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Arrow - Episode 3.08 - The Brave and the Bold - Sneak Peek

3 Dec 2014

Source: TVLine


  1. Felicity's puppy eyes <3
    Oliver,man,you don't stand a chance!

  2. Cisco is hilarious! U got to love the guy.
    Interesting to see Roy join the mix.
    And Felicity! Distracting from work! GREAT LINE!

  3. Cisco is awesome! Going to be awesome to see Roy and Cisco interact!

  4. Cisco fangirling over the Arrow equipment is so adorable XD He has become one of my favorite characters. "Hey, what's that for?" "Distracting me from work" HA! Felicity and Caitlin are so great together. I would love to see them be BFF's.

  5. The Flash bringing some comedy to Arrow! Double the epic, and with some fun! I'm expecting no less than a spectacular episode after seeing The Flash part of the crossover!

  6. Nicolás Festa3 December 2014 at 17:09

    Between this and Stephen's picture of Oliver behind Nyssa in Nanda Parbat(From episode 3x09) i'm gonna be killed by feelings...

  7. what picture? Link please! ^_^

  8. check his facebook he posted FOUR pictures from the fall finale!

    Should be quiet the epic confrontation! Thank you very very much!

  10. "So what's that for?" " distracts me from work." HA!!! I'm on the bus and that cracked me up!!! This clip was so cool. "And red is much better than green, am I right?" "I'm really starting to like this guy." Hahahaha. Awwww Roy calling it the "Arrow cave." I'll never stop loving that.

    I love Team Arrow/Team Flash they fit so well together!! Is it bad that I want another crossover and this one hasn't even finished yet?? Lol

  11. "Don't touch that! OR THAT!" hahahahah that is so me when my niece and nephew go to my room lol

    I wanted to see Oliver's reaction after Felicity sighed and said distracting me from work, I will never forgive you writers :\ but "Do you see what you've done?" *Felicity flickers her earring in silence looking innocent* gives you a free pass, my Olicity feels are all over the place haha

    "This is the bomb. And I mean red is so much cooler than green, am I right?" I'm really starting to like that guy" hahahaha you two should be best friends lol

  12. I love Cisco.

  13. I want to visit Arrow cave too. And I might react the same way Cisco does.

  14. After I saw those pics from Stephen's FB I'm pretty sure everything you theorized a month ago is gonna happen in 3x09 - 3x12, you nailed big time.

  15. I seriously can't wait for this! I already loved the first part of the crossover!

  16. You know. At first I will act all dignified and cool and Once Oliver and Felicity turns their back I might do a dance.

  17. Hahaha good tactique, I'll probably try to act cool and gathered too while screaming at the top of my lungs in the inside lol

  18. not at at all LOL i want another one too, a four hour one LOL

  19. this is AWESOME!!! Cisco rocks and LOL Roy, it's weird seeing Caitlin without a business jacket LOL, i would be as insane if i was in the "Arrow Cave" LOL


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