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POLL: What was the best scene in Castle - Clear and Present Danger?

14 Oct 2014

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  1. I feel the last scene is more memorable.

  2. For me, hands down the opening scene. One of the series' funniest scenes to date

  3. Ryan's new work outfit from Esp

  4. I picked the attack from the Invisible Man, because Nathan Fillion's acting in that scene was exceptional.

  5. My favorite scene was Castle and Beckett's mind meld with taking down the invisible girl.

  6. So many to choose from! Have to go with bed scene since we do not get many of those.

  7. The part where Castle says he loved the mind meld moments with the fire extinguishers - so do I because they are back!

  8. Oh definitely Martha walked in on them again!

  9. "Our killer is not spiderman,"
    "right, because our killer is the devil!"


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