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Marco Polo - Renewed for a 2nd Season by Netflix

7 Jan 2015

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  1. Yay! The reviews for this were too harsh, in my opinion- the show wasn't perfect, but it improved as it went along, lots of awesome PoC characters, strong female characters, awesome costumes, visually stunning, lots of politics and intrigue- exactly the kind of show I like.

  2. Agreed. The show improved a lot as it chugged along. Glad to get Season 2.

  3. Is the show good? I haven't watched it yet but it got bad reviews.

  4. I doubt they would have picked it up if it did.

  5. It's pretty uneven; Almost every character is far more intresting than Marco Polo. Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan is the true star of the show, the dialogue was clunky but the cinematography was great. This show is visually stunning but can be a snoozefest at times.

  6. YEEEEEEEEEEEEES! I loved the first season, I watched all episodes in like two days lol

  7. Kristi Hungerford11 March 2015 at 07:18

    yesssss the first was so stunnin and i loved the characters


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