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POLL: What has been the best Marvel movie of the past 15 years?

5 Aug 2014

Help to pick Spoiler TV's Top 10 Marvel films of the past 15 years!

With Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy getting rave reviews and Marvel's dominance continuing I thought I'd take the opportunity to find out what you think has been the best Marvel film of the past 15 years (OK one of them is 16 years old but it doesn't sound as good in the title).

What I want you guys to do is pick 3 of your favourite Marvel movies from the list below and in around one weeks time I will announce the results in a special video reveal the Top 10. Let's us know your picks in the comments below (I may even mention a few).
CJ - Senior Staff
CJ aka “CJ Sonic” is a senior staff member at Spoiler TV, co-hosts and edits the Spoiler TV Podcast, co-hosts Spoiler TV's web show "Spoiled" and loads of other things for the site. He has recently started going to cons and dressing in cosplay. Total geek at heart.
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  1. looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. I think Elektra was my very first Marvel movie!
    Also voted for Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men

  3. A few days ago I would have said The Avengers straight away, but I have a real soft spot for The Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics and the film was amazing. It's hard to choose between the two.

  4. yup I'm not voting until Wednesday after I see Guardians.

  5. I know it says pick 3 but I picked 4 :P

    The Avengers, Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spider-man 2 & Guardians of the Galaxy

  6. Cool idea!I like most of Marvel's movies,but my Top 3 are Captain America:The Winter Soldier,X-Men 2 and The Avengers,in that order.
    Looking forward to the results.

  7. Hard to choose. I think my top 3 are The Avengers, Thor 2, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet.

  8. From the ones i have seen my top 3 are:
    X men Days Of Future Past , Captain America The Winter Solider and Spiderman

  9. everyoneissleeping3 August 2014 at 23:07

    X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. At first,
    I was disappointed about the introduction of new and younger cast, so I didn’t
    watch First Class until very recently, but I fell in love with the movie. Definitely
    my favourite.

  10. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Captain America: Winter Soldier

  11. As a DC fan through and through but a real like for Marvel movies and all Marvel movies not just Marvel Studio/Disney movies here's my opinion:
    My favourite: Hands down Iron Man 1, my favourite beyond a doubt. RDJ is magnificent, he made Iron Man, I just can't see Iron Man turning out the way it did with someone else.
    My second favourite: X Men DOFP, brilliant acting, brilliant story line and the most intimidating villians (the sentinals) I have seen in any Marvel movie.
    My third favourite: Dardevil The Directors Cut, while this movie still has things I hate about it, like the characterisation of Bullseye. I love the tone to this movie.

  12. Guardians of the Galaxy isn't released until August 13 in France (and I'm sure that I will love it), so I went ahead and voted tonight.

    1/ Captain America - The Winter Soldier.
    2/ X-Men - First Class.
    3/ X-Men - Days of Future Past.
    4/ Spider-Man 2.
    5/ Iron Man.
    6/ Captain America - The First Avenger.
    7/ The Avengers.
    8/ X-Men 2.
    9/ Spider-Man.
    10/ X-Men.

    I have seen every film in the list except Blade Trinity, Elektra, The Punisher 1 & 2, Ghost Rider 1 & 2, and as I said earlier, Guardians of the Galaxy, which I am looking forward to.

  13. X-Men 2, Spider-Man 2 and Hulk. None of the recent crop come remotely close to their greatness.

  14. I have just returned from watching what in my opinion is the best Marvel film to date. Guardians of the Galaxy. It was absolutely incredible from start to finish. The Avengers and Days of Future Past come close behind though.

  15. Avengers, X2-X-Men United, The Wolverine

  16. I was never a big fan of this type of this type of movies, but i was really surprised by how much i enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, two days ago. I't humor, it's pace, it's actions. It was an actually great movie.

    I really, really enjoyed it.

  17. Well, I've seen most of these and loved them all, but my favorite remains The Avengers.
    Also voted for Iron Man & X-Men: Days of Future Past, my two great soft spots :)

  18. From a Marvel point of view, as in essential to establishing the brand and bringing the franchise to another level, I have to say Avengers. The movie managed to make people who had never given a single thought about Marvel stop to watch it. It also aggregated a very solid group of actors, which is essential to Marvel's upcoming projects.

    Now if you have to ask what the best movie is, I think Guardians of the Galaxy might be it. Awesome soundtrack, impeccable casting, good story, amazing special effects. And awesome soundtrack again because AWESOME. It is not my personal favorite (that would be Iron Man, for reasons that have everything to do with Robert Love-of-my-life Downey Jr.), but it is probably the best.

    And then there's Captain America II, with themost ridiculously amazing fight sequences of all. Like really amazing stuff, it's impressive. And good story, great effects, blah blah blah. But mostly awesome fighting sequences, jesus.

