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The Flash - Episode 1.10 - Title Revealed

30 Nov 2014

Episode 1.10 of The Flash will be called "Revenge of the Rogues".

Hopefully a synopsis of this episode will be available shortly.


  1. Wohoo... Captain cold.. Heat wave.. May be a prison break from Star labs..

  2. This should be awesome. Let's see what the Rougues will pull against Flash. With all this Rouges on the loose Cisco could step up sooner than anticipated.

  3. Well let's hope they catch some rogues so there is someone to break out in episode 11. Wells is getting them killed faster than Barry can catch 'em.

  4. So Captain Cold and Heat Wave, is there anyone else? Do You think the reverse Flash will join them? Anyway that sounds AWESOME.

  5. Is Cisco a villain in the comics?

  6. No, he becomes a superhero "Vibe" ! Caitlin will become a villain "Killer Frost" :)

  7. This is the mid-season premiere? Awesome title!

  8. OK good, I already know about Caitlin and I didn't want them both to break my Team Flash heart.

  9. Yep, you can see all known air dates for all episodes and shows in the episode database here:

  10. But I doubt Caitlin will go on her "killing" spree before season 2 or 3. So team Flash will hold on for a while.

  11. Reverse Flash is mostly a lone wolf, outside of Secret Society. Captain Boomerang who will be a big part of the Flash and Arrow-crossover is a big Rogues-member in the comics.

  12. let's hope she doesn't go that route AT ALL!!!

  13. Why I would like to see her go mad and not in vontrol of her poeers, desperate cause she killed someone. Danielle is an good actress she can pull this off.


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