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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 22nd July 2015

23 Jul 2015

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  1. Nice for Suits & Mr. Robot, glad the latter rose again. Sharknado got a 0.9 if anyone wants to know.

    I usually don't comments about Baby Daddy but did anyone else watch it? I thought it was so horrible :P

  2. I do watch it how was it bad?? Havent caught up recently.

  3. It was essentially just a clip show, most of the episode was just old footage.

  4. Oh okay I skipped the last clip show too so hopefully the ratings are next week.

  5. Gaia Di Lorenzo23 July 2015 at 21:30

    yay 0.6

  6. Yay for Suits and Mr. Robot.

  7. Good for USA! Mr Robot was insane. I love this show. Rami, Christian n the entire cast continues to bring it every week. This show is just great tv.

  8. Why is Global mixed in with the American networks? They don't technically compete against each other.

  9. Just the way the system works currently. The computer does not know that Global is a Canadian channel.

  10. Silly computer! :D Guess they aren't quite ready to replace us humans yet after all. :)

  11. Suits is so damn stable this year, I am glad. This season is my favorite in a long time, so this is very much deserved. And thankfully Mr. Robot went up though it should still be much higher than that. Hopefully it continues to rise. I love that combo.


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