  19. I'm so dumb, I only picked 1 even though I absolutely could have picked 3...grrr!!! :-)

  20. start_wearing_purple4 August 2014 at 00:23

    In no particular order:
    Blade - The first was gritty, dark, and yet very simple. Underrated.
    Iron Man - The first was the best. I felt this had the best told origin story as most of the other movies.
    Guardians of the Galaxy - True it probably gets a bump for being on my mind since I just saw it... but the acting was flawless, the characters were fun, and the movie as a whole was seamless.

  21. The Avengers, The Wolverine, and First Class are the only films on that list I can watch over and over and over again without getting tired of em.
    Spider-Man 1 & 2 come in at a close 4 and 5 respectively.

  22. I did the same haha

  23. Thor: The Dark World
    Captain America: Winter Soldier
    Guardians of the Galaxy

  24. X-Men First Class, The Avengers and X-Men Days of Future Past.

  25. I just watched Thor: The Dark World and thought it was the best of that cinematic universe. Of this group though I would probably go with Days of Future Past.

  26. I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, so going with The Avengers, X-Men 2, and Thor.

  27. When does this poll close?

    I probably won't get to see Guardians until next Tuesday, but I'm hearing really good things about it.

  28. Honorable Mention to Days of Future Past because it essentially erased The Last Stand.

    Went with Iron Man, Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    1.Iron Man - While Spiderman and XMen proved comic book movies could be profitable, this one really set the stage for the current films.
    2.Avengers - I loved the idea of having TV Series and other movies being a part of the same world. This showcases it is the same world.
    3.CA: TWS - SHIELD is gone (for now) this movie has the biggest affect one the Marvel Universe so far. (Haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy)

  29. Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy and it instantly became my favorite Marvel movie so far.
    Captain America 2 is great, Thor 2 was hilarious and Avengers was just awesome fan service, but Guardians had a great balance of humor and action; I just enjoyed it so much and so fervently, and I was so surprised that every character got a moment of glory (with Rocket Raccoon stealing the movie) and Chris Pratt owning Peter Quill character pretty greatly. I can't wait for the sequeal! (and for Avengers 2!)

  30. Picks
    1) Blade - 1998
    2) Blade II - 2002
    3) Guardians of the Galaxy - 2014
    Blade - was Marvel's first successful comic book to movie translation (Spielberg's Howard the Duck and Dolph Lundgren's Punisher were box office failures versus Blade's 40 mil cost and 131 mil return. Everyone likes saying that X - Men (2000) was the start of Marvel's film success, but that's simply not true.................David S. Goyer and Wesley Snipes should be Stan Lee's Best Friend For Life!
    Blade II - great follow - up/ good as the first, if not better! Blade always had great actors to play his villains (Luke Goss and Stephen Dorff).
    Guardians of the Galaxy - is the best Marvel movie I've seen to date. My criticisms of this film are so minor I won't even bought typing them here.
    Nobody, 4 NOW!!!

  31. I still like Spider-Man 2 and X2. I voted for the new Captain America, too.

  32. My pick would be The Winter Soldier before GOTG, but…I have to see GOTG again to see which film I find the best of the best when it comes to any Marvel film. Spider-Man 2 was my favorite up until I saw Iron Man, and then this year when I saw The Winter Soldier.

  33. I picked two... Xmen 2 and Xmen days of future past!

  34. I love x men so my first two picks where first class and days of future past. And although I do also love the original trilogy, had to go with the avengers as my third choice. That movie is just so goddamn good!

  35. Phew, glad I'm not the only one...thanks for making me feel better!

  36. I liked the Sentinels in DoFP but it was kind of a cheat. They knew they were rebooting their disaster of a timeline so they didn't have to worry about the consequences of introducing something like that.

  37. Iron Man
    The Avengers

    Those two were easy. Iron Man was the Final Fantasy of Marvel Studios. The Avengers was a huge risk that a lot of people thought would fail.

    My third choice was much harder. There's so many great movies to choose from.

    Guardians of the Galaxy won out though. It was The Avengers with an entirely new team on a much larger scale and it was executed almost perfectly.

  38. Completely agree.

    But wish there was a way to give the first Blade and first X-Men honorable mentions.

  39. Iron Man (my first Marvel movie and what kinda restarted everything, plus RDJ...), The Avengers (loved how everything they've been working at came together), X-Men Days of Future Past (cleverly written and kept me guessing), and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (the return of Bucky, Sam Wilson, SHIELD overthrow, Sam Wilson, Hail Hydra, ...did I say Sam Wilson?)

  40. Kinda wish there was a honorable mention or top5. I went Iron Man, Avengers, Guardians. BUT really wanted to put X-Men 1 (and Blade 1) in there somewhere - really good memories of being hyped up with X-Men 1 and downloading trailer on dial-up only to be VERY satisfied on opening night.

