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The Originals - Save My Soul - Review

21 Mar 2015

This week’s episode showed us Freya’s backstory. She bonded with Elijah and Rebekah while Klaus remained distrusting. Cami helped Marcel out with Vincent, while Rebekah kept being hijacked by Eva. Hayley and Jackson trained in the Bayou while Davina became Eva’s latest victim. 

Favorite character: As I expected, Freya is becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I saw that a lot of people speculated that she might still be on the same page as Finn, I personally don’t think so. She’s been through hell this past millennia (of which she’s only been allowed to live 10 years of). Of course Klaus saw anger and fear in her eyes. She both hates and fears Dahlia, she wouldn’t have stayed all those years if it hadn’t been for the fear. I’m very curious to see what their confrontation will be like. I think she was being genuine towards her siblings. Freya has probably been dying for answers about her family. I don’t think she’d throw away her chance at having a real family by deceiving them. I hope she’ll become a regular next season. If anyone should get to stay, it would be an actual member of the Original family. Of course this will only happen if that curse gets broken, otherwise she’ll only get to live for another year before we would have to say goodbye to her. 
Most annoying character: Klaus seriously pissed me off this week. First his attitude towards Freya. I’m not expecting him to be as trusting to her as Elijah and Rebekah have been. But he didn’t have to be so rude about it. When he started laughing during Freya’s story, when she was clearly upset, I really wanted Elijah to give him a Gibbs-like-head-slap. He could have waited to snap Freya’s neck until she wasn’t having a moment with her long lost siblings (or he could have not snapped her neck at all). Knowing that Rebekah needs Freya’s help, he could have at least tried to be nice. Later, he unloaded his frustrations onto Hayley. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t fire back. Hope is not just his child, she theirs. Hayley has as much right making decisions for Hope as he does. 

Most underused character: The women on this show have been severely underused these past two episodes. Cami’s screen time was back to normal this week. She bonded with Vincent, and I actually found myself starting to ship them. Until the “She was my wife” reveal. I was weary of him at first, but now I definitely don’t trust him. I have a feeling Eva is not going to be very happy to see her husband grow closer to someone else. I have no doubt that there will be a face-off with Eva and Cami at some point. Davina was also back, clearly still upset over Kol’s death. We didn’t get to see much of her though. I guess they wanted to wait until the end of the episode to reveal that she’s been taken by Eva. Last week Hayley spent the entire episode babysitting Hope, not that I blame her. If I’d been separated from my daughter for that long, I probably wouldn’t let her out of my sight anytime soon either. This week however, she was sparring with the wolves in the Bayou. Jackson is worried his alpha position is in danger, as he should be. All that new power is bound to have some werewolves think they have a shot at becoming the alpha. My point here, is that I would like to see these characters play a bigger part in the major storylines. Those being the Eva-storyline and the Dahlia-storyline. Right now, it just seems like they’ve been put on the sidelines. 

Favorite flashback: Apparently being unlucky in love runs in the family. Just like some of her siblings, Freya has lost the love of her life. This flashback broke my heart. By losing him, she lost her will to live. She didn’t want her child to end up like her, so she tried to end her life. Only because of the curse, she couldn’t die. But the baby could. This flashback is the main reason why I think she truly wants Dahlia dead. There’s no way she’d sell out Hope after having been through this. 

Important questions: So there are a few thing that I was wondering about this week. First of all, who was watching Hope? Everyone seemed to be off doing something else, while Hope just slept through the episode. I know they have super hearing and all, but the characters that were in fact at the compound seemed a bit preoccupied. I cannot see Klaus walking around with a baby monitor. Secondly, why was it always snowing in the flashbacks? Considering they lived for an entire year, you’d think summer would come around at some point. 
Best quotes: Freya: “She hungers constantly for what’s been denied her, be it love or revenge.” Elijah: “Yes, I think I’m familiar with the type.” 
Freya: “She would say, it was as if Thor himself had raised his hammer-” Elijah: “-and summoned thunder and lightning.” 
Marcel: “Klaus is the smartest person I’ve ever met. Elijah is the stuffiest. You’re the strongest.” 

