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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2014 - Winner and Final Words

Hey all,

Well, it's been a great month. We've had 32 days of voting as we search for SpoilerTV's favourite show of 2014. After over a hundred thousand votes, we narrowed it down to just two shows. After our 48 hour final, I can reveal that SpoilerTV's favourite show for 2014 is...

Yes, congratulations to Outlander for earning the title of SpoilerTV's Favourite TV Series for 2014! In case any of you were under the illusion that this is a show that has lasted only eight episodes, while that is true, the novels have been in existence for over 20 years - which explains the large fanbase that caused it to win this competition.

Something that I've had developed by CJ is this new trophy for the winner of the SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series. It's even 'engraved' with all the winners to date (you may have to open the image in a new window and zoom in to see them properly).

There are numerous stats that I'd like to make a note of. Firstly, the final is (at the time of writing) SpoilerTV's sixth most viewed article EVER! That is quite incredible. It isn't, however, the most viewed post from the Series Competition to date. That honour goes to the 2013 final which had over 93,000 pageviews.

When I took on the competition, I never quite expected it to be this big. I'm really glad that all of the hard work paid off.

The final had 20,192 votes, which makes it the third highest votes tally from the five finals so far. 2011 sits in second with 22,097 votes, while last year's final gathered 26,626 votes to take top spot there.

It isn't a stat, per se, but I find it quite spooky that last year's final, like this year's, ended on October 10th. I promise that wasn't intentional, but it is a nice touch that it's exactly one year later that Supernatural is no longer king of the Castle.

Onto some stats from this year's competition. I have a nice handy spreadsheet below with the stats on both voting numbers and pageviews for each poll/day from the competition. As you can see from the tabs on the sheet, you can alternate between the chronological list and the largest to smallest for both sets of stats. The totals are at bottom of both of the main lists, as well as an average for both lists.

Now for some rankings over the whole competition. Below you can see the list of every show that has taken part in all five outings of the competition, as well as where they finished.

I've had a real blast running this competition. A few thanks that I want to give - firstly to Adam for letting me take over the competition in his absence. In case you guys didn't know, Adam was busy working on a TV pilot to enter into the Raindance Film Festival's Web Series Pilot competition. I don't know if voting for that is still ongoing - if it is, make sure to support Adam - but even if it isn't, the five minute clip is well worth watching.

I'd also like to thank DarkUFO for his assistance behind the scenes helping get everything set up and running smoothly. Thanks to CJ for developing that trophy, as well as the cover image that we began using towards the end of the competition (CJ has also done a brilliant job developing all of the other large SpoilerTV cover images we have on the site). But, more importantly, I'd like to thank you - the fans. Without you taking part, this competition would have been nowhere near as successful as it was.

You know, if I had fully imagined how much work it would take to make this competition run sucessfully, I'd have been tempted to decline the opportunity to run it. But you know what? It was all worth it. The hours spent to find the competititors; to set up the draw, the polls and the posts; to read through every single comment posted and to organise all of these statistics and rankings to provide you, the fan, with the competition for 2014. SpoilerTV's motto is "TV by the fans, for the fans", and this competition is perfectly summed up by that.

This competition has been going strong for five years now. I think almost everyone associated with the site would say that it has been a massive part of SpoilerTV ever since it began back in 2010. And for pure nostalgic reasons, how about you check out the first ever post about the Series Competition from 2010?

One other great thing that has come out of the summer hiatus is the potential for next year. With my Episode Competition having moved from Christmas to the beginning of June, and the re-introduction of the Character Cup (run brilliantly by Dahne), it paves the way for next year's summer hiatus to be full of SpoilerTV competitions. Hopefully, they'll be in a much more organised manner and finish before the Fall season begins. But that's something for next year.

As for the here and now, with the 2014-15 season well underway, make sure that you're always checking SpoilerTV where we have all of the latest news, reviews and spoilers for all of your favourite shows. I also recommend you checking out certain features such as the SpoilerTV Podcast (on which I frequently appear) our exclusive spoiler column Raina Reveals, our Cancellation Predictor, weekly features such as Scene of the Week, Quote of the Week, Throwback Thursday and Last Week in TV as well as... well, everything else we provide.

2014 found a new and deserving winner in Outlander. Its fans were loyal to it from start to finish. Maybe, just maybe, we've found the show that will consistently challenge Supernatural and Castle for that top spot. On a personal level, I was disappointed that one of my favourite shows didn't win, though the show I was rooting for most - Person of Interest - did lose to the eventual winner, which is ok by me. Maybe next year one of my shows will be competing in the final. Who knows. This competition is, and always will be, unpredictable. There are always twists and turns around every corner. When Adam returns next year, we will likely have a whole different story to that of this year, or any previous year.

I'm already eagerly anticipating it.

For now though, Namaste, and see you in 2015...

Bradley Adams
16 year old in England. I'm a big TV fan, with my range of shows almost exclusively dramas. Some of my all-time favourite shows include 24, LOST, Breaking Bad and Friends. Some of my current favourites include Person of Interest, Arrow and The Walking Dead. I review Person of Interest, Stalker and Scorpion for Spoiler TV. I also run an Arrow blog, ArrowFansUK, as well as my own tv blog. Aside from TV, I'm a keen cricketer. Get in touch with me via the links below or via email
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