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Quote of the Week - 6th July, 2014

6 Jul 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

DOMINION, "Broken Places", 3rd July, 2014

Dahne: William "Good for Sampson and good for those cubs. Surely they will be raised by their mother and not actually know their father. Nature is kind every once in awhile, isn't it?"
It was nice to see William finally stand up to his father. Plus he never gets to be sarcastic.

Hallucination Claire "No matter how fast you drive, Alex, you can't drive away from your own skin."
Even if Claire wasn't really there, she still made more sense than Alex.

Alex "Leave me alone."
Michael "I've done that for far too long."
Everything about Michael in this episode worked. I adored his calling shotgun and his quote about losing a hand. Still this simple declaration and perhaps a hint of self-doubt was my favorite thing he said. He chose a path for Alex which might not have been right and now he needs to repair the relationship.

PERCEPTION, "Shiver", 1st July, 2014

Dahne: Shane "Yeah but I looked on the internet. Everything matched."
Daniel "Yeah did ya? Next time try talking to an actual human being, preferably one who went to medical school."

Daniel's Dad "You know I should have died and left it to you in my will. It would have been a lot more pleasant than this."

RECKLESS, "Pilot", 29th June, 2014

Dahne: Judge "Now I don't know how they run their courtrooms up in Chicago or New York, but down here we don't allow our attorneys to play Perry Mason."
Jamie "Who's Perry Mason?"

Brenda "No, no way. You're a good lawyer. I've got faith in you, but I ain't got no faith in me taking on the Charleston PD."

Jamie "Save the gentleman shtick for the press Roy or the waitresses at Hooters or whoever it works on."
Roy "Don't be dissing Hooters. You might be working there someday."

RIZZOLI AND ISLES, "Too Good To Be True", 1st July, 2014

Dahne: Frankie "Can't a brother just give a sister a hand?"
Jane "Yeah, if he wants to lose it."

Maura "But I'm in a transition period and soon I'll be able to wear any sized heel anywhere."
Jane "Lady Gaga would be so proud of you."

Jane "I was just eating a cupcake. I didn't mean it as a hostile act."

TEEN WOLF, "117", 30th June, 2014

Dahne: Peter "Can't someone in this town stay dead?"
Malia "I think they were hoping you would."
Bwah! Malia said what we were all thinking. She continues to be some of the best comic relief on the show.

Sheriff "I want you to be honest with me, absolutely and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?"
Stiles "Hang on. What?"
Sheriff "Because if time traveling is real, you know what? I'm done. I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House." Also picked by Justyna Kubica
This is also the best scene of the week. I love how earnest Sheriff is that time travel will be the final straw in the supernatural for him. I also loved Scott and Stiles' reaction to sheriff.

Malia "I heard you were coming to talk to Peter and since Lydia tells me he's basically Satan in a v-neck I figured you shouldn't be alone."
Is there a better way to describe Peter. Again, everything that comes from Malia's mouth is golden.

THE LAST SHIP, "Welcome to Gitmo", 29th June, 2014

Dahne: Tom "Well now see we've got a bit of a problem with that because there's one thing from the old world that still applies today. Something that will never change. We don't negotiate with terrorists."
This is my favorite drama quote of the week. Tom has never been more commanding than in taking the kidnappers down. I love how Slattery and he know each other so well that the XO knew exactly what he wanted.

Danny "Frankie's dead. So are my parents probably and so are yours and everyone else's in the whole damn world. So what is the proper way for me to be dealing?"
One of the most compelling things about The Last Ship is that it is a disaster unlike any other. There really is no way to deal on such a large scale.

Garnett "If we don't hit pay dirt at Gitmo, we might as well break out the oars."
Ha! The Chief of Engineering is now one of my favorite characters. She knew when to snark and when to be tough.

THE LEFTOVERS, "Pilot", 29th June, 2014

Andy Page: Bartender (talking about those who were taken) “The Pope. I get the Pope. But Gary fucking Busey? How does he make the cut?”

Dahne: Mayor "They're heroes because no one's going to come to a parade on We Don't Know What the ** Happened Day."

Kevin "Unless you are dead you have exactly 10 minutes to call me back. 10 minutes."

THE NIGHT SHIFT, "Coming Home", 1st July, 2014

Dahne: Ragosa "I met my wife in high school."
Kenny "Yeah well unless you want to get arrested, you need to meet the next woman someplace else."

Krista "Go with him. He's terrified."
Drew "I can't. Not in front of them."
Krista "No, don't you ever tell me how tough you are again. Do you understand? All that MMA talk, all that Ranger talk. It doesn't mean cr** if you let him go through this alone."

YOUNG AND HUNGRY, "Young and Ringless", 2nd July, 2014

Dahne: Yolanda "Damn I never thought I'd see the day when a white girl gets fingered before the black housekeeper."

Sofia "Okay look. It's very simple. He's engaged so from now on, you're going to have to wear clothes."

