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Tonight's TV - Open Discussion Thread - 24th March 2015

25 Mar 2015

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This thread/article is to provide a place where you can discuss all shows that are or have aired tonight that we do not have individual "What did you think of" Polls.

Some of tonight's shows that you might like to discuss are:

NCIS: New Orleans, The Voice, Undateable, One Big Happy, Hell's Kitchen, Fresh Off The Boat, Sirens, Cougartown or any other show that you've watched tonight.

So sound off in the comments below about what you thought of last nights TV.

Please note the comments could well contain spoiler discussion for any show that has aired tonight.
Please only use this thread for shows that do not already have their own threads. You should use the show/episode specific threads for discussion on those shows.

1 comment:

  1. Undateable was cute. Danny and Justin acting like the parents of this rugrat group was fun. I have to say... if they're gonna pair Candace with anybody I think it should be Danny. They already did the Justin and the girl in the bar last season. Plus with Ground Floor being canceled I wouldn't be surprised if they brought Briga back by the end of the season. Bill Lawrence looooooves her (and for good reason. She's fairly charismatic). I'm sure he'll give her the work!

    One BIg Happy is a bit too cartoon-y and over he top. Also everybody seems to be overacting a tad (even for traditional sit com standards) and Prudence constant hugging and shaking is bothering me. Still, I enjoyed it and laughed for the most part of the episode... so I guess they're doing something right.


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