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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 28th June 2015

30 Jun 2015

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  1. Very glad to see The Last Ship up. Hopefully it can hit its 1.0 next week. Falling Skies did poorly, it was the right call to make it the final season. And HBO continues to have bazinga numbers!

  2. Yep, and True Detective held up well as well.

  3. Yay! I knew TLS would rebound :) It's sad that Falling Skies is going out on a whimper, it used to be so good.

  4. Good for the last ship!

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  6. Does anyone have the AMC ratings for Humans? Interested in seeing how it did in the US.

  7. Praying Salem somehow gets a season three. Oh my.

  8. Pretty amazing forma HBO! TNT ratings are good but not excellent

  9. You were right predicting the rebound. I am happy for it!

    Regarding Falling Skies, I think they made their own bed. I personally despised last season and it was hard to watch even. You know I am really bad at dropping shows but I would have dropped that one hadn't this been announced as the final season. Obviously this is just my opinion but this is one of those rare instances in which I can understand the ratings trajectory based on my own view of the show's quality, which is rare to happen. It is a shame because Season 3 was my favorite season they did, I had no idea why they decided to go that route last year

  10. That's interesting because season 3 is the season that killed the show for me, I too would have dropped it last season if this wasn't announced as the final season. But I said the same thing about True Blood and to this day I still haven't finished season 7 lol, I just couldn't get through it.

  11. Really? That's really interesting, such different opinions.

    True Blood... wow. I am one of those people that tends to defend stuff that is pretty much despised (I LOOOVED the How I Met Your Mother finale and I liked and understood the Dexter finale) but what True Blood did or didn't do in Season 7, the final episode specifically... just wow. And that such thing happened after Season 6, which was (IMO, I am sure you will disagree ahah) the best season in years and years, only made it worse, because I had elevated my expectations. The finale episode itself was especially bad, IMO.

  12. I read what happened in the finale, it really just seemed like a middle finger to the fans. I don't actually remember what was season 6 and what wasn't since I binge watched the first 6 seasons so it's all mashed together in my head!


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