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USD POLL : Favourite episode of Daredevil - Season 1?

24 May 2015

Today's User Submitted Daily (USD) Poll was submitted by Aylass who was picked randomly from our Poll Submissions (see below).

Let us know in the comments what you voted for and why?
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You can vote for 4 Options.

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  1. Every single moment I saw so far (I haven't finished it yet).
    In particular, I adored World on Fire and Condemned.

    Amazing deliver by DeKnight and Goddard. I'm so proud of them.

  2. Since I bingewatched this all at once (and it’s been some time now) its become somewhat hard to separate some of them, in the sense its become a large and awesome movie to me :D

    Firstly, the glorious theme song, such a amazing thing to look at. Any scene with Madam Gao was excellent, her wit and smart attitude was wonderful. Hoping to see more of her in Season 2 :D "The wheel constantly turns, we must adapt to its position or be crushed beneath it.” Also everyone flashback to Matt and his father and their moments were really wonderful and heartfelt, loved those. Also the ‘Avocados at Law’ scene too :D And any mention of the ‘Rabbit in the Snowstorm’ painting and its metaphorical significance to Fisk's life / childhood was excellent.

    My favorite episodes:

    'Codemeded' - I liked the exchanges between Matt and Vladimir whilst trapped in the abandoned warehouse and in the end Vladimir’s sacrifice. I also loved that first conversation between Matt and Fisk.

    'Shadows in the Glass' - This episode really showcased what a great actor Vincent D’Onofrio is. I enjoyed, the use of the flashbacks for the backstory.

    'Speak of the Devil' - The fight between Nobu and Matt was incredible, the raw and brutal nature was really cool as was the fire!!

    'The Ones We Leave Behind' - The ending was brilliant and the exchange between Fisk and Ben, one of the best moments of the season. The self aware and smart writing really won this ending for me.

    Honorable Mentions:

    ‘Cut Man’ - Loved getting to know the the best and most badass nurse in all of Hell’s Kitchen, Claire Temple and that amazing fight sequence at the end of the episode, one of the best in the show.

    ‘Stick’ - I liked the character Stick, he was lots of fun and the flashbacks to Matt’s childhood were great too.

    The finale ‘Daredevil', I loved a lot of the ending speech given by Fisk (The traveller), a really powerful, self awareness moment. The final shot was really cool, Daredevil jumping of the building!

  3. SGU #IrelandSaysYes24 May 2015 at 11:06

    I don't think I have a favourite, I do remember episode 6 being very good and the second half the season overall being much more enjoyable than the first half for me, so I guess I'd go with Episode 6: "Condemned".

  4. A nearly impossible choice. Later episodes cannot exist without the earlier ones, many are made even better by the fallout of what happens next. This is probably one of the most appropriate shows to binge watch that's been made. That being said, I did love episode 3. And Fisk's flashback episode even though I don't "like" the character.

  5. Interesting that Episode 4 is the last one, because it actually made me stop watching, it was so boring

    I will continue after my state exams in 2 weeks tho

  6. Nelson v. Murdock HANDS DOWN. It was the episode that properly focused on the dumb avocados at law, and I'm watching this show for them. Heartbreak all around, that's my jam.

  7. Alexandra Finet24 May 2015 at 11:58

    world on fire episode 5

  8. Nelson vs Murdock, that gave me many feelings and it was a great insight into Foggy and Matt's relationship

    The Path of the Righteous, The Ones We Leave behind and Shadows in the Glass would be my other picks.

  9. Episodes 1x06 Condemned and 1x09 Speak Of The Devil hands down
    When it was released april 10th I binge watched the whole thing in the same day, and after I was done, the first thing I did was watch those again
    not to mention the epic (to say the least) finale

  10. RabbitOfDegobah24 May 2015 at 12:48

    Voted for Cut Man!

  11. That's like asking a parent to chose between the children! They all have their individual strenghts and moments that shine.

