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This Week's Top 10 Most Memorable Moments - 11th May 2015

11 May 2015

A Weekly feature highlighting the SpoilerTV teams most memorable TV moments this past week.

*Major Spoilers from last nights Once Upon a Time*

Bates Motel
Moment: Norma and Romero fight at his house.

Moment: Watson helps Gregson to make a big decision.

Moment: Jo presents Henry with a picture of him, Abigail and baby Abe.

Moment: Bruce finds his father's secret basement.

Moment: Gibbs finds Luke's dead parents, McGee realizes The Calling's plans and Dorneget dies saving a lot of lives.

Once Upon a Time
Moment: Emma becomes the dark one.

Moment: Murtagh tells Claire of the love he lost.

Person of Interest
Moment: The Machine talks to Finch.
Most Memorable Moment

The Big Bang Theory.
Moment: Amy tells Sheldon they need a break; Sheldon then reveals the ring he was going to give to Amy.

The Blacklist
Moment: Red tells Liz she is being framed by The Cabal.

Honorable Mentions

  • Arrow - Felicity throws a tablet and thinks she's killed a man.
  • Game of Thrones - Jorah been infected with grey-scale (the reveal)
  • NCIS - Gibbs sees past agents & friends who have died, including Kate, Mike Frank & Director Shepard.
  • Outlander - Claire sings for the first time
  • Person of Interest - The test of loyalty 
  • Scandal - Mellie meets with Papa Pope.
  • The Flash - Iris isn't angry at Barry but she is disappointed at him for hiding his secret identity.
  • The Following - Tom kills the agent.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what some of your most memorable moments of the week have been!
About the Author - Robert Fruin
Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, who is currently studying IT, Media and Business Studies. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST, he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game Of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other shows he watches are Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The 100. Some other interests include Cycling, Kayaking and Photography.Robert is currently reviewing Aquarius, Black Sails, Helix, Intruders and Z Nation. Feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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  1. What were your favorite moments this past week?

  2. Agent Dorneget death scene was one of the best I've ever seen on NCIS. The music (Friction by Imagine Dragons), the camera, the colors, slow motion and the explosion. Everything was just perfect! Later I watched it over and over again on YouTube ;).

  3. I thought it was well done, and I don't even watch the show :)

  4. These NCIS scenes were fantastic. And also The Blacklist, which still managed to surprise me despite knowing it was coming. Can't wait for the finales of both, and let's see what memorable moments the finale week will bring us.

  5. Agent Carter and Galavant being renewed.

  6. The whole episode of OUAT was epic, however yup that last scene was amazing ... season 5 hurry up!

  7. Hestia Prytaneum11 May 2015 at 21:45

    I loved Red figuring it out...will it be in time? will Red have found his match with the Alliance/Cabal? Will they stay 3 steps ahead as Liz says..or will Tom & The director lose their tongue. When you touch Lizzie, Red keeps busy to make sure it is the last thing you do...

  8. The machines final words aka the entire ending sequence of YHWH.

  9. That OUAT scene was amazing but also Revenge had some excellent scenes

  10. TheLensOfTruth11 May 2015 at 22:43

    I knew that the POI moment just had to be THE moment of the week. It was amazing.

  11. Whoa, hold up. Emma becomes the dark one? Damn, I gotta get caught up!


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