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Gotham - Season 2 - Promos *Updated*

15 Sept 2015

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Update 6: New Teaser Promo - 6 Days

Update 5: New Promo - Bad Can Be Beautiful

Update 4: New Promo - Rise of the Villains

Update 3: New Promo - Monsters

Update 2: New Promo - Villains Rising

Update: New Promo Added - Gotham on 5 (UK Promo)


  1. Can' wai for Goham's reurn !!!1

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  3. Snerk at the "Rise of the Villains" subtitle.

  4. Hmmm! Best part of the promos the song! Really great one.
    Did the promos intrigue me, noup! Playing on the Joker card is quite lame. I would appreciate it if Bruce was involved with him.
    Mrs Lucas looks good in leather btw.

  5. Nice cover of the song, can't wait for it to return!!!!! Surprised they new scenes, i didn't think they were filming yet.

  6. Can't wait :)

  7. Yeah, showing that this season will feature more of the most iconic villain in the entire comic book world is so lame. LMAO. God bless the internet.

  8. The way they featured the most iconic villain in the entire comic book world is lame and the way they try to exploit good comic book characters with their poor writing is even lamer. And yes God bless the internet and peoples right on their own opinion.

  9. Really hope they don't pin down the Joker's identity. Not knowing (or caring) who he was before is part of what makes him interesting.

  10. Fantastic! is it just me or James Frain is everywhere? XD


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