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The Musketeers - Season 3 - Filming Updates & Speculation (Part Three)

10 Mar 2016

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As we have reached over 2000 comments, many of which have photos in them which seem to cause Disqus to start misbehaving, I have started a new thread for this update. You can find Part One by clicking the link below. As before, if you come across anything new, you can add it to the comments below, or send it directly to us via this Scoop Button.

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If you would like to join in our in depth discussions and speculation on photos as they come in rather than wait for the general updates, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the subscribe button so that it turns green. Then you will be emailed whenever anyone posts new information and can follow a link directly to that comment and reply.

We have a G+ Community were we are currently running a rewatch of the show on Sunday evenings, if you would like to join us please look out for the weekly invites that are under the Event tag for instructions on how to use the chatroom. You can join the community by clicking the link below.

Link to Part One
Link to Part Two

Posted 10th November

Posted 9th September

  • Exclusive Casting News

    As revealed in the spoiler hangman this week, Olivia Poulet will be appearing in Season Three as Henrietta Maria of France, Louis' sister and wife of Charles I of England. Although she was a queen consort, she never had a coronation as the British Anglican service prohibited Catholics from being crowned. She remained a devout Catholic throughout her whole life, despite the unpopularity this caused among the public and government, and retained a large retinue of French speaking courtiers during much of her time in England. After Buckingham's assassination in 1628 she and Charles I became very close, which caused many to become wary of the amount of power and political sway she had over him.

    Olivia Poulet is well known from her roles in The Thick of It, Without You - which starred Marc Warren, who played Rochefort in Season Two - and Sherlock. She is also an accomplished screenwriter, whose sitcom penned with comedy partner Sarah Solemani is being made by the BBC, and has just finished a screenplay called Ocean Road. Her online CV reveals that the episode she appears in was directed by Nick Renton.

Posted 5th September

  • News

    Spoiler TV Series Competition

    We got through the first round last week by beating The Walking Dead by only 15 votes, it was a close battle all the way to the finishing line! Tomorrow evening we will be facing In the Flesh, which picked up more votes than the Muskies did in the last round, and has a very strong fanbase who are campaigning hard for Netflix or Amazon to pick the show up. So we're going to need to pick up every vote we can over the 24 hours that the poll is open if we want to beat them.

    As always, spreading the word and showing our love of the show will hopefully bring in some new viewers too, which is why we run these competitions over summer.

    Series Rewatch

    The series rewatch over in our G+ Community is going well, we will be watching A Rebellious Woman this Sunday. Here's the link if you would like to join us. If you have any questions then just leave a message on that page and either I or one of the others will get back to you.

    Spoiler Hangman

    I will run this below these collapsible boxes so that all the information can be seen clearly, so check the details at the bottom.

    Many thanks to Jessica for providing this teaser, I know that many of you have been missing the spoiler hangman feature so I hope that you enjoy it.

  • Set Photos

    There have been some fantastic photos from the set recently, and we've had some very interesting speculation about some of them as they have come through. Rather than post all the photos in order like I usually do, I am going to group a few of them together and share some of the ideas that we have had about them in the comments section.

    Date wise, these two photos are the first one since the last update I did (d'Artagnan) and the last one, which went up this morning (Porthos). They appear to be from the same scene however, and the time on them is only minutes apart.

    This new photo of Aramis looks like it could well be part of the same scene as a previous one we have had of Anne, which you can find here. The scene numbers in the top right corner match them up together, and the light hitting Aramis from the right would be correct if it was coming from the window behind Anne and her ladies, and they were looking at him, in their photo. I'm also wondering who's shoulder it is to Aramis' right, could it possibly be a Red Guard cloak?

    These two photos may well be in the same building, the beams in the wall don't appear to be the same but if you look closely there does seem to be the same low exposed brick in each shot. We think that the two of them may be holed there, possibly for some length of time seeing as it looks like they may have destroyed some of the furniture in one of the shots.

    There's also been some speculation on how the friendship between Porthos and d'Artagnan will have shifted since season 2. With Athos as Captain and Aramis away at the monastery is it likely that the two would have become closer?

    This quartet all look like they fit together.

    Then we have an angry Athos who appears to be aiming his pistol at someone.

    Finally, we have three very sorry looking and battered Musketeers, which had caused a tremendous amount of speculation over the last day or so. It's obvious that both Athos and Aramis are in Rochefort's old office - which we assume is now Treville's - but where is d'Artagnan? There's nowhere in that room for that candlestick holder unless they have redressed one of the walls completely since last season, but there doesn't appear to be any of the wood panelling either. So we think he must be elsewhere.

    But where is Porthos, or Treville, or Constance?? Are we to assume one or two of them may be just out of shot in these photos? Could Connie be coming up behind her husband to see how he is, or perhaps it's Porthos to console his friend? Is Treville behind his desk in his office, or are his Musketeers gathered there because he has been lost? All we do know is that it looks like something big is happening mid-season, and we're all wondering what it could be.

    Next, we have the photos from Jessica's header on Twitter. Firstly, there's one which sees Aramis with a white flower in his lapel and Grimaud. The flower caused much speculation; white is often seen as a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and purity, or sympathy and in memoriam. Which of these paths does it mean for Aramis, and does Grimaud's melancholy demeanour have anything to do with it, or is he simply just wearing it so that a stranger he's meeting will know who he is?

    These two pictures of d'Artagnan and Sylvie may go together we think, is she passing on some news to him as he returns to the garrison perhaps, or vice versa?

Here's the completed hangman, I have filled it in completely as you have filled in the important pieces. The picture clues are Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, Annabelle Wallis and Faye Marsay, all of whom have played English queen consorts at some point in their careers.

This teaser puzzle will please some fans as it is exactly one of the things they wanted to see happen. In addition to Laura Haddock appearing in the series, there will be another Queen taking part in season 3 too. Henrietta Maria of France, the youngest of Louis siblings and the queen consort of England, will be played by Olivia Poulet.

K won the first poll
V won the second poll
Q won the third poll
Y won the fourth poll
B won the fifth poll
D and X won the sixth poll
G and W won the seventh poll

About the Author - Sandi
Sandi is part of the Senior Staff at SpoilerTV having been a contributor from back in the Lost days of DarkUFO, and who now writes previews for Banshee, The Musketeers, Poldark, and other BBC shows. She also enjoys watching and commenting on other shows such as Reign, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones and The Flash.
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It looks as though the person who is able to sort out the screeners for me is on holiday until later next week, so for the first episode at least, there will be no preview/hangman beforehand I'm afraid. I will keep you updated if this situation changes. There will be a Poll going up after it airs in Greece Tuesday night, and anyone who has seen the episode may post their thoughts on it in that post and not in this one.

The G+ Community will be staying shut for now, except for the continuing rewatch that we get together for on Sunday evenings. There just isn't time to cover both there and here at present I'm afraid. However, this thread will stay open and the topic will continue to cover events before TX - therefore NO SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED HERE! If you see anyone posting spoilers in here, please follow the site's Comment Policy and report it. Thank you.

I know that I have already said this further below, but just in case anyone has missed it I'm recapping our legal disclaimer. The site cannot have any discussion about how to share links/download the episode once it airs as breaking copyright law in this way comes with a very high penalty.

Therefore anyone who asks for, hints at, provides or says that they have an illegal copy of the show will be banned. We understand that this is a crappy situation, but we can't allow the site to be compromised during this time.