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The Comeback - Renewed for 3rd Season

22 Jun 2015

HBO has given the pair an order for a third season, but they’re in no rush to get it ready for next year’s schedules. It’ll happen, they say, as and when inspiration strikes.“It always seems to have its own timeframe,” laughs King. “Like Valerie, it seems to come back right when it’s now or never. We’re not even in charge of that.”


  1. I *do* need to see that!

  2. Yes!! I was a bit worried at first.

  3. I still need to watch this...

    Anyway, glad for the fans and the cast & crew. Interesting that they're pulling a Curb with the "We'll probably do more, just not sure when" attitude.

  4. I do wanna see that :) Bravo HBO for making the right decision in renewing the best comedy of this decade (IMO).

  5. Kudrow has been very vocal in wanting a "break" between seasons. In the case of the Comeback, the delays actually help it in both allowing Valerie to seem more "desperate" by the viewer fondness of absence and allowing the pop culture world it pulls from to evolve and change with time.

  6. though i love the show, season 2 was such a perfect ending that i kind of don't want it to continue

  7. "When inspiration hits" is code word for the ratings were really terrible but we didn't want to deal with the PR of cancelling it. Instead, we'll wait until inspiration runs dry and cancel it silently. At that time, no one will notice or care (and with the ratings for the second season it could be argued that they didn't care before.)

  8. The Mysteries of Bob23 June 2015 at 02:16


  9. The Mysteries of Bob23 June 2015 at 02:16

    At least they'll give it a move when it's time.

  10. I'm always surprised when a show gets renewed that someone doesn't like that they can't just be the bigger person and congratulate the fans. Instead, they have to be rude, inappropriate, and claim what the network really "means." and claim conspiracies. Rather than the reality that they made the financials work for an additional season (as every network does). It is just fan sour grapes and maybe a good reminder that no one knows what the standards and benchmarks for renewals are (which, obviously, the Comeback surpassed)... then maybe they wouldn't be shocked.

  11. Actually I'm conflicted about this because S2 had the perfect ending, it should that Valerie didn't need the cameras around, that she put her loved ones first. I would hate for her to have another desperate stab at fame. She doesn't need it!

  12. Maybe season 3 could be Valerie actually being famous now that she's won an Emmy.

  13. That is true, I'm just not sure she would agree to another batch of cameras following her around. Maybe they could drop that angle like they did at the end of the S2 finale.

  14. No. The ratings were bad for season 1, and when Kudrow and King approached HBO with an idea for a second season, HBO gladly renewed the show. I do believe that season 3 will be ready when both of them get what they want to do this time.

  15. I think that could work. And I'll gladly watch another season in whatever way it is presented.

  16. agree. It had such a beautiful ending that would work as a great series finale.

  17. I'm glad for the show! I remember I had really enjoyed S1 waaaaaaaaay back when... but haven't bothered with S2 at all. Might give it ago eventually...


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