That’s it for this week. It seems there’s another hiatus, the next episode will air April 7th. Check in again later that week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
About the Author - Belle333Black
Jamie Coudeville (Belle333Black) writes reviews for The Originals. She's 20, lives in Belgium and her favorite shows are The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ...
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  1. Jamie Coudeville21 March 2015 at 23:03

    I hate that there's another hiatus, ust when I was starting to get back into my reviewing rhythm (and just when I was going to have more free time on my hands). Since I'm not a native English speaker, I was hoping you guys could help me out with my grammar. If you see any mistakes, let me know.

  2. Great review as usual.
    Decent episode with pretty good FB sequences.Loved Freya and Rebekah/Eva
    this episode.I can't tolerate Klaus anymore,for the love of god someone
    please gold-dagger him so that i don't have to see that smug face for
    one episode-Thank god for Elijah,he makes every nonsense of his
    palatable.I knew he was insecure and paranoid from the very beginning
    but this is beyond ridiculous.Kinda bummed Dahlia didn't arrive in
    present time,well there's always time for that.And stop this werewolf
    alpha storyline,i stopped caring about that a long time ago.Please
    someone give marcel and davina some proper storyline ASAP.Why is this
    guy Vincent even on this show anymore and why would we be interested in
    his counseling therapy session writers?

  3. Sorry to say this but Klaus is becoming totally unlikeable as lead. Only TVD's Elena tops him but it took her to be vampire to reach this point. He is doing it on his own or lets say him becoming a father has made him unlikeable. He only seems to care about the baby. What about Rebeka? who he didn't even look for when she was locked up and now she about to get overpowered in his body and just doesn't show any care. Elijah, has he even bothered to ask him how he is handling his break down? Has he even mentioned Kol and how they will bring him back??
    I started watching this show for him and his siblings not to see him being all over his baby and not caring for anything else.
    Every is the same for Klaus. He makes a statement that he will keep his baby safe and at the end he argues with Hayley. This has been the dynamic for weeks.

  4. I don't think Klaus has ever been good on The Originals. The only episode I really thought he was okay was 1x11. He was a much better character on TVD, they really don't seem to know how to write him on this show. Same with Elijah - he was miles better on TVD.

  5. I liked this episode minus the wearwolves scenes I thought it was a waste of time. I like the relationship with Freya and Elijah but I don't know if I trust her. Did not like the way Klaus talked to Elijah never will be a Klaus and Haley fan but I kind of liked them in this episode especially when Klaus snapped back. No Gia in this episode. The last part freaked me out with Hope and Dalia. Freya backstory was emotional. Good episode

  6. I don't think Klaus has ever been good on The Originals. The only episode I really thought he was okay was 1x11. He was a much better character on TVD, they really don't seem to know how to write him on this show. Same with Elijah - he was miles better on TVD.

  7. Its not about good or bad. Its about him becoming more and more annoying

  8. Not a big deal. The lack of trust of Klaus is exaggerated. Sooo annoying! Loved the brother bounding between Elijah, Rebecca and Freya. Also I've loved the final speech of Klaus about the inevitability of change and the future. Very deep. Vote: 7

  9. I didn't mean it in a good/bad sense. I meant it as in good character. I think pretty much everyone on TVD & TO is morally bad with the exception of maybe Cami.

    Even Davina has done some bad things. She worked with Marcel in early Season 1 to execute any witches using magic, and did kill witches in 1x10. So she also has blood on her hands.

  10. Bertha Strongham22 March 2015 at 05:09

    I found the most annoying characters on the show this week were the wolves....Klaus was actually true to form. I kinda liked the fact that he became uber-daddy, I have actually been waiting for him to step up into this role. Its kinda nice to see him care for another....with motivations that are pure.

    As usual, Cami was an immediate fast forward. Cami's presence on screen is superfluous. I believe the writers erred in the creation of this character....with all of the magical beings on the show....she really has no space and or role at the moment. Much like Davina....kid witch is no longer needed given all of the far more powerful ones....

    Eva aka seriously kicking butt! Not sure about the feminist analysis....there is a lot of female power going on, in fact the women aka the witches are far more powerful then the vamps. Eva/Rebekah, Freya, Dahlia....the whole show was all about them - minimally about the men.

