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Spoiler TV Staff Ice Bucket Challenges - Watch and share yours (Updated)

27 Aug 2014

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As you may now be aware a lot of celebrities and charitable people having been doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS. A few staff members have been nominated and conducted the same challenge and once we get hold of all the videos we will post them below.

Have you guys completed any Ice bucket challenges for ALS (or a chosen charity)? Why not post a link in the comments below or even post some of your favourite celebrity ones. We look forward to your videos.

You can donate on the ALS website here:

CJ's - 8 Ice Bucket Slo-mo Challenge

DarkUFO - SpoilerTV Site Owner
TheODI - SpoilerTV Podcast Co-host
Al - Screen Con (North East Comic Convention) Organiser

TheODI - Spoiler TV podcaster


His wife
His Nephew
His Father

Gavin - Writer

His friend Rebecca
All his work colleagues
(sorry just the short version of the video)


Bradley - SpoilerTV Reviewer and Contributor
Jimmy Ryan - SpoilerTV Writer and Reviewer

Bradley Adams

CJ - Senior Staff
CJ aka “CJ Sonic” is a senior staff member at Spoiler TV, co-hosts and edits the Spoiler TV Podcast, co-hosts Spoiler TV's web show "Spoiled" and loads of other things for the site. He has recently started going to cons and making videos for his site Two Geeky Guys, which involve interviews, parodies and cosplay music videos. So please check it out.
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  1. Brett and Ming Na's is absolutely hilarious and one of my favorites:

    So is Chloe Bennet's:

    Actually, I have way too many favorites to list them all and this is so much fun. No clue why.

  2. Nice article!

    Greeting from Supernatural Greece, here's mine:

  3. SophieTheFrenchy25 August 2014 at 01:03

    AHHH ! :D that will be fun to watch !

  4. I loved Taylor Swift's and Ricky Martin's :D

  5. Mine is coming as soon as it stops raining in Chile :)

  6. LoL,well done CJ! Hope the water wasn't to cold?

  7. Well done mate!! I'll happily donate a fiver for that video :)

  8. If CJ had done his video in a waterfall like The ODI then we would have the internet's new funniest video ever.

  9. If you cudnt tell from my screams, it was very cold haha

  10. :) I want your tee shirt!

  11. good to see most ppl doing this. I did mine on Saturday

  12. Well mine wouldn't have been so embarrasing if my mother didn't shout out that I had titties. Thanks mum! But well done CJ, yours is incredible, and haha nice one ODI!

  13. Your mom was soooooo funny. I love all 3 of these!

  14. Haha thanks, her laugh is always a highlight haha.

  15. Well Done DarkUFO and thanks for the verbal acknowledgement of my firing hahaha

  16. The paperwork is in the post ;)

  17. And why did i think Andy would have at least bottle of beet in his hand or a bucket full of beer being poured over his head,lol... Well done Andy!!

  18. Ha, was not going to risk my beer being watered down ;)

  19. After talking to all of you over emails for years now, it's good to finally hear what your voices actually sound like. Lol.

  20. Well done everyone so far, great stuff.

  21. I'd known what CJ and ODI sounded like from the podcast, but never Andy. Seems difficult now to visualise him being happy in emails etc (eg. with the smiley faces etc) after seeing that vid lol

  22. i knew wat andy sounded like from a podcast years ago plus bein an arsenal supporter i knew he'd be a bit grumpy ;)

  23. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just clear out that desk of yours ;)

  24. This is the one that amused me the most so far:

  25. Did it and then forgot to post here... Also donated! Don't forget to give what you can!


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