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POLL : What did you think of Atlantis - The Grey Sisters?

20 Dec 2014


  1. Good episode this week, the change of pace was welcome imo. The Grey Sisters looked fab, though their scene was brief and a little awkward in places. The action at Hecate's temple was the best part of the episode, Donnelly was pretty good in his scenes with Amy Manson and Sarah Parish I thought, looking forward to what's foretold to happen there now if it's up to that standard.

    It's a shame that Hercules and Pythagoras were sidelined a bit during the episode, but it I liked how they reintroduced the Medusa plot/wound up Orpheus' neatly. Seeing the Oracle doing something other than bibble on about Jason's destiny was nice to see too.

    Very happy to see that Robert Lindsay will be back in the second half of the season, he was a highlight of the last season for me. In fact the trailer looked very good, lots of great stuff coming up by the looks of it :)

  2. are they turning Pythagoras gay or am I seeing things in the next weeks trailer?

  3. To be fair, he's never been established as straight, so they aren't changing his sexuality in any way if it is what it appears to be. The other character is Icarus, played by Joseph Timms, that scene was in the promo at the start of the season too.

  4. I agree, it was a strong episode tonight, really pushed the story ahead more than the rest of the season but together I feel. The undertones in the scenes at the temple were a joy, so much more interesting than what we normally get on this show. The tension in those scenes in the cell and with Medea was what I would have liked in the caves of the dead last week! I cannot wait for the scene with Pasiphae in the cage from the trailer, where she says "Stupid boy, it will never be over." That looks like it's going to be another great one.

  5. I did not enjoy the promo. I'm so happy that Ariadne and Jason are getting married. But what is up with yet another Medea/Jason kiss? Ugh. :( The show has made many changes already. It does not have to follow the mythology of Jason being with Medea at all.

    I just think having Jason being conflicted over his feelings makes his love for Ariadne weak. She has NEVER doubted that she loves him. Him having some sort of feelings for Medea doesn't make his love for Ariadne appear strong...And that's pretty said for Jason/Ariadne fans!

  6. Another small improvement in the ratings this week, well deserved I think for this episode.

  7. That was such a great episode.
    Them Grey sister, WOA yea Woa they were hideously insightful. They gave a prelude to whats to happen between Jason and Madea, seems like more is still to happen.
    Right now I like Madea so I'm glad Jason didn't kill her, not like he was going to tho.
    I like the moments between them this episode.

    I also really like the jail seen with Pasiphae and Jason, oh they just need more time. When Jason called back I was like will he listen? Nope he has been too influenced by her past actions against him and others.
    But I like how Pasiphae mentions other enemies, I know there are always more, but this is good, now maybe Pasiphae can be seen in a different light later on.

    Hercules and Pythagoras scenes also didn't go unnoticed. I liked how Hercules kept on asking if Jason and Pythagoras were hungry, only because he was.

    And hay oh! Ariadne asked Jason to Marry him. I'd like to see the out come of this, if it goes thru, this means big changes will happen thereafter. Like that PROMO!

    Man that Promo at the end packed a Punch this time.
    Medusa Returns!
    Pasiphae in Atlantis seemingly giving command, then in Cage!
    Wedding Scene, then Madea and Jason Scene!
    Jason Lifts a Sword against Hercules, while holding someone, maybe Medusa, Ariadne or Madea! Couldn't tell will have to re-watch later.
    But yea when is it back Can't wait for all that!

  8. Definately the best episode of the series so far, with dramatic stuff actually happening and Jack Donnelly's acting going up a gear..

    Jason's confrontation with Pasiphae was probably the best part of the episode - I wondered if she might just reveal that she's his mother but alas, we'll have to wait longer for that and I was surprised when he suddenly grabbed hold of her and tried to kill her - but I also enjoyed the scenes with the gray sisters, Hercules trying to pinch some food off a blind man, Jason's chemistry with Madea stepped up a bit and I enjoyed Ariadne's proposal, which I never would have expected at the start of the series.

    The trailer for the rest of the series looks good, so I hope that it keeps up the same level of quality.

  9. Any idea on when the show returns?

  10. Not atm I'm afraid. I have asked the publicist, but been told there's no set date at present.


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