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Upfronts: What Pilots Are Still Alive

11 May 2015

Fox has left two pilots in play, drama Studio City and single-camera comedy 48 Hours ‘Til Monday. Both had strong early buzz and, while not getting orders, will be revisited after the upfronts for a possible midseason consideration. There also has been talk about possible redevelopment of Fantasy Life as the network liked the concept of a fantasy league comedy and star Kevin Connolly but that is less tangible, possible for the next cycle.

CBS has at least two pilots in consideration in different ways. Multi-camera divorce comedy The Half of It is in serious contention for a midseason pickup. Meanwhile, I hear there have been discussions for drama Doubt to reshoot the pilot.

There is little action at ABC and NBC. The latter may look to redevelop comedy pilot Strange Calls as one-hour



  1. We have a premiere date for the upcoming X-Files Revival: 24 january 2016 - source:

  2. Yep, we posted that 9 hrs ago :)

    Use the Submit a Scoop form in the menu to send us news.,

  3. Okie dokie :) Missed that

  4. Fantasy league comedy? So "The League" then?

  5. Only with less chances to stay on the air, the only reason the League is still on is because it's on comedy central

  6. Strange Calls as 1 hour? Don't know what to make of that.

  7. Doubt - please!

  8. Since I was quite curious for both Studio City and 48 hours I'm glad they're not dead dead yet.
    Also nice to hear there's still some life left in Strange Calls and The Half of It.

    I know better than to keep my hopes up, but I'm still happy about those.

  9. FXX actually.


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