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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 31st May *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 11:15 - Dark Matter - Episode 1.03 - Synopsis
    Episode 1.03

    When the ship mysteriously veers off course, suggestions of sabotage abound, fueling the onboard paranoia. A perilous spacewalk is required to bring the ship’s systems back online.


  • 11:00 - Olympus - Episode 1.09 - 1.10 - Press Releases
    Episode 1.09 - Pandora's Tomb

    Hero and Ariadne develop feelings for one another during their journey to Olympus. Meanwhile, Lykos and Aegeus are back in Athens being held in dank prison caves where they must hide their identities, or suffer the terrifying rage of the other inmates.

    Episode 1.10 Heritage

    Oracle discovers the truth about the Lexicon, while Hero attempts the dangerous deeds needed to fulfill his destiny. After Pandora's tomb is opened, Hero and Medea rush back to the safety of the palace, where King Aegeus engages in a battle to the death.


  • 10:45 - American Odyssey - Episode 1.09 - Figmo - Sneak Peek 2

  • 10:30 - Stitchers - Cast Interview [VIDEO]