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Upcoming Episode Titles - Various Shows - 4th June 2015

4 Jun 2015

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Here are various new Episode Titles that have been released.

Devious Maids - Episode 3.11 - Terms of Endearment
Happyish - Episode 1.07 - Starring David Ogilvy, Anton Chekhov and Gluten Enteropathy
Happyish - Episode 1.08 - Starring Rene Descartes, Adweek and HRH The Princess of Arendelle
Happyish - Episode 1.09 - Starring Mr. Mike, Joseph McCarthy and Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Happyish - Episode 1.10 - Starring Christopher Hitchens, Philip Larkin and Josef Stalin
Murder in the First - Episode 2.07 - State of the Union
Murder in the First - Episode 2.08 - Out of the Shadows
Nurse Jackie - Episode 7.12 - I Say a Little Prayer (Series Finale)
Teen Wolf - Episode 5.02 - Parasomnia
The Last Ship - Episode 2.06 - Long Day's Journey
The Last Ship - Episode 2.07 - Alone and Unafraid (Title Change)
The Librarians - Episode 2.02 - Point Of Salvation
Young & Hungry - Episode 2.19 - Young & Cold Feet

Remember: You can see known Episode Titles and Dates for all shows in the SpoilerTV Episode Database


  1. Point of Salvation.. hhhmm interesting.. Will defo be watching The Librarians to check that out! Christian Kane rocking his role as Jake Stone is a must not miss for me!

  2. Young & Hungry - Episode 2.19 - Young & Cold Feet

    If this refers to Elliot and Alan's wedding I might cry...
    I hope they go through with it eventually!

  3. "Parasomnia" sounds like what Stiles had in Season 3. "Point of Salvation" hmm, i love seeing stuff on The Librarians!!!!!


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