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Public Morals - All 10 Episodes Available On-Demand for Labor Day Weekend

5 Sept 2015

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Edward Burns Has a Surprise for Public Morals Fans:

TNT Will Offer All 10 Episodes On-Demand for Labor Day Weekend

As a special Labor Day treat for the growing number of binge-hungry Public Morals fans, Edward Burns is working with TNT to make the entire first season of his acclaimed drama available on-demand this weekend. From noon tomorrow through Monday evening, TNT subscribers will be able to binge on all 10 episodes of the 1960s-set police drama via TNT On Demand, and the Watch TNT mobile app, as well as on participating TV providers' platforms and apps.

Viewers have already begun to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Burns' Public Morals by binging on the first four episodes, which TNT made available immediately after the show's Aug. 25 premiere. Those four episodes – which generated tremendous social media traffic from viewers who appreciated the binge-friendly release and are eager for more – will continue to be available through TNT's on-demand platforms after Labor Day. They will be joined by subsequent episodes in the coming weeks.

TNT airs new episodes of Public Morals each Tuesday at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).
Public Morals is a powerful, buzz-generating police drama from writer, director, executive producer and star Edward Burns. The series takes viewers to the seedy, gritty streets and the bright, seductive lights of 1960s New York, where the laws on the books seek to curb all kinds of sin and vice. Gambling and prostitution are as old as the city itself, so the cops in the Public Morals Division do what’s been done for the last hundred years: they manage it for the city. But for Terry Muldoon (Burns), this all might come to an end when a war between two factions of the Irish Mob breaks out in his own Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, prompting his wife to demand that they leave the city for good.

Public Morals also stars Michael Rapaport (Justified, Prison Break) and Elizabeth Masucci (The Americans, Inside Amy Schumer) and is produced in collaboration with Amblin Television. Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Aaron Lubin serve as executive producers.