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POLL: What was the best scene in Castle - Resurrection?

10 Feb 2015

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About the Author - diana mack

Diana (diana mack) is a tv shows addicted. She's from Italy, she dreams to be a real journalist someday - meanwhile she speaks english even in her dreams. But tv series are not the only passions she has: she's a football supporter, cinema lover and a traveller. She studied languages (english, french, spanish, arabic and a bit of portuguese) and journalism in Rome.


  1. Gotta go with the initial confrontation between Nieman and Beckett "I never forget a face, especially when I cut it" absolutely brilliant acting on Annie's part

  2. The walk to the elevators, especially the wink. It was so creepy; it was brilliant.

  3. Castle profiling Tyson was great but I jumped off my seat when Kate get sedated and abducted... The whole episode was Awesome

  4. I loved the role reversal of Tyson being in the cage and Rick on the outside profiling while talking about all the incidents in Tyson's life.

  5. It was an awesome episode (I was planning on waiting to watch the two parter together, but just couldn´t):), but I have to pick that cliffhanger!

  6. It was an awesome episode. I liked the scene with Dr. Niemann and Jerry Tyson walk out the precinct, Beckett got sedated and Castle phoned Beckett and there was no answer. I also liked the scene with Alexis and Beckett.

  7. I also liked the scene when Dr. Niemann and Jerry Tyson walked out the precinct and Niemann winked at Castle.

  8. I picked the last scene with Dr. Nieman and "Boudreaux" walking out of the precinct, etc but I should've picked Other - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE EPISODE, THE WHOLE EPISODE WAS PHENOMINAL! I know it's pathetic but I really did have a hard time falling asleep last night, I kept seeing Dr. Nieman and "Boudreaux" in my mind...

  9. I liked the scene when Castle profiled Tyson, he really got into Tyson's psyche, no one has Tyson's number like Castle, and with this being role reversal from the last time they meet, and when they nabbed Kate as the pyscho pair walked out of the station, and that creepy wink, good stuff, is what makes this show awesome!!!!

  10. This round is for Niemann and Tyson they stole the show.

  11. So unfair that i get to choose only one scene.... The whole episode, writing, acting, direction was FANTASTIC..... This is the best Castle season after season 1 imo...:D

  12. I like the scene when they were at Tyson's "mother", the way Beckett looked and smiled at Castle.

  13. When Beckett meets Nieman again.


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