  41. Guardians of the galaxy was fantastic best marvel movie ever.

  42. Damn putting all the Marvel films together and not just the MCU is hard ok I'm gonna rank

    1) Marvel's The Avengers

    2) Captain America: TWS

    3) Iron Man

    4) Spider-Man 2

    5) Guardians of the Galaxy

    The rest:

    X-Men 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, Captain America: TFA , X-Men: Days of Future Past, Thor: The Dark World , Blade , Spider-Man, X-Men, X-Men: First Class (2011), Blade II, The Incredible Hulk , The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Iron Man 2, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Wolverine, Spider-Man 3 (2007), X-Men: The Last Stand, Blade: Trinity and Daredevil.

    Ones I haven't seen both Punisher fims, Ghost Rider films, FF films, 2003 Hulk, Elektra, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  43. Days of Future Past deserves a gold medal for erasing that rubbish!

  44. Avengers, Captain America 2 and X-Men: Days of future Past!

  45. The X-Men movies...most of the others are good though, except Captain America which has got to be one of the lamest superheroes ever. (Where's Captain Bangladesh?)

  46. Winter Soldier, by far. It's just the best combo of fun, fight and intrigue. Took the MCU to another level.
    My nostalgic side tells me to name The Last Stand here, even though everyone hated it. It just put together a lot of cool mutants and I went crazy for that. Made me find a passion in RPG and writing in general. Sorry everybody on Earth. I know.

  47. Fair enough, good point. I just really liked the sentinals though personally.
    Just the most intimidating villians to me personally I have seen in a Marvel movie yet. I would have said Ben Kingsleys character from Iron Man 3 but I hated, absolutely hated the twist they did on him.
    I don't know much about Iron Man comic wise so I don't know if the real Mandarin is actually like Guy Pierces character but I loved Ben Kingsleys villain who felt very threatening to me at least right up until the big reveal.

  48. Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Amazing Spider-Man. Haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet but I'm looking forward to it. Plus, Avengers 2 should be incredible.

  49. I voted before reading the above text, so I ended up picking more than 3, sorry. :/

    Spider-Man 2
    X-Men 2
    The Avengers
    CA: TWS
    X-Men: DoFP

    Honorable mention: TASM, X-Men: FC, CA: TFA. I really enjoyed FF at the time, but I suspect if I watched it again now that I'm 9 years older, I would find it pretty crappy.

    Elektra almost turned me suicidal. And X-Men: TLS, blech.

  50. I remember an interview with Bryan Singer about DoFP where he tried to be all diplomatic about TLS, and then the interviewer said "So basically, you're going to fix shit up", and he was like "Yeah." Ha. Brett Ratner is never going to live down TLS, I tell you. He must be looking over his shoulder for X-fans all of the time.

  51. Wait - did you actually vote for Elektra? I just have to ask.

  52. I'm giving it around a week and if people are still voting I may extend it to give people time to see Guardians

  53. I mean the XMen movies are still completely messed up continuity wise because a lot of things in First Class contradict the earlier films but god I was so happy that they fixed Last Stand at least. I rewatched it again recently just to see whether it was as bad as I remember and yes it was!

  54. I have happy memories of Blade and XMen as well, they were pre Nolan Batman films and really showed that good comic book movies could work. XMen 2 especially helped paved the way for the MCU.

  55. Voted for X-Men 2, Iron Man 3 and Guardians.

    I also liked Thor 1, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  56. Voted Iron Man, Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spiderman 2, although I'm going to see Guardians tonight so probably should of waited to vote....

  57. LOL, no, I was just curious because that movie is pretty widely hated. But everyone has their own opinions, of course.

  58. The friend I went to see DoFP with and I had something to eat after the movie, and while sitting at the restaurant we tried to figure out how this movie fits with the previous ones in terms of continuity. We pretty much just got a headache. I think I'm going to look at FC as a reboot rather than a prequel, because there's just no way to make it work with the original trilogy (even if we throw TLS out of the window which I am ALL for). For starters, Dr. Moira MacTaggert is somehow about the same age 45-50 years later...

  59. I don't know how I'm going to survive 8 months until Avengers: AoU. We don't even have a short trailer yet. The cruelty!

  60. Guardians, Winter Soldier, Avengers. Not in any sort of order, all are right at the top.

  61. Seriously the continuity can't work at all, maybe its an alternative universe, a bit like in the Star Trek Reboot but yeah so many continuity issues. Still I can learn to embrace the madness now the most awful bits of the franchise has been fixed.

  62. Yeah of course. I watched it when I was like 10-11 years old so maybe my opinion will be different the next time I see it... :)
    I mean when I finished watched it when I was younger, I was just intrigued with her "forks" that she was throwing at people.... LOL

  63. I like the X-men series, but in general, I'm usually disappointed after watching most of them. I find them predictable and formulaic.

