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POLL : What did you think of Black Sails - XVII.?

22 Mar 2015


  1. OMG! The show killed me tonight, first Randall and then the shocking death of Miranda. I really liked her this season, so sad to see her go.

    I knew something was up with the clock but I thought it was the time, I missed last week's episode and wondered if there was something about 7pm that was important.

    I loved the Jack/Anne reunion look forward to their adventure although I don't think they'll get the gold. Then again who knows maybe this show will turn Treasure Island on it's side.

    The Billy stuff was awesome but I'm a Billy fan, he's one of the few "good" characters even though by most standards he's fairly bad.

    I loved that Vane realized the bigger picture. I think Vane/Flint and Flint/Silver play off each other so well. It's highly entertaining to me, to see those pairings.

  2. This show has finally become what most were hoping for at the beginning. AWESOME episode. We need to get more peeps back on board this ship!

  3. James telling Miranda how he chose the name Flint, and her subsequently dying, was symbolic of the 'James' side of him dying. He said he hated 'Flint' every single day he wore the name, but now it's the only part of him still alive.

    Actually made me jump in my seat, totally did not see that coming. It was so brutal when she just landed on the floor. This episode, this show.

    Everything I was hoping for. Thank you, Starz, thank YOU!

  4. I'm in shock. Wow, such a tremendous but savage episode. As much as I have enjoyed it, I feel a sense of loss. Nothing can stay this good forever. Randall dying is a great shame; he brought a unique entertainment to the show. Miranda's death was so unexpected but perfectly dramatic. Vane realising the bigger picture was a great moment but Eleanor's capture was a low point for me. I like her pulling the strings on the island; she is the cog at the heart of the machine and I fear what the story looks like without her in it and most of all I am denied the very anticipated moment that Vane and Eleanor set eyes on each other again.

  5. The excrement has just hit the air transference device, as they say in the business.

  6. Wow!!! FANTASTIC!! AMAZING!!! One of my favorite episodes of the show. So much happened and much of it was game changing in nature.

    Billy Bones is the man. Fighting Vane and almost getting the better of him.
    Sliver continues to be the most cunning.
    Vane finally got his head out of his ass.
    Miranda - I will mourn her. Liked her very much as Flint's moral compass.
    James McGraw is now permanently gone. He will never return. Flint is here to stay.
    Eleanor - she's the one in the most terrifying position. I am most worried about her.

  7. W O W - Just W O W ..........and this wasn't even the season finale !?!

    ● Flint confessing - RIGHT
    ● Vane n Co killing Randall .... tsk tsk tsk
    ● "You were right Billy" - Vane finally sees the truth AND suggesting getting Flint back !!
    ● Miranda's Shocking (g a s p) and UNexpected exit (mouth Still on floor)
    ● Hornigold's "trade" for his pardon ................

    There will be Pirate Hell to pay :

    Vane knows Eleanor wasn't Truely betraying him.....
    Flint loosing not only Thomas, but now Miranda......
    When these two find out what happened to Eleanor, Ouch The old adage of Hell Hath No Fury, I don't think is going to be just for a Woman anymore !!!!


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