.

As for the case itself this week, it obviously has a spooky theme attached to it, being buried alongside a mysterious 200-year-old headless corpse is only the start. It wouldn’t be a Halloween episode if there weren’t a few Pagan rituals, hidden messages, magical symbols and other dark secrets to uncover after all. Oh, and then there’s the pranks. Brennan’s sense of humour has certainly improved over the years, which is probably why Booth falls for one of her tricks early on in the episode. It takes him some time before he gets his own back on his wife, even if she attempts to reason her way out of being taken in by the stunt. It’s hilarious stuff, which Deschanel and Boreanaz deliver with ease and great timing.

The Resurrection in the Remains airs on October 29 at 8.00 PM ET/PT on FOX. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then, if you want to have any guesses on who said what I will fill in any correct answers before the episode airs. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“It’s a simple question, is Mr Crane a liar or not?”

“Benjamin Franklin invented Sex on the Beach?”

“What would a medical student be doing with a book of nonsense?”

“Michael Vincent, he flushed my lenses. So, these were all I had”

“Let me change the hair colour and add some studs”

“You can’t science your way out of this Bones”

“So, the question is, who was she celebrating with?”

“I can’t believe it, he thought you and I were alike. That is high praise”

“That was a model. That’s an actual brain I brought back from the lab”

“One might say that it represents the realised dream of its namesake”

“Which begs the age old question; what’s a girl like her doing with a guy like him?”

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