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Arrow - Michael Rowe Discusses His Casting

17 May 2015

Thanks to Arrowshieldfan for the heads up.

Being a TV superhero is pretty great. “I’ve got the best job in the world,” said Michael Rowe from his booth at the Motor City Comic Con at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich.

He tells the story of how the role of Deadshot wasn’t what he auditioned for. They brought him in to play an Army sniper named Finn, but when the red eyepiece and wrist-mounted machine guns came out they told him he would be playing Deadshot. Rowe was shocked. “You’ve gotta be kidding me man,” he said recalling his reaction at the time.

The ambiguous anti-hero was pitted against massive co-stars in the show. So how does he handle the mismatch? “They’re all like professional wrestlers,” he bulked up a little after joining the cast to keep up.



  1. Michael Rowe really made the character of Deadshot his own. I am a fan. I hope we get to see him again next season. Damn it DC. Give us our Deadshot back.

  2. Dammit DC, indeed. I absolutely hate what they have done to such a great character. With HIVE coming up in S4, he would have been an awesome part of the story line.

  3. Kind of the reason I want the Suicide Squad movie to fail, I know it's selfish and mean but this movie robbed us of a great character and a dedicated actor. Hell, now we even lost Katana

  4. We have a small ray of hope as David Ramsey said in City of Heroes convention in London two days before that we will see Deadshot next season. I don't trust spoilers given out by actors this early. But I think may be we will see Deadshot in flashbacks. I wanted him to fight alongside Diggle against HIVE when the time came. Even if he had died doing that I would have been fine with it. *sigh*

  5. I am so mad at DC. There is no connection between TV and movie world. Just let these characters be. I have a feeling we might see Deadshot in flashbacks. DR said we will see him at city of heroes con. But I don't trust such info.

    I can't even wish for the movie to fail because I want to watch it. I have high hopes for Viola Davis's Amanda Waller. Cynthia Addai Robinson was strictly okay. I want to see Harley Quinn too. When is this movie releasing? Maybe after this comes and goes we might get these characters back.

  6. Definitely a fan of his!!!

  7. You're right there's no connection and this is exactly what DC considers a problem. Different characters with the same name might confuse viewers, at least this is what DC is fearing. It's a stupid reason, I know but sadly it has been this way for a while.

    I was surprised that Arrow got to use Ra's Al Ghul at all tbh. But apparently his last appearance is long enough in the past and he has no future appearance planned.

    I like Viola Davis but have this un-comfortable feeling that Will Smith is going to use his status to shoehorn his kids into the DC franchise. Margot Robbie is..well eye candy. I have yet to see her deliver a line with perfection. So I'll remain iffy on the cast. So far the only actors I have some trust in are Leto, Davis and Affleck (no matter the dislike against the guy, he's been pretty damn good in Argo and The Town)

    2016 if I'm not wrong, no way we'll get them back if the movie is a full-on success. In fact, even if it isn't. As long as Smith and the respective actors are signed on we might not get them back.

    Maybe there's a clause in bigger actors contracts that states that only one person at a time is allowed to play a certain character? Would explain things better than DCs excuse

  8. I wish Ra's was not the villain in Arrow season 3. Instead it was some other villain with less comic book baggage. Everyone had different expectations from the guy. He was too huge for such a character driven season. No one was satisfied in the end. I was happy to see him die in the end but my god lot of youtube fanboys are pissed Oliver was able to kill Ra's.

    I have not seen Margot Robbie in anything. Well she can go as much over the top as she want with Harley. So maybe she will work. I like Affleck. He has done some good work and there was some bad choices too. I think he will be fine. Is Will Smith as controlling as everyone is saying? People really dislike the guy.

    I was hoping once the SS movie is released and they are concentrating on Justice League these characters will once again be available for our use maybe in season 4. I hope so. Fingers crossed.

  9. When does "Krypton" premiere? this fall or next year?

  10. There is another panel with Stephen & David in an hour. Hope we get some good stuff out of it.

  11. He owned teh character. It's sad that because of freaking DC they cant use him anymore. I hope we see him in flashback, wherever they are going now and see hoe he got part of HIVE and all that.

  12. So glad that Diggles and Felicity stories are connected in s4.

  13. Already Rowe's Deadshot is more faithful than Smith's, and I'm not even speaking about the skin color. DCCU's Deadshot's scope/"eye" is on the wrong place, the costume looks far more cosplay that Rowe ever wore as the character and even from the set pics, Smith doesn't have that demeanor that I expect when it comes to Deadshot....Rowe has nailed it for three seasons; he nailed it even in his first appearance.

  14. While I would love to see Arrow's Deadshot back, what good would it have really been? Deadshot became, basically a freelancer mercenary. He didn't work just for H.I.V.E. and we already saw the build-up for how he was hired to kill Andrew Diggle. There wouldn't be much to have Deadshot around for that specific arc, imo. Not like he'd try to get some redemption against H.I.V.E. because he got that redemption via the Suicide Squad.

  15. I want it to fail because of how pathetic Joker looks.

  16. Was that revealed? I am so happy.

  17. Yay HIVE connection for both of them. Sigh Connor. That kid is still only 9 years old max right? I am not sure these people can tell a good kid story. I wish they had waited until they could do a fast forward and Oliver could meet the child as a young man. I am scared for this. At least this time my expectations will be really low.

  18. I am good with all of them.

  19. arrowshieldfan17 May 2015 at 20:25

    Arrow writer love to make father evil or bad..Merlyn 500 people killed(Thea) Nyssa father head of league of assassins Robert Queen (Oliver) involve in destroying in Glades, and mystery Felicity father involve with HIVE(hopefully not the boss)

  20. Lol all other father seem to be in a leading role why not hers lol.

  21. arrowshieldfan17 May 2015 at 20:32

    well I think it would be better just to focus on Diggle arc. Not everyone want Felicity to be front and center instead in the background making jokes

  22. arrowshieldfan17 May 2015 at 20:35

    Connor is at least 10 years old since the flashback was 7 years ago plus one to three more year.

  23. Yeah and i want the end of the Lance family drama we had 3 season in a row. And i know it isnt happening. People will always be unsatisfied. What people dont get they keep giving Felicity and the Felicity/Oliver buzz by talking about it. Be it negative or positive. The CW doesnt care. All they care about is ratings and numbers. And those speak in favor of Felicity and the pairing.
    Both Diggle and Felicitys stories were pushed back for 2 seasons. Its their turn to have their own story arcs.

  24. I second that.

  25. Yeah. Depends on when the baby scare was before the boat accident. I calculated 9 imagining the baby fiasco happened just months before the gambit capsized.

  26. That's true. We knew angst is going to happen from episode 1 onwards. But I never expected it to be dragged this long.


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