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Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 2nd July 2015

2 Jul 2015

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Nashville, Flash, Castle, Good Wife, Originals, CSI, Mistresses, Scream Queens and More

Spoilers Here


  1. The Originals-How ’bout three new faces, Ash? I’m told the CW drama’s third
    season will introduce Aurora, a sexy vampire capable of turning on a
    dime and unleashing her dark side; Lucien, another good-looking,
    calculating vamp who comes to town with a personal vendetta against the
    Mikaelsons; and Detective Will Kinney, a handsome lawman determined to
    bring wrongdoers to justice — even if he has no idea said scalawags
    could be sporting fangs.

    Sexy,Good-Looking,Handsome-This is a CW show alright.LOL!

  2. Castle-
    XY= male chromosome
    Is it just me or do I sense a baby coming???

  3. Sound like Lucien is the Mystery Man aka the first one Elijah turned, Aurora the Mystery Woman aka Klaus's oldest and dearest friend, and Will the Cop aka Cami or Freya's ( maybe even Rebekah ) love interest.

  4. Who would cast as Lucien, Aurora, and Will on The Originals ?

    Lucien - Andrew ( Gareth - TWD ) J. West

    Aurora - Clare ( Glory - Buffy ) Kramer

    Will - Devon ( Owen - Nikita ) Sawa

  5. The Originals: One of those two vampires coming will be for Josh, maybe the lawyer and Josh ahs to hide his vamipiric side?

  6. KLAUS is Cami's love interest.

  7. I say the detective can be Josh's new love interest and he will need to keep his vampiric side at bay.

  8. Look at Nashville trying to be The 100, naming a character Markus Kane.

  9. Thanks for the mistresses scoop

  10. I don't think that's going to happen. They haven't gone anywhere with that in two years, so I think they may be dropping it. Maybe Cami & Vincent?

  11. No time-jump?! Come on Flash!!!! Stop taking the shows off sync!!!!!!!

  12. This season has dropped MAJOR hints towards them getting together, i mean Cami ADMITTED that she has feelings for Klaus and other characters have confronted Cami about her feelings for Klaus. Klaus essentially called them soulmates, Michael Narducci also said that Klaus will struggle with going from villain to lover. Remember couples don't get together until like the third or fourth season LOL, basically the only couple that i've seen get together in the first season is Vincent and Catherine from Beauty and the Beast.

  13. You mean Detective

  14. If this blind item has to do with Castle, it will kill the show I guarantee it. I don't see how the writers could ever think that splitting up Castle and Beckett after everything they've been through, and less than a year of marriage, would benefit the show. The ratings dropped just because they DELAYED the marriage, how far do they think it will drop if they ruin the entire relationship?

  15. The Spectre coming to The Originals! LOL

  16. And I just bashed about TO's future in the open discussion thread.

    And theses characters really doesn't sound intriguing either. I'm really worried about the shows future story wise and not to mention rating wise.

  17. You might be correct but it is possible the baby does not come to term by Kate's mistakes in not knowing she is pregnant?

  18. Well it depends on how it is done. There are many ways to split up without including infidelity. Guilt could be a big motivator if it is high enough.

  19. As I said on TV Line, this blind item thing sounds like it'll be a trainwreck you can't stop staring at. That kind of massive fandom meltdown...I'm incredibly intrigued about this mystery and nervous on behalf of whatever show and fandom this is affecting all at the same time!

  20. If the blind item is Caskett, I'm done with this show.
    5 years on back and forth to end up in a messy break up?

  21. If its Castle or any couple which was a 'will they, won't they' for years then that is so shitty to the fans. Drama for the sake of drama.

  22. As somebody pointed out if Beckett becomes captain she wouldn't work on cases - so it can be a more evaluated revamp of the Castle PI plot - they are together as a couple, but do not work together.

    Castle investigates on his own with this new regular, or occasionally called in to help Rysposito at the 12th and in the meantime they have private life problems at home. Drop Marlowe's idiotic idea that they can have any situation only if he could shoehorn it into the COTW, and there are plenty of rooms to develop.

    In theory it can work, even make possible to continue the show if Stana Katic don't want to come back (turning her into a Mrs Columbo after say having a baby). Note: in theory. I don't think they could lure as many new viewers (or lure back the old ones) as they would lose with it, or at least not in the same pace. Time will tell.

  23. How about if Will was female and McKenna Hall be transferred from Coast City to her new position as detective at the NOPD and shortly after her arrival she discovers her great great great ....... great great great grandmother was none other then the Queen of the witches Qetsiyah . ;) She could even come to town looking for her younger sister Gia McKenna.

    ( both characters were played by Janina Gavankar )

  24. or she could get injured/shot on the job and NOT ever remember knowing, loving or being with Castle due to amnesia.


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