About the Author - Sandi
Sandi is part of the Senior Staff at SpoilerTV having been a contributor from back in the Lost days of DarkUFO, and who now writes previews for Doctor Who, The Musketeers, Banshee, and other BBC shows. She also enjoys watching and commenting on other shows like Sons of Anarchy, Hannibal, Game of Thrones and Elementary.
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  1. Teen Wolf once again, MalĂ­a is hilarious and so is sheriff Stilinski, the characters are the best thing of the show.

  2. The Dominion and Young and Hungry quotes mentioned were some of my favorites too.

    I agree that everything about Michael in the episode worked, and about needing to repair his relationship with Alex. I think he sees that convincing Jeep to leave wasn't the best idea.
    "Broken Places" has been my favorite episode yet. I cracked up when Michael called shotgun. Something about an angel doing so made me laugh.

    Another favorite quote: "I believe in you Alex. And as I promised Jeep and your mother as she lay dying, I will do anything I must to protect you." - Michael

    I just love that and the scene in general. Showed a different side to him.

  3. One that I really liked from Dominion was between Whele and Michael.

    Whele: "He was a soldier who turned his back on his own kind. Who's to say he won't turn again? Who's to say he was ever really on our side?"
    Michael: "Consul Whele makes a good point. What if I were a traitor? What if I slaughtered everyone in this room? What if I killed you, David, right now? No one could stop me.

    Murder is a crime for men. Is it a crime for angels? Good to ponder such questions. It will help you to understand the real danger you face."

    Anthony Head is one of my favorite actors, his face after this speech was priceless.

  4. That was a pretty good comeback from Michael. I loved Whele's expression after too. He thinks of himself so high and mighty it's fun when another character can put him in his place.

  5. Both Michael and William put him in his place on this episode :)

  6. Yes. Did I mention here I loved this episode. lol

  7. It was my favorite episode thus far, I wasn't sure about the show at first, the movie wasn't so great, but if they keep it like this, it could be very good.

  8. Yep, my favorite episode too, by far. I really liked going beyond the walls of Vega and all the exploration of the character relationships. And Michael telling Alex about his parents and that. I appreciate emotional scenes. Love that stuff as much as badass fight scenes.

  9. Yes, sometimes quiet dialogues and small interactions can be as good as, or even better, the fight scenes or big action sequences (but I really like those as well :D)

  10. Like I said, I love both.

  11. Sorry, missed that part :P That's what happens when you're reading several sites at the same time.

  12. Ha, yeah, I read two/three websites myself quite often. Easy escape if I have to wait through a commercial or I'm waiting for a reply.

  13. 100% agree. It's getting to be a Pavlov's dog thing with me. Whenever Malia opens her mouth, my body is conditioned to laugh. As for Sheriff, I often think Team Parent as a whole is the best part of the show. Every time they come on the show gets that much better.

  14. The shotgun line is my funniest moment of the episode. I'd love to see a bit more angel humor as we continue.

  15. I was tempted to pick that interaction as scene of the week because it was such a good toe-to-toe vying fopr power.

  16. Totally, specially last season, I hope they prove me wrong but right now I cannot imagine this season surpassing the last one. Malia's addition could definitely help though.

  17. Yes, that's why I liked it. I didn't know the actor who plays Michael, but his performance was as strong as Anthony Head in this scene. The show has some great actors, let's hope the writers continue to use them properly in the future.

  18. I thought it was much better than the Michael and Gabriel stand off the week before. Michael is a good character, but Gabriel comes off too much as a moustache twirler for me.

  19. Ha! Totally stealing this. It's awesome!

  20. And I "stole" it from somebody else. We can keep the chain going. :P

  21. I laughed at the "moustache twirler"...true, I saw recently Legion because I didn't remember the tatoos and other things (off all the movies with tv potential, I've never expected this one to have a tv show), Kevin Durand was a much sympathetic Gabriel given the little screen time he had.
    They did try to show a "softer" side this time when he learned the other angel stabbed Michael, but, for now, he's just crazy...

  22. 25 years and a missing God really did a number on his mind apparently.

    I didn't remember the tattoos either until I looked up a picture of Michael in Legion. They showed the tattoos on him but I don't remember them saying anything about them/their importance until they appeared on Jeep.

  23. I keep saying I am going to watch Legion but alas it is not streamable on Netflix. Really people? That seems like a no-brainer to me.

  24. Isn't that the glory of the internet? It turns all of us into thieves and most of the time, everyone's okay with it. Technically whoever created this gif stole it from the show and the wheel keeps going round.

  25. That's a shame. I have it on DVD, only because I loved Michael's character so much. And I mean only. I'm so much more into the show. But it is worth the watch to just get the background.

  26. lol I got it off a fan website, they got it from another place I have no clue where. You can really thank the website tinypic as it's the only way I could figure out to get the gifs I found back online and in post ready form.


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