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The 100 - Season 2 - Comic-Con Fan Q&A [VIDEO]

29 Jul 2014


  1. finn and bellamy have to be alive dang it

  2. I hope this show gets better and leaves behind all that interpersonal drama, cause I really like the post-apocalyptic setting, and I'd hate too see it gets canceled or loose interest on it.

    P.S - Raven is really hot..

  3. Noooo, I love the interpersonal drama AND the post-apocalyptic settings. It's both that make me love this show.

  4. Like they answered nothing...

  5. The show without the interpersonal drama would be really boring. One of the most interesting parts of this show is that every time there's a conflict or problem everybody has a different answer on how to solve it and sometimes there's no right answer.

  6. That's exactly what I meant. They need to tone it down a bit. Seriously all this fighting between the survivors about stupid reasons really doesn't work for me. That's what I personally find boring. Instead I would like to see them explore more and deal with the clans and the people who are lurking out there.

    Like I said, I find the post-apocalyptic setting very interesting, and there's whole world out there for stuff happened. During watching the show I almost dropped it for the reason I mentioned.

  7. basically they didnt add anything except for what they think about their characters, the season 2 premiere and hearing Ricky's british accent. No complaints :/

  8. Love it. Actually going to watch it before Arrow. To think it came in as a Mid Season Replacement in March this Year and now we are into Season Two in October the same year.. gotta find out what happens after that surprise ending


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