  12. My choices were "The Path of the Righteous" (11, and my favorite), "Nelson vs Murdock", "Cut Man" and "Speak of the Devil". The weakest one IMO was "Daredevil" (13), but even then the show was incredible. When your weakest episode is still pretty good, you know you are watching good TV

  13. Ereth Reetnith24 May 2015 at 13:43

    mmm i kinda watched one after the other so it was like this awesome, really long, movie? i can't pick. really, i can't.
    all of them
    and i LOVE the opening (image AND music)

  14. I just remember the first few eps were decent. Then after episode 7, it got boring. I voted for ep 6.

  15. Nelson vs Murdock is one of my favorites too, I think they handled the "reveal" the way I always wanted, they took their time explaining, and in the end, Foggy had the right to be mad but Matt had his reasons too. Some people didn't like it because there wasn't much action, but for me, it was one of the best episodes.

  16. Funny, I submitted this poll and I should write about the episodes, but you pretty much described my thoughts on the show and all my favorite moments, so thank you!

  17. Your welcome, I loved the show and whenever I can talk about it I try too, I'm glad we share the same favorite moments :)

  18. Nelson V Murdock, That episode just beat the crap of the others.
    Speak of the devil, i liked how they play things here, showing us the fight and how he got tehre and that final moment.
    Into the Ring, The pilot was well done. It deserves to be on the best episodes
    Condemned. Just evrything that happened in the episode made it for it to be great.

  19. Each episode has its own amazing moments and scenes. And there are a lot of them in all the 13 episodes. Hard to choose. Also the serialized nature of the story means that there is one huge story line throughout the 13 episodes aka a 13 hr movie.

  20. The opening, music especially, is spectacular. I usually skip the intros after a few eps, but this one is so good that I watched it every time.

  21. "We're going to be the best damn avocados this world has ever seen" :P

  22. Love that line, drunk Matt and Foggy are adorable.

  23. Yeah they handled it so well, especially like how distressed Matt was over it all. I hope that Karen gets to find out early in S2 as I don't like them keeping it a secret from her.

  24. I hope Karen finds out too, I hate it when a character isn't in the loop just because..."drama".

  25. It's hard to separate them as I watched them in a 12 episode marathon (and then had to take a 6 hour break before episode 13 because RL interrupted).... but suiting up was major. I liked the Stick episode too because it hinted at the Chaste which I expect will be more involved later as will The Hand.

  26. i adored every episode, each one was amazingly written and acted, but if i had to choose .... i'd choose the finale just cause it made me so freaking pumped for season 2

  27. I have to go with these 4 episodes-
    2.Shadows in the Glass.
    3.World on Fire.
    Honorable Mention-Speak of the Devil.

  28. Episode 13. Yeah every episode is good, but to me the ending was the best. First, we saw Matt in his suit, second we saw the rise of Kingpin, to me that was the point of the whole season, and third and i guess last we saw the fallout of his criminal and some what legal empire crumbling down. Not to mention the whole Karen thing that we will explore in season 2.

  29. Episode 11 - Path of the Righteous
    Lots of great stuff in that one.
    - Karen is extremely skeptical of Matt's "accident" during a home visit.
    - Owlsley becoming a turncoat and generally being amusing. I think it's his best episode.
    - Another Claire visit for Matt.
    - More Ben/Karen stuff. Their scenes are always good.
    - A Matt & Father Lantom talk. Those are another favorite of mine.
    - Matt finds Melvin Potter (the guy who makes his suit).
    - Foggy & Karen drinking. Always amusing even when angsty.
    - Wesley kidnaps Karen and Karen kills him.

    It's not the most flashy or exciting episode of Daredevil's first season but it's probably the most solid from beginning to end.

  30. Episode 7 “Stick” was the best IMO. Stick stole the show

  31. The whole thing is a bit of a blur as I watched it in the span of like a week...
    But I did quite like the Kingpin centric ones and the one with Stick.

  32. I agree-That one was EPIC!


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