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Rookie Blue - Breaking Up The Band - Review

23 Jul 2015

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In the penultimate episode of this season and with no news of a 7th season, I’m getting a little anxious and curious as to how the writers will tie everything up in a nice bow for the fans. Couples are reunited in the episode, but the officers at 15 will be transferred and promoted due to the corruption scandal.

The baby is finally here. Marlo did not die nor did she miscarry (yes, there were those theories out there). The baby is here and she’s real, and it is really hard not just on Andy, but on Sam and even Marlo. We start off the episode with Andy coming over to Sam’s place to see Marlo resting on the bed. On her way out, Sam walks through the front door with the baby strapped to his chest and he realizes that he had forgotten about date night. Andy leaves unhappily and they pick up the fight the next day at 15. How cute are Sam and the baby though?

When Andy reveals that Juliet had offered her an undercover job in Vancouver (is Juliet being promoted? Can she just hire anyone she wants?), Sam lays it out on her and accuses her of running away. I think this argument has been way overdue. Yes they talked briefly about the situation and how they are going to stick together, but from what we have seen, there was no real discussion. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but this argument is what I’ve wanted to see since they introduced the pregnancy storyline.

McSwarek’s fight gets put on hold as case of the week takes place at a music festival. Underage girls have been roofied at the festival, obviously we all know the promoter did it because this is a police drama and the guy seemed fishy the second he was introduced. When the rookies figure out that the promoter was the one responsible for drugging the girls, Chloe gets stuck in the office with him as the boyfriend of one of the victims sets the place on fire. Chloe makes it out all right with Dov’s help, as expected.

At the end of Andy’s shift, Marlo drops by to talk to her. Both women admit that they are trying to figure this whole thing out. When Andy tells Marlo that maybe her leaving for a while would help make things easier, Marlo points out that it wouldn’t be easier for Sam if his fiancĂ© leaves. The conversation helped, because Andy returns to Sam’s apartment to talk. Or fight.

I love all this shouting. They are letting their frustrations out but also finally having this talk. I think I’ve said this before. They both tried living their own lives and running away from each other but together, they are stronger. Andy doesn’t want Sam to have to choose between her and his “family”, but she has got this all wrong. Andy is Sam’s family and he wants to have more babies with her. But first, they will start by having a puppy. What is the baby’s name anyway?

With Sam and Andy’s relationship and wedding still intact, let’s move on to other characters.

Gail is the real MVP of this episode. Readers from last season know I’ve never really supported the idea of Gail adopting a child. I don’t think she’s physically and emotionally ready. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want Gail to be happy. When the social worker reveals there is another family interested in adopting Sophie, Gail’s reaction is absolutely heartbreaking. Last season she lost Holly. This season she loses Sophie and her brother, possibly the rest of her family too.

Bill Peck makes an appearance for Steve’s court hearing, something I’ve been wanting to see since Steve’s arrest and I’m glad they brought at least one of the parents back. I’m not at all surprised when Papa Peck tells Gail to lie and help Steve. Throughout the episode Gail contemplates whether she should lie or tell the truth. Juliet’s speech definitely helped before she has to take the stand.

Chris and Gail’s scenes in this episode really warms my heart. It makes my Chrail heart sing. Speaking of Chris, with one episode left in the season – possibly series finale – how are the writers going to give him a proper ending this time? Will Jamie make an appearance? Probably. But will she cause a scene? I hope not.

At the beginning of the episode Nick is still bitter over Juliet. Oliver sets him straight as Oliver always does around the station. Nick goes after Juliet and they make quick plans of meeting each other in Vancouver. So is Nick never coming back to Toronto? Just one more episode left before we find out if Juliet is Nick’s happily ever after.

I really wish they had revealed the new staff sergeant at 15 by the end of this episode. Who would be promoted and what would happen to our beloved police officers at 15?

To be honest, I’m really worried about the finale. The wedding is obviously the main storyline of the episode. Would the other characters deserve the happy ending that we, as fans want for them? I don’t think there would be enough screen time for all the characters and if it is indeed the series finale, I’m going to lower my expectations so I wouldn’t be disappointed next week. There needs to be a season 7. What are ABC and Global waiting for?

Let me know how you feel about Breaking Up The Band and what are your wishes for the finale. The premiere feels like it only happened yesterday.

P.S. sorry for the lack of images, I wrote this on the go and I’ve been busy lately.


  1. I liked the episode, even though it was a bit messy with all these different storylines that are very important in their own right. It did appear a bit rushed to me though; getting all the ducks in a row.
    The father of Steve and Gail actually confused me, like what was his ultimate goal by making Gail lie? Was it to free Steve? To protect the Peck name? Or was there something entirely else behind that wasn't actually revealed like the mob threatening Steve's life and his families life? But then again why did he suddenly confess? Because it became clear that Gail would tell the truth and Steve wanted to get the best possible deal he could get? Was it because he knew as a former guns'n'gangs detective he probably wouldn't survive in prison for long? Or was it because he didn't want Gail to actually have to lie. Maybe that's how he got himself in this situation in the first place. Or maybe he didn't want her to actually think that she's the one who brought him into prison?
    IMO the adoption storyline shows that Gail did grow a lot: She wants the best for Sophie and realizes maybe that's not her. At the beginning of the show she was mostly about herself/impressing people because she's a Peck.
    I find it actually funny that Andy and Sam profess to love his child but noone ever uses a name.
    I wonder how Marlo came around and realized that she was actually leaning too much on Sam now; maybe even takes his help for granted so that she doesn't even try to deal with stuff on her own. I mean did she get wind of the argument or did Sam actually tell her. I mean it's just too neat of a wrap-up to have Andy mention that she doesn't understand that Marlo wanted to do it alone and now only has Sam as a back-up plan and the next day she tells Andy practically that. And why was she at the Station? She doesn't work there, right? So noone(the people on desk) learned anything from Kevin Ford being able to enter the station and shot someone or the bomb that went off? It wasn't addressed and made clear that noone who isn't a victim/witness/suspect/actual working cops should be able to get into the station? Cop or no cop: the corruption stuff made it clear that not even every cop can be trusted. But I guess they went with that and Marlo not showing up at Sams to make it clear that her and Andy sort of get along even if they aren't friends?
    Regarding the restructuring of the station: Maybe they sort of leave it how it is at the Moment? That everyone knows things will change but they don't actually address that overly much? So there's lots of wiggle room for a possible S7 and the new showrunner and the writers can actually really see what characters they Need without being too limited by the stuff that was shown in S6? But then again they could go with someone changing their mind or stuff not going through.

  2. I think Papa Peck wanted Gail to lie so Steve wouldn't be in jail. Being a guns and gangs detective, he has put a lot of people behind bars so he probably wouldn't survive long in there. I was never a fan of the adoption storyline, but you're right - it showed Gail's character growth.

    Regarding Marlo, maybe she heard Sam and Andy fighting in the living room? She doesn't work there, but she still has her badge, so I guess she's allowed to be at the station?


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