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American Crime - Episode 9 - Preview

25 Apr 2015

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Hi guys. Here's my preview for the ninth episode of ABC's "American Crime". Hope you enjoy it.

The episode begins with Barb training with a gun she just bought. She happens to be pretty good at shooting.

People who support Carter are still in the streets while Regina is still trying to find evidence that Carter did not kill Matt.

Russ is really focused on cleaning Matt and Gwen’s house so he can live in it, he happens to find old and recent photos of his children. Recent photos of Matt in the army seem to bother him as Matt is not doing wise things on it if you ask me which is why he decides to get rid of them.

Tony is still at Juvenile Hall, still not knowing whether he will be judged as an adult or not. He spends time with others in a room where people are allowed to express themselves. Everything seems to be fine until a sad event occurs that shocks Tony.

Aliyah and Aubry’s mother meet in a restaurant. They’re talking about Aubry’s mental state, Aubry’s mother wants to convince Aliyah to agree to a meeting between Carter and Aubry.

After receiving a letter from Carter, while Aubry is being heard by her lawyer, Aubry makes a confession we never thought we'd hear from her. Everyone is shocked, her dad even leaves the room and never wants to see her again. She tells her lawyer what she knows about the night Matt was murdered. But is it really what happened… no one knows.

The episode ends with a conversation between Russ and Barb talking about the photos Russ found in Matt and Gwen’s house. Barb still hasn’t accepted Russ’ gambling addiction, keeps saying everything that happened when the children were little was because of him.

Here's the promo for next week's episode in case you haven't seen it:


  1. I gave up on the show because I can't stand any of the characters and it's being cancelled anyway.

  2. Oh, ok. Why can't you stand them?
    What was the last episode you watched?

  3. All of the characters are hateable. Episode 5. The show is pretty good, but there's a problem when I don't like any of the characters.

  4. I am curious about the disclaimer for the episode. Do you know what did they say that counts as "adult language"?

  5. So do I!!!!!!!
    Glad to see someone else say it than me!

  6. Not all the characters are supposed to be loved.
    I personally like Aubry and love Aliyah. They're the strongest characters IMO.

  7. I really don't. I was quite surprise by the "viewer discretion is advised".
    Rape is a big part of the episode as the episode centers on Aubry, her big confession and her version of what really happened the night Matt was killed.
    Rape is not a common subject on ABC which is maybe why they advise their viewers before the episode airs on Thursday...? I really don't know.

  8. I gave up on the show as well after Episode 5 and I don't like anything about. I don't get the concept as in one moment they are against racism and the next they are racist (the show is). Also I really don't like the style how they made it as in not needed shots of the sky or grass and talking in the background while the person doesn't talk (to me it just makes the acting bad) . I am glad that people like it and love it because there are always people who don't like shows I love but this show is not mine and I was really looking forward to it. :(

  9. Those characters were the worst.

  10. I tried to like the talking in the background while the person doesn't talk, but I just couldn't. It doesn't work.

  11. The show does have bleeped f words and @#$5.

  12. But I mean every episode has the f word or other words like that and I don't get why this episode in particular is said to me more violent and why ABC advise people about the language.

  13. I have to say at first I was really annoyed with the fact that sometimes we don't see people talking when they are but now I'm used to it and it's part of the show.

  14. It can be the rape issue. When a character was raped in Private Practice, there was also a disclaimer.

  15. Istlota Everyman1 May 2015 at 10:00

    The people who prefer the usual formula where whites are victims and nonwhites are thugs hate the show because they, not the show, are racists. Everybody else, admittedly the minority of viewers, love it and can't fathom why such a great show has such low ratings.

  16. Istlota Everyman1 May 2015 at 10:04

    Ergo, when they say they hate all the characters what they mean is that they are not comfortable hating the white victims who, by the infamous episode 5, are outed to be just as flawed as everybody else and, hence, impossible to love. TV shows always have nonwhite thugs we hate so that is not the problem.


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