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POLL : What was your favorite scene from 24: Live Another Day - Day 9: 10:00 P.M.-11:00 A.M.

15 Jul 2014


  1. a lot of great scenes, but the toppers for me were: Jack finding out about Audrey and shifting from despair to savage killing efficiency, the Jack/Chloe exchange as bff's, and the sad conversation between Heller and the British PM that eventually the Alzheimer's would take all the memories of his daughter away even the horrific ones of that day

  2. Jack going ballistic was a great scene. You'd think the bad guys would learn, killing those Jack cares about sends him into an unstoppable killing rage. Him decapitating Cheng was all kinds of awesome.

  3. So many great scenes & you always get poor Jack upset and then going ballistic. Really hope they make some more summer series of 24. With GOT, 24 and true blood, this summer has been amazing so far :)

  4. For me the non-romantic friendship between Jack and Chloe was always the best and one of the cores of the show. The despair of Jack not the going ballistic was also great acting ....

  5. Honestly -- a couple hackneyed ideas going on. I didn't care for the whole second shooter thing. In fact, I was incredulous about the guy on the run, trying to get out of the country, having enough forethought to have not one, but two shooters in place. If he's thought far enough ahead to have the second shooter, wouldn't he think far enough ahead to have that guy watch nearby entrances so they would have known from the start when Kate showed up and taken Audrey out before they even got set up? So the second shooter was just tossed in as a cheap way to get to Heller's depressing monologue at the end. It just didn't work for me.

    I enjoyed the episode and the season overall, but that was a bridge too far. Oh hey! Jack loses someone important and goes on a rampage (again). Alright. Seen it too many times now. Everything about this season was great up until that.


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