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USD POLL : What was your most 'OMG' worthy moment on Person of Interest this season?

21 Jun 2015

Today's User Submitted Daily (USD) Poll was submitted by Bluebomb who was picked randomly from our Poll Submissions (see below).

Let us know in the comments what you voted for and why?
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  1. ARGH!!!! Not fair. There are at least five moments in the above poll that are equally OMG worthy material.

    My top 3 are: Shaw's sacrifice, Machine/Samaritan negotiation and Machine calling Harold as father.

  2. A lot of the moments on the poll can best be described as natural progression, and I can't personally call them OMG worthy if they are. Shaw's sacrifice wasn't that surprising compared to the others because she always had a death wish and wanted to go out on her own terms -- even if she isn't dead yet. I was more surprised to see her alive later than when she "died". The Machine bargaining with Samaritan was pretty insane, but still not as OMG worthy as it was natural progression. Same with anything Dominic or Martine based.

    For me, the most OMG worthy moment that wasn't expected natural progression would be the revelation that The Machine has moved into the power grid. I just thought that was so damn cool - and actually plausible - that I'm surprised I never thought of it myself. Not only is it an awesome solution to the issue of redundancy and deployability, but the possibilities are endless for world domination too.

  3. I agree with you 100%. I wouldn't call them OMG moments, but I voted for the Machine being in the power grid, it was more of a WOW moment.

  4. I was expecting some member of Team Machine to go down swinging, so voting for Shaw doing so didn't seem to fit with this poll, but Root snapping Martine's death...Quick and VERY unexpected. I did not expect Martine to die then, or by the hands of Root.

  5. Fusco kissing Root. Boy, was that hilarious and unexpected. xD

  6. All Reese Finch Machine moments..I love Amy Acker, the she SHOOT THING IS UNNECESSARY

  7. Lets be real if you came into this poll after reading that title thinking the ending of If-Then-Else wasn't going to win then shame on you lol but im not mad it should have won. omg ending to the best episode of the series.


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