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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 25th September - 2nd Edition *Updated*

27 Sept 2015

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Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 00:50 - The 100 - Season 3 - New Jason Rothenberg Tweets
    Thanks to miracle2012 for the heads up.

  • 00:45 - Girl Meets World - Episode 2.18 - Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 - Promo
    Thanks to Folie-lex for the heads up.

  • 20:15 - The X-Files - New 2 Part Trailer Premiering During Gotham & Minority Report

    The first half of the trailer will air during Gotham's new episode, Knock, Knock at 8 PM ET, with the second half debuting during Minority Report's second episode, Mr. Nice Guy at 9 PM ET.

  • 09:40 - The Grinder - Episode 1.02 - A Hero Has Fallen - Promotional Photos

  • 09:20 - Life in Pieces - Episode 1.02 - Interruptus Date Breast Movin' - Sneak Peek

  • 09:20 - Scream Queens - Has FOX Already Trademarked The Name For The 2nd Season?
    Application Date: 2015-08-24
    Owner(s): Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation a corporation existing under the laws of the State of Delaware

  • 01:25 - Untitled Comedy from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-Creator Gets Put Pilot at FOX
    The Brooklyn Nine-Nine duo of co-creator executive producer Mike Schur and co-executive producer Matt Murray have sold another single-camera workplace comedy to Fox through Universal TV.

    In a competitive situation, the untitled project has received a put pilot commitment. Written by Murray, who will serve as showrunner, the comedy revolves around a larger-than-life federal judge and the overworked twentysomethings who clerk for him. Schur will executive produce through his Fremulon banner alongside Murray and 3 Arts’ David Miner for Universal TV, where Schur and Murray are under overall deals.

  • 01:25 - Elementary - Season 4 - EW Interview
    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where is the new season picking up?
    ROB DOHERTY: The new season is picking up right where we left off at the end of season 3. We are approximately three days after Sherlock’s relapse and one day after the news that Sherlock’s father is coming to New York.

    Are we going to see any of Sherlock’s missing time once he went into the tunnel after attacking Oscar (Michael Weston)?
    No. Maybe that’s something we would explore at another point during the season, but what we’re going to try to make clear is that Sherlock didn’t go missing for three days. He suffered his relapse. He sobered up. He contacted his friends. He has spent the bulk of those three days in quiet, if somewhat tortured contemplation.

  • 01:20 - Continuum - Victor Webster Interview
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.
    Carlos and Kiera have been through some stuff, including he dealing with two of her. Will their fractured relationship ever return to what it was?
    Victor Webster: I don’t know if you ever come back 100 per cent from that. There are aftershocks, but I think they’ve found a place where they can work together again. Carlos has also had a chance to wrap his head around everything that has been happening and that has been very confusing to him.

    I hear the scripts have been pretty explosive.
    We’re blowing shit up. There’s a helicopter and explosions, but it’s all done for the sake of the story. It’s a great wrap-up to the show and an unexpected ending.

  • 23:55 - The Grinder - Timothy Olyphant to Guest
    TVLine has confirmed that Olyphant will guest-star in the Thanksgiving episode, “Giving Thanks, Getting Justice,” as a fellow actor and frenemy of Dean’s.

  • 23:55 - Poor Richard’s Almanack - USA Pilot - Sam Jaeger and Harold Perrineau Join Cast
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.
    Parenthood’s Sam Jaeger and Lost alum Harold Perrineau are set to star in the USANetwork pilot Poor Richard’s Almanack, from Legendary TV, Universal Cable Prods. and executive producer Jim Danger Gray (Orange Is The New Black).

    Weaving between modern day and a possible future where characters have changed radically, Poor Richard’s Almanack is a character thriller about a cadre of heroes who emerge as the new “Founding Fathers” after America is pushed to the brink of collapse. Perrineau will play Matt Monroe, the FBI Agent in charge after a terrorist attack on Philadelphia, while Jaeger takes on the role of Darwin Fischer, a former CIA field agent-turned-analyst. Monroe’s search for the attack’s inside-man puts him on a crash course with Darwin and his schizophrenic sister (Jordan Hayes) embroiling them in a conspiracy that will shake the country to its core.

  • 23:50 - The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez - Sexy Revenge Drama w/ a Supernatural Twist from the Agent Carter Showrunners in Development at ABC
    Marvel’s Agent Carter executive producers/showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have sold their first project under the pod deal the duo inked at ABC Studios this year. The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez, which has landed at ABC, was written by Cuban-American playwright Charise Castro Smith. It is a sexy revenge drama with a supernatural twist about a Cuban-American family on the rise as they navigate multiple business ventures in Miami, familial rivalries and dark secrets from the past that come back to haunt them.

  • 23:50 - The Player - Episode 1.02 - Ante Up - Promotional Photos

  • 23:50 Manhattan - Season 2 - First Look Featurette
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.

  • 23:45 - Satisfaction - Episode 2.01 - Promotional Photos + Cast Photo

  • 23:45 - Last Man Standing - Season 5 - Poster

  • 17:30 - How To Get Away With Murder - Season 2 Premiere - Post-Mortem with Peter Nowalk
    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Annalise has been shot! Viola just won the Emmy, so do you honestly expect audiences to believe her life is legitimately in jeopardy? Or is the mystery more about how she ended up there?
    PETE NOWALK: For me, it’s a question of who shot Annalise? Who shot Annalise? Who shot Annalise? #WhoShotAnnalise

    Will the format of the show be similar to last year in that we’ll see more of this flash forward night in each subsequent episode?
    We will see flash forwards. I don’t ever want to repeat the same formula, but I will say we will see flash forwards. We will be showing more of that night.

    When should we expect to actually find out about that night? The finale?
    I’m not going to tell you, because then where is the fun in that?

    Wes is really upset with Annalise in the premiere. Could finding out the truth about what happened to Rebecca play a role in what has happened in this flash forward?
    That’s definitely a possibility.

    Back to the present, did you always know that it was Bonnie who killed Rebecca?
    I won’t say always knew, but I did always feel that pull, because I really understood why she did it, especially with her tie toward Sam. Part of me was wanting it to not be her, because I felt that so strongly. Is that expected? Ultimately, I decided to go with something that maybe felt more expected because it felt real, and really just opens up a mystery. If you watch that scene again, there’s a lot of dialogue in there that Bonnie is saying that reveals a lot about her backstory. That’s the ultimate thing that I decided on: Rather than go for shock, I wanted character.

    Had you tossed around the idea of other people, like the Puppy?
    Yes, and I didn’t believe any of them. For me, what I know about Bonnie, I believed it.

  • 17:30 - Faking It - Episode 2.15 - Boiling Point - Promo
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.

  • 17:30 - Awkward - Episode 5.05 - The Dis-Engagement Dinner - Promo and Sneak Peek
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.