  64. 1998 was 16 years ago, so Blade should be in this poll.

  65. If you read above I mentioned it in the article :)

  66. Again if you read he article you'll see this isn't a typical spoiler tv poll

  67. 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2. The Avengers
    3. Amazing Spiderman 2
    4. Blade
    5. Iron Man
    6. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    7. X-Men: First Class
    8. The Incredible Hulk
    9. Punisher: War Zone
    10. Spiderman

    I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet.

    I also liked (in no particular order): The Punisher, The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, Blade 2, Blade Trinity, X-Men, X-Men 2, Daredevil, Spiderman 2, Fantastic Four, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Thor: Dark World, and Iron Man 2. The rest, not so much.

  68. Nicolás Caballero Mühlbach4 August 2014 at 17:43

    The Avengers, Spideyman 2 and X-Men 2 (that ending with the Phoenix Force, woah)

  69. Aryam Manzueta Avila4 August 2014 at 23:02

    1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    4. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    5. X-Men: First Class
    6. The Amazing Spider-Man
    7. Spider-Man
    8. Spider-Man 2
    9. Iron Man 3
    10. The Avengers

  70. Pérola Cardozo Alves4 August 2014 at 23:28

    Almost my list, only I still get Avengers over Guardians, just because I remember getting out of the movie theater after seeing The Avengers and being: O_M_G.
    I loved GotG, but it didn't make me gasp, it made me laugh a lot and dance in the middle of the theater, but it didn't make me crazy about it.
    Iron Man 1 is the movie, I love everything about it, and the sequences are so bad, is sad.
    Blade is... Blade. I didn't even realized it was Marvel's, but I did love him. One of the best vampire movies ever, and I do like the sequels. and though they are talking about doing the fourth, I don't think is the most brilliant idea, I'd give more twenty years before attempting a new Blade movie. Have a feeling any sequel would fail right now.

  71. First: I love how CJ posts a really good poll and still finds a way to mess that up. Yes I will mention it on the podcast and you should mention on the video as well. Best Marvel pics of the last 16 years, just say that mate who cares if it looks weird...kind of reminds me of the time when you said you guessed the final scene of Fringe correctly... ;)

    Iron Man, Avengers and Winter Soldier are 1, 2 and 3. X-Men First Class gets the honorable mention.

    Guardians was great though.

  72. Ok, so i just watched Guardians of the Galaxy. It was great!. I'd have to put it at number 3.

  73. start_wearing_purple5 August 2014 at 06:56

    Maybe it was the lack of superstar acting power, but I just felt Guardians had more to offer than Avengers. I can't really describe it more than that. Maybe it also had something to do with me giggling every few minutes in Guardians. But again it could also be that simple fact I saw it 72 hours ago.

  74. Geez, feeling nitpicky, aren't we? So one film on the list is one year too old to be on it. Gasp.

  75. Spiderman 2 as its the only Marvel film I've enjoyed to date :P (waits for abuse)

  76. The intention was always past 15 years and when I saw blade was 16 I thought it deserved to be included. Any excuse to give me abuse hahaha

  77. Why would you get abuse. Spider-Man 2 is still seen as one of the best ever superhero films

  78. I enjoyed it. It was better than the first amazing Spider-Man film (in my opinion anyway).

  79. After seeing GotG last night, my top 3 is now:

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2/3. The Avengers
    3/2. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Not sure whether I prefer Avengers or TASM. And I expected to like GotG, but I definitely didn't expect it to end up in my top 3, much less to end up as my favorite Marvel movie thus far.

  80. Since I could only pick 3, I voted for X-men 2, Daredevil, and Spiderman 2. I also like the Captain America franchise.

  81. 1- Iron Man
    2- Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    3- X-Men:The Last Stand (Haven't seen the latest X-Men Movie)

  82. deathlyhallows925 August 2014 at 20:06

    X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Thor: The Dark World
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  83. Victoria Llanos5 August 2014 at 23:43

    Ok, so I went for X-Men, Thor and Captain America: TFA.
    TBH I have a soft spot for the whole Marvel universo except the first Spidy trillogy, to me those where just terrible and I was around 10/11 when the first one came out so I can only imagine it has gotten worst with the years, lol.

  84. voted for the Winter Soldier, Guardians and The Avengers.

  85. Avengers, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Iron Man.

    Honorable Mention: X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men - First Class.

  86. I don't think that The Last Stand was awful either. I enjoyed it. However I've never read a comic before and if I had maybe I would have hated it.

  87. Yeah. Now that I've seen it, for me it's Guardians and then everything else. I thoroughly enjoyed that film. Top to bottom one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen. Great chemistry with the cast. Batista is better than advertised - and his is a much deeper character than I anticipated.

    It has a little of everything without losing its way.


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