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USD POLL : Which scifi/fantasy show(s) has had the most epic moment this season?

22 Apr 2015

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Today's User Submitted Daily (USD) Poll was submitted by tvfan who was picked randomly from our Poll Submissions (see below).

Let us know in the comments what you voted for and why?
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  1. Person of Interest. So many epic moments this season. The 100 a close second but lacks the depth and class of POI. Orphan Black is only just getting underway this season (the quoted moment was last season) so can't really comment at this stage.

  2. The revelation of Abe being Henry's son in pilot- Forever
    Adam saying his age and later showing himself- Forever

  3. Hmmmm! So many good scifi shows.
    Lexa abandoning Clarke and her army.
    Eobard taking over HW looks.
    Sara Lance dying.
    The Messengers all the angels dying.
    OUAT Zelena being Marian and Cruella's BS.

  4. Really, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful and Daredevil have produced much better moments then any one of these shows and are leagues and bounds above in quality. I would normally say Orphan Black as well but the first episode was mediocre at best.

  5. Person of interest: Shaw sacrifices
    Once Upon A Time: The arrival of the Queens of Darkness.
    Orphan Black: Introducing the male clones (season 2 finale).

  6. Missing a lot of my favorite moments.

    The Flash - Flash vs Reverse Flash in "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

    SHIELD - Absorbing Man and Skye wrecking "Real" SHIELD
    Arrow - Roy vs Prison Goons

  7. Cassie appearing in 2043 is definitely the IT OMG moment for me.

  8. OUAT had so many batter moments than the one on this poll
    Like Zelena being Marian

  9. The entire season 2!!

  10. Shaw staying behind and activating the elevator so the rest of the team can escape... after kissing root which made it even more painful. its been months and i still have trouble watching that scene. But that whole episode was a writing masterpiece. still the best episode of the series.

  11. AOS : skye breaking free
    The flash : barry reverses time
    12 monkeys : cassie goes to 2043

  12. POI and The 100, nous doubt.

  13. OuaT - Anna and Kristoff almost drown before being transported to Storybrooke.

    I still get chills and tear up watching that scene.

  14. I voted for Pol, The Flash and Arrow. Skye's transformation was really cool too and all the 100 scenes this season.

  15. The 100-
    Finn's death
    The Grounder Massacre
    Octavia's transformation into a warrior

    Nyssa/Malcolm/Oliver fight

  16. Person of Interest. The moment when Shaw sacrificed herself for the team made me scream at the tv for about five minutes!!! The emotional explosion of that one scene impacted me more than any other show had in a long time

  17. Maybe the person who created this poll doesn't watch the shows you mentioned. That's why he/she put in the "Other" option. For you to add your own.

  18. Brandy Danforth22 April 2015 at 15:34

    Elsa convincing Emma not to give up her powers,Freya/Ingrid brought back to Life,Klsus/Hskey reunited with Hope

  19. I don't really have a choise, so Rebekah switching bodies. Right now I prefer the new one over the standard model.

  20. from the list, I have to go with Oliver being "killed". Not that I thought he was actually dead (or stayed dead), but the duel scene with Ra's was still super cool.

  21. From the list I'd go with The 100 and 12 Monkeys

    Off the lsit:
    The 100 - Jaha finds the hologram
    The 100 - Clarke kills Finn
    12 Monkeys - Cole injects himself with the blood of his younger self
    The Last Ship - The ending to the season finale
    Penny Dreadful - Pretty much any scene...

  22. Well.. I wouldn't use any of those from the 100 haha. The scene with Bellamy was cool, but definitely not the most epic & considering how the battle never happened I don't consider their march that epic after the fact haha. SOOO..
    The 100: Clarke kills Finn, Clarke/Anya fight, Octavia/grounder fight, massacre of Tondc,. Also I don't think the reveal was done properly but artificial intelligence is quite interesting.Harvest chamber reveal? I don't know theres a bunch!
    Orphan Black: Rachel being shot in the eye & project castor reveal. Also Helena taking down Gracie's dad & then burning down the prolethean compound just cause everything Helena does is awesome.

  23. Nothing on the list screamed epic for me, Arrow being "killed" was a joke before it started. POI was good for example, but nothing epic. OUAT has not done anything unexpected recently, it's been predictable in OUAT style, it does not like to break it's formula really. The 100 is a good show, but nothing epic there either. All in all nothing I vote for as epic moments, not all bad though. Shows like Falling Skies or Teen Wolf I have not thought in forever, except that Teen Wolf has started to drop in quality.

  24. Grimm: Juliette is turned into a Hexenbiest.

  25. Also Abe and Henry finding out that they are indeed related.

  26. POI, Forever, Agents of Shield, and 12 Monkeys have had several.

  27. The best was easily Shaw sacrificing herself on PoI.

  28. Person of interest is a Scifi show?

  29. Fair enough but what is the point of making a poll, saying the most epic moment of the season and including only your choices. They should of named the poll which of my favorites had the best moment. With cable shows as good as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Outlander, Penny Dreadful, etc., delivering epic scenes what is the point of this poll.

  30. Shaw's sacrifice: That scene is so beautifully done, and perhaps the most emotional part of it comes from an Artificial Intelligience!

    As a second, the surreal ending sequence of Panopticon: Finch realizing and investigating the significance of the typos, and Shaw joining Romeo's crew, all set to Jetta's cover of "I'd Love to Change the World".

  31. It is. Not "spaceships and/or aliens" sci fi, it's quite grounded in reality but what's going on right now absolutely belongs in the sci fi genre.

  32. Person of Interest: Shaw's sacrifice. What a beautiful and heartbreaking moment.

    Agents of SHIELD: Skye going through terrigenesis. What a beautiful and heartbreaking moment.

    (... sensing a thread there)

  33. Cruella's Backstory should be an option

  34. Lady Marian turned to be Wicked Witch of the West - s04e17 od OUaT.

  35. The Flash when Eobard kills Cisco!

  36. The most shocking was when Oliver was seemingly killed. The best one was Bobbi saving Simmons by jumping off the building and then onto the invisible quintet. The most shocking/best one was Barry traveling back in time

  37. Ok, for Shield, neither of these two. I'd go with the May vs May fight and Skye blowing away that forest with her powers.

  38. Skye going Terrigenesis

    Rachel being shot in the eye

  39. You should really start watching Person of Interest . Game of Thrones is the most overrated tv-series ever , get over it . On the other hand Daredevil is one hell of a show .

  40. Person of Interesr Shaw

  41. Wasn't Rachel *stabbed* in the eye with a pencil or is my memory remaking the world?

    Shaw sacrifices herself - Person of Interest
    Malia fights the transformation with Stiles' help - Teen Wolf
    Other: Root breaks assassin chick's neck (POI), Rachel's eye injury (OB), Belle banishes Rumple (OUAT), The Machine sacrifices herself for the crew (POI), The Machine says good buy to her father(POI)

  42. Noneofyourbusiness20 May 2015 at 13:25

    Sarah launched the pencil into her eye from a fire extinguisher.


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