  11. Klaus has always been annoying and unlikable , I still remember what he did to Jenna.

  12. Davina has stuff to be - bringing back Kol. There's a lot they could do with Davina though.

  13. I liked them both on vampire diaries but I like them more on the originals but I have always liked daniel gillies

  14. are you liking the way the way they haven't forgotten Kol, that they're mentioning him and you can also hear the grief when they talk about him. With Klaus when he fought finn and now Cami and Davina?

  15. even of the witches wanted to kill HER?

  16. I thought it was a pretty good episode. Love Elijah I did not like how Klaus was talking to Elijah why is it always his responsibility is he not going thru enough. Elijah would not let anything happen to Hope. Is it not the wolves that were supposed to protect Hope so where are they. The ending with Hope and Dahlia freaked me out. Like Haley but kind of was for Klaus on their confortation liked the relationship between Fraya and Elijah dont know if I fully trust her. The wolves boring. FInally some Haley and Elijah on the next episode.

  17. Are you talking about Elijah breakdown? Klaus has not asked about that he is to busy blaming Elijah and I am sorry but Elijah has his own problems. I do like Klaus but at times I dont like him, I was for him when Haley was in concern, she just thinks that Jackson is perfect and hes not. I am not a Jackson fan sorry. But I disagree I do like Klaus on the Originals and liked him on Vampire Diaries and I always like Elijah love Daniel Gillies. Missed Cami

  18. I love Elijah fan so I like him anytime I liked hom on VD and the same goes with Klaus but I like him on better on the Originals-but at times he gets on my nerves

  19. I dont mind Davina two much this season, I liked her with Kol.

  20. Yes Joseph Morgan is a good actor. I dont know I like him on both shows.

  21. Yes I liked the relationship between Fraya and Elijah but I dont know if I fully trust Fraya I just hope she does not turn on them in the end. I dont know what is going to happen. I just feel if Hope gets kidnapped they are all going to be torn- Klaus, Haley and Elijah and Becca. It will be season 1 Klaus all over again. And I thought these wolves were supposed to protect her. Who is with Hope. Again this marriage a waste in my opinion.

  22. I can agree that the wolves were boring. Whats the use of the scene with Aiden and Jackson. I feel differentky I like Cami but I dont know where her story is going with Vincent. Liked the relationship between Elijah and Fraya if she does not turn the ending freaked me out with Hope and Dahlia who is watching Hope. I was on klaus side against Haley. elijah wants to trust Fraya I thought her story was sad. Its hard to believe that Fraya is the oldest

  23. Bertha Strongham22 March 2015 at 21:48

    Do you think that they will actually bring Kol back.....?

  24. They should. They really need someone to come in and be a wild card and spice up the show because it's gotten really boring. I think Kol would be the perfect person to do that. The flashbacks with him and little Marcel - where Kol was having fun and entertaining himself by compelling actors. That's someone that the show desperately needs.

  25. So? Did you forget about how the Salvatores did the same to Vicki? Jenna was a total stranger than Klaus used because Elena & the Salvatores meddled in his plans. It's no different than Caroline deciding to kill Sarah Salvatore.

  26. Bertha Strongham22 March 2015 at 22:06

    I hear ya. I am meh on the issue.....

  27. I hope so I liked Kol and Davina

  28. I feel like I'm the only one who totally loves Klaus lol...

  29. I like him at times I am a Elijah fan

  30. Don't worry. The entire review, apart from a few minor mistakes, was a clean read and on point.

    English is not my first and native language either so I know the feeling of trying to write a readable article to an audience. :D

  31. This is about Klaus , not anyone else Klaus has done so much horrible stuff in comparison to most people on the show , Damon Killed Lexi , turned Vicki e.t.c... but Klaus has done similar stuff and more over a thousand years .He lived longer . They are all murderers but Klaus seems to enjoy it too much and then tries to force people to love him when he mistreats them , Im glad everyone kind of dumped him they need a break from his drama.
    I dont really care about Klaus but Joseph Morgan is a BOSS in truth l have always liked the actors more than the characters in the TVD universe.
    As for Vicki who really cares about her most fans actually wanted her dead, which is why no one cares to mention her most of the time, Damon did a lot of douchey stuff then Klaus just amped it to a thousand.


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