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Chicago PD - Shouldn't Have Been Alone - Review

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. But who better to wish you Happy Holidays than these two?

We pick up exactly where we left off. Burgess has just been shot and while Roman’s ex-partner Jen tends to Burgess, Roman searches the house for the shooter. The house is empty, but rigged for intruders – the cops. This killer is smart and very meticulous. The entire episode is like a dark and twisted version of Mouse Trap.

The Intelligence Unit is on the case (obviously) with the assistance of Roman. Sean had the chance to shine in this episode, and he succeeded. He’s a great addition to the cast and I hope his successful time in the spotlight earns him more. I can definitely see him clashing with Voight down the line – for all the similarities the two share (and think about it, they really do), the one major difference is the willingness to cross the line.

Naturally, Ruzek was also in the spotlight this episode. I was impressed with his ability to keep focus on the job, instead of becoming irrational and hell-bent on revenge. Well, almost. While investigating a house, Halstead, Lindsay, Roman, and Ruzek come upon another trap. That must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, as Ruzek nearly comes to blows with Roman.

Is it just me, or I am the only one who doesn’t blame Roman? Burgess went through the Academy, she knew full-well she shouldn’t have gone up to the door alone. Her own frustration got in the way. Should Roman and Jen have been arguing on the job like that? No.

But Burgess is just as much, if not more, at fault.

Platt was the big surprise of the episode. She’s had her differences with Burgess, to say the least. I know that Burgess has been growing on her, but I was still surprised to see Platt come to Burgess’ side at the hospital. Guys, Platt was shot in the tush! That shouldn’t be funny, but it is. Much like Olinsky and Voight, I want to know more about Platt’s past.

Lindsay pushes her start date with the task force a day, so enjoy her “last” case with the team. Also enjoy these Lindsay/Halstead partner moments, friends. It’s the last of them we’ll get! (And if you believe that, give yourself a nice slap across the face.) In all seriousness, it may be the last time we see these two as partners for quite a while. But hopefully, this means we can see them as…partners.

Boy, do I love seeing Halstead at work. I’ve been impressed with his character growth as well. After re-watching most of the series over the break (with a friend who has now seen the wonder that is Chicago PD), I realized that Halstead has grown from a secondary character into a leading position – maybe even more now than Antonio.

Halstead and Lindsay catch the guy responsible, and the wife (Susanna) of the creep’s pseudo-father is missing. When Halstead demands to know where she is, Spencer (aka the creep) just says, “You can’t put the house back together.” Well, that’s ominous – and oddly reflective of the Intelligence Unit, as they prepare to undergo a change. While I don’t think Lindsay will be gone for long, I don’t think everything will ever go back to normal, either.

While Halstead and Lindsay vest up before going to get Susanna, they talk about her moving to the task force.

“It’s not like it’s the last time I’m going to put on a vest.”
“No, it’s just the last time I’m going to help you get it on right.”

Jay, that look! Halstead is really going to miss Erin, and by her reaction to his line above, I don’t think she realized how much. And of course, Heroic Halstead disarms the bomb strapped to Susanna just in time. And that goodbye hug! Where do I get in line? These two may happen sooner than we thought…

But, that scene did get me thinking. It probably won’t be too long before we do lose a team member – just look at Chicago Fire. These writers aren’t afraid to make bold moves to further the story, and as this is a cop show, I’m thinking it’s coming. Maybe not this season, but it will happen.

For the most part, I enjoyed the episode. But, there was one scene that left me furious. I’m fairly certain steam was coming out of my ears! Voight visits Burgess in the hospital and tells her that Erin’s spot in investigation is hers if she wants it, he’s willing to look past her relationship with Ruzek.


So, let me make sure I have this straight (and yes, I know I do). Voight told DETECTIVE Erin Lindsay, his pseudo-daughter and arguably most-trusted ally (with the exception of maybe Olinsky) that she was not allowed to date DETECTIVE Jay Halstead, the moral center and arguably most promising up-and-coming detective while both are in Intelligence.


OFFICER Kim Burgess, whose frustration and poor judgment to break protocol got herself shot, is free to be in Intelligence while also dating ROOKIE OFFICER Adam Ruzek. Let’s not forget that just a few months ago, Burgess completely overreacted and told Ruzek they should break up because some girl asked him to go get corndogs. So sure. Of course. This makes complete sense. WHAT?!?!

My dislike for Burgess has never been a secret, so that’s possibly skewing my view a bit. Even so, this is ridiculous. Bad move on the writer’s part.

That being said, I don’t think Burgess is going to take the job. One, because of her reaction (and weird final scene) and two,
because Roman has become an integral part of the show, I don’t think the writers are done exploring their partnership.

What did you think of the episode? How long will Lindsay stay away from Intelligence? Should Voight have offered Burgess the position? And of course, will we finally see the beginning of Linstead?

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