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Tonight's TV - Open Discussion Thread - 10th May 2015

11 May 2015

This thread/article is to provide a place where you can discuss all shows that are or have aired tonight that we do not have individual "What did you think of" Polls.

Some of tonight's shows that you might like to discuss are:

Battle Creek, A.D The Bible Continues, American Odyssey,The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob's Burgers, Silicon Valley, Veep, Nurse Jackie, Happyish, Mad Men, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles or any other show that you've watched tonight.

So sound off in the comments below about what you thought of last nights TV.

Please note the comments could well contain spoiler discussion for any show that has aired tonight.
Please only use this thread for shows that do not already have their own threads. You should use the show/episode specific threads for discussion on those shows.


  1. Mad Men has an incredibly sad, beautiful episode this week. Really sad about it ending next week.

    A review:

  2. I'm sad BattleCreek got cancelled. I was really enjoying it. :(

  3. VEEP: I think I haven't stopped saying this all season but that episode was so freakin' amazing!! Amy's breakdown was epic. I loved how everybody agreed with her but were so terrified by her meltdown. But I loved that she was the one who walked out and I loved that she was the one who got the last word in. And I loved that despite the fact that Selina didn't like what Amy said, she did take it to heart. The Dan side story didn't do much for me. I don't know if Dan's losing his job again though... I think he might... Also Finally Hugh Laurie! Wasn't he great!? When isn't he great! I wonder if maybe he'll end up hiring Dan and Amy?
    Also Catherine being awkward... and Maddox overplaying his hand... and... juts take your pick! Everything is great about this show...

    Brooklyn Nine Nine: It was AWESOME getting to see the Ct. get super involved in the case slowly slowly. It was sad to see him getting screwed over for doing a good job...

    Battle Creek: The case was bit silly and anticlimactic in it's conclusion, but I liked the character stuff it brought out and that hug when Milt found Russ was everything! Wish Russ would have been less stubborn and gone for that beer though.

    I was wondering why we didn't get any scenes of Holly tearing the place apart trying to find Russ, but it was nice that they kept with continuity and had her still be on the trip. I also guess that's why Font wasn't working the case either.

    American Odyssey: Harrison is hotheaded, naive and an idiot (like how many times does Bob have to fucking tell you keep Ruby away! Don't get her involved! I don't want her around. Granted Bob should tell him why he doesn't want her around. But still...). Peter is too idealistic, (justifiably) paranoid and an idiot. Odelle is stubborn and narrow visioned, but at least not an idiot... however she is lucky... and for someone as abrasive as she is, it's her luck and not her skill that has kept her alive and everyone else around her dead. Anyhow, yeah, my main gripe with the show that the characters kinda suck is still strong. However I am curious to see how it all connects and why. So I'm still watching... We'll see... (also I'm thinking French guy might have something to do with Yusuf... Oh! Maybe he is Sofia's husband?)

    No Lizzie Borden yesterday evidently... weird....

  4. Me too...CBS renewed Cyber that was just awful and cancelled BC which had great potential and was charming. I'd take BattleCreek any day over any CSI. Sad day indeed.


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