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Tonight's TV - Open Discussion Thread - 26th April 2015

27 Apr 2015

This thread/article is to provide a place where you can discuss all shows that are or have aired tonight that we do not have individual "What did you think of" Polls.

Some of tonight's shows that you might like to discuss are:

Madam Secretary, Battle Creek, A.D The Bible Continues, American Odyssey, The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Family Guy, The Last Man on Earth, Secrets and Lies, Silicon Valley, Veep, Nurse Jackie or any other show that you've watched tonight.

So sound off in the comments below about what you thought of last nights TV.

Please note the comments could well contain spoiler discussion for any show that has aired tonight.
Please only use this thread for shows that do not already have their own threads. You should use the show/episode specific threads for discussion on those shows.


  1. I noticed Secrets and Lies has picked up tremendously and the way it ended tonight was Epic. Can't wait till the season finale next week

  2. Brilliant episode of Mad Men this week.

    A review:

  3. VEEP: OMG!! They fired Dan!?!?!?!? Ohhhhh... Maybe
    he'll go work for Hugh Laurie's character... And I'm getting a feeling
    Ericsson won't last the season... He targeted Dan, and he's got Amy in
    his sights... He might get himself in some trouble by the end...

    Brooklyn 9-9: Awesome episode! I don't think I stopped laughing throughout.

    Madam Secretary: It was an interesting episode. The pacing was great, but I felt the content was a very good accumulation of what has happened so far, and could have worked quite nicely as a season finale, because it did pretty mush tie lose ends.

    Battle Creek: Great episode! I kinda enjoyed how Russ wasn't the main focus or the driving force behind the episose. I love him, don't get me wrong, but it was nice having him step back a bit and let Milt showcase that he too is good at his job... fancy equipment aside. Speaking of: Aw at Milt giving himself a little celebratory jump in place when he found a lead on Pete! It was good to see Guz and Danny reconcile in the end there... and I get it Russ isn't the most pleasant guy, but Milt's right. He's a good person and a good cop. People should give him the credit... I'm looking at you Councilman... and YOU Meredith!
    Lastly: DAVE CHAPPELLE!!!

    Lizzie Borden: I had a feeling Siringo wasn't dead... But I'm not sure going from being presumed dead to being arrested is so much better. What a way for Nance to go. She should have listened to Charlie. Well I guess the Marshall being a bit more suspicious was good.

    American Odyssey: You know... The show character issues. Some of the supporting players are tracking okay, but I'm really not feeling Odelle... or Peter... or Harrison... And as they are the main protagonist in each story thread that is problematic. It also doesn't help that when tey do try to give them any character development it feels forced and try-hard. However the conspiracy is interesting enough to keep me engaged.

  4. VEEP
    1. I had a feeling Dan will end being fired, it's gonna be interesting how they're gonna incorporate him now.
    2. Jonah's ball being touched is probably - no, most definitely - the weirdest running gag ever.
    3. The soldier relaying the horrors of war while wearing an Easter Bunny costume? Hilarious.
    4. I'm totally gonna use "interim banana" as an excuse every time someone wants something from me.
    5. I think Erickson was behind the data leak and that he's working on eliminating Amy next.

    1. Freaking Phil. Not really sure what to think of Todd's trajectory but I'm excited about the prospect of a darker season finale but this is a network comedy after all, so I'm not holding my breath.
    2. New Phil surely must have a secret, he's too good to be true. The show is making him look pretty dumb by not realizing that catching on that everyone is probably horny and that Tandy and Todd feel intimidated by him.
    3. One of this show biggest strengths is its unpredictability and I totally didn't see Phil ending up with Carol and that sex scene was probably the weirdest one I've ever watched.
    4. I like how Melissa really seems to think of Carol as her best friend.
    5. I hope they will stop focusing on Person A trying to get it on with Person B. Most of the romantic shenanigans have been cringe-worthy. It would be really great to see something other than that.

    1. Holt's "Ohh.. ooh.. oh, no" was seriously brilliantly delivered. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
    2. I loved how the chirping was louder than the music during the dinner.
    3. Marcus' defeated look when Holt starts listing orchids while he couldn't name a single one was priceless.
    4. Also, goat broth? Sounds like something that would make me even sicker.


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