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POLL : What did you think of Nurse Jackie - Series Finale?

29 Jun 2015

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  1. Ah. I don't know. It had such a warm-hearted feel to it--everyone was getting along and seemed like they were going to be ok. Then Jackie snorts lines of heroin. WTF? And I would have been fine with her dying at the end, but instead, she lives. Why? You can't help but think of how the writers wanted to allude to the notion that she was meant to go on screwing up on an even bigger level (now with heroin) and continuing to hurt everyone in her life. Is the message were supposed to be left with: With a drug addict it's always going to be two steps forward, three steps back? Finale aside, I enjoyed this series and, for the most part, will miss it. Edie Falco was a pleasure to watch. I can't wait to see what she moves on to next.

  2. The ending was left open so you could interpret it whichever way you wanted. The way I saw it was is that she died. Even though she momentarily opens her eyes, in the final moment everyone is gathered around her yet none of them are taking any medical action i.e no ones running an IV line, Carrie's not administering O2 this is because they know there is nothing they can do and she is essentially gone.

  3. I hated the ending with Jackie basically snorting herself to death, probably intentional because she knew she couldn't beat her demons.

  4. OMG.. this has to be the SADDEST Series Finale, I’ve ever seen… i’ve seen it 3 times already and i CRY more each time… i LOVED it for 7 years… every episode was Great for me and with a Unforgetable Finale… Bravo Nurse Jackie !!!!


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