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Dark Matter – Episode 10 – Advance Preview: “Breathless”

After watching this episode I required a whole half hour to process what I had just witnessed before I could even sit down to write this preview. The ending is breathtaking and without question the biggest cliffhanger the show has delivered yet. You will be left wondering why no one has yet invented a time machine so you can jump forward to next Friday. Every shocking moment will leave you wide eyed and screaming at your television. The mission the team partakes on forces them to team up with another crew. What ensues will test every aspect of the crew’s skills and their relationships. Here is a quick preview of what is ahead for each character.

One ends up at odds with Two as he sides with the guys on a critical decision. The position they put Two in will cause a ripple effect that indirectly causes the last shocking seconds of this episode. He is rapidly changing from the awkward no skills man we met in the pilot. The decisions he makes puts the crew in a multitude of bad spots. The One of this episode kind of reminds me of a slightly less jerky version of Three from early episodes.

Two is put in one awful situation after another. Her relationships are tested as her hands are forced over and over again forcing her to put the crew in positions detrimental to their long term wellbeing. The good news is that this causes Two to have multiple fight scenes which Melissa absolutely dominates. Someone from the other crew thinks they have Two figured out and tries to mess with her, but it will come at the detriment of his own health. Now, onto what all of you want to know about. You know that scene from the promo? You all know the one I’m talking about, right? I bet you want me to tell you something about it, right? Well, I can’t, but I will tell you this…it is intense.

Three has been providing surprises for weeks now. The biggest surprise is yet to come when he does something completely selfless for a fellow crewmember. Sure he has some jerk moments prior to it, that’s just who he is, but in the moment in question the good man inside becomes evident. His horrible luck with androids continues this week, but it makes for an awesome scene.

Four had a big episode last week, but doesn’t really have much to do this week. Outside of the above mentioned boys club meeting he plays mostly a background role. It was kind of surprising given the physicality of the episode, but with an ensemble show this tends to happen when actors are coming off a grueling and intense episode. I hope we’ll see more of him next week.

Five will experience kid stuck in the middle syndrome as Two and Six butt heads over Five’s involvement in the mission. We see her bond with one of them settle onto more stable ground while the other relationship falters again. The part she plays in the mission will be critical for the survival of several members of the crew. She may be a kid, but when it counts she is an invaluable member of this crew.

Six once again joins Four in the background, but he does have some nice moments regarding Five. After last week he’s fully embraced his fatherly role in Five’s life and that causes some friction with Two. They do not see eye to eye when it comes to their young charge.

The Android goes to some drastic levels in order to deal with her perceived personality defect. Her action provides Zoie with an incredible acting opportunity and she embraces it and delivers an extraordinary performance. Something that has happened to her in another episode happens to her again, but on a much more perilous level.

From the first seconds to the final seconds this episode will leave you breathless as the intensity never lets up. If you’re not left stunned and floored by the ending then you quite possibly may not be human. This is, without question or debate, the most intense episodes yet. Before the episode ends every character will be left in a precarious and life threatening situation. Where they go from here is beyond me, but I’m excited to come along for the ride.

Whatever you do you must not miss this episode. Tune in to SyFy at 10/9C on Friday night for this jaw dropping breathtakingly brilliant episode. After the episode watch SpoilerTV for my review of this extraordinary episode.

If there was ever an episode to want more tidbits of this is the one. Regular readers of my previews know this game. If you can guess all the speakers right you can get one tidbit for a character of your choice. Same goes if you get all the recipients right. Each bonus is worth one tidbit, but you must guess both the speaker and recipient right. If you don’t want to take on the big list feel free to just tackle one or both of the bonus ones.


“I admit there is irony on many levels. Are you going to do it or not?”
“Either we take the job or we do not take the job. Those are our options.”
“We’re just having a private discussion it’s nothing for her to get upset about.”
"It’s my choice. End of discussion.”
“You are not some little girl just along for the ride.”

Bonus 1:
“Broken wrist, two fractured ribs, and a badly bruised left testicle.”

Bonus 2:
“You better hope nothing happens to her.”

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