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The Mindy Project - Leo Castellano Is My Son - Review

29 Sept 2015

Danny and Mindy:
This week's episode continues to prove why Season 4 is its best ever. Mindy and Danny are now home with Leo. Just when she thought their apartment was robbed, it turns out that Danny baby-proofed the place with no Wi-Fi and TV to enjoy. Just as they are about to go to bed, they hear their condescending neighbor, Chelsea (Eliza Coupe, who played Jane on unnecessary cancelled Happy Endings) have sex, which bothers the couple. They confront her to stop the noise, but it ends up with her throwing insults at the couple. The next day, Danny goes to work. Just as he gets in trouble with Dr. Weeks, he actually congratulates him for being a first-time dad. While he is at work, Mindy is left at the house bored with the baby. When she discovers that Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (mentioned but do not appear in this episode) is in New York for a book singing, she leaves the place without Danny's consent with the baby. She thinks she has gotten away with it after coming back from the book signing until she gets locked out of their place. She comes to Chelsea for help. At first, she doesn't trust her but decides to give her another chance. She helps her go through her apartment and the backdoor of it to go back to her place. Just when she is scot-free, Unexpectedly, Mindy gets a text from Danny that he is on his way home for a lunch break to check on her and the baby. Chelsea is stuck at her place as he is about to unlock the door, but Mindy gets away with it. Will Mindy tell the truth to Danny or will she "play dumb" like nothing happened?

Meanwhile, Jeremy continues to be happy that his relationship with Whitney. However, Tamra overhears that Whitney may be cheating on him. Therefore, he texts face-to-face with Jeremy that she is cheating on him. This results in him forcing her to go with him to the restaurant to confront her. Elsewhere, Morgan tells a patient that he is single and wants to date again. Just as about he is about to ask her, Mindy sets up a date with her neighbor. What will happen next?

Outcome of the Stories:
As for the story of Whitney/Jeremy vs. Tamra, It turns out that Whitney planned a surprise engagement party for her co-worker and his fiancé. This causes the consistent happy Jeremy to restrict Tamra to wear only business suits. The storyline with Tamra texting was entertaining especially when she communicated with her cousin, Sheena (did not appear but was a voiceover). We found out that she was working in the white house. At the end of this storyline, Tamra finds out in the women's restroom that Whitney snorts cocaine, but refuses to tell Jeremy since she's afraid it might be a false alarm.

Danny hears that Morgan is having sex with Chelsea. He gets mad at Mindy that not only he hooked up with Chelsea, but also left the house behind his back. However, in return, she gets frustrated at him for attaching a nanny cam behind her back because she thinks that he cannot trust her alone with Leo. This causes Morgan to get mad at them for trying to ruin his happy moment with Chelsea. It turns out that Chelsea wants to call it a night with nowhere for Morgan to go to. Mindy goes out for a drink to cool things down, but comes back and realizes that he wants to work together with her to raise Leo. It was such a sweet moment when they reconciled. The most random but entertaining part about the end was a naked Morgan standing behind them to ruin their happy moment with the couple.

Memorable Quotes:
- "You know, like, ‘I don’t want no scrubs’ to wear on my body." - Tamra

- "I’d rather die than dial anything down for a couple of smug breeders because in six months when you guys go down to Scarsdale and you get fat and you die, I’m gonna be here, partying with the anorexic gay couple that moves in." - Chelsea

- "But you liked Southpaw." - Mindy
- "Not Brokeback Mountain, though." - Danny

- "Morgan, I can see your penis!" - Mindy

My Thoughts:
This was once again a fantastic episode. I loved how Danny always tries to look out for Mindy. He put that nanny cam in the house because he missed her and Leo everyday. TLC Tuesdays was awesome and I totally wish all companies would be like that where everyone could where their best outfit. I enjoy where Hulu allowed the content of this episode to be more raunchy especially when there was sex noises at Chelsea's place. What makes this season enjoyable than ever is that sexual content in episodes that FOX would not allow.