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MOVIES: Vampire Academy - Sequel to be crowd funded

15 Jul 2014


  1. I have yet to see the movie but I recently bought the complete collection of books for my Kindle. Just need to get through the shitload of others on there before I start them.

  2. The books are great, and though the movie had its moments, it was disappointing. Still I hope they keep to their word and make a decent, faithful sequel. The series deserves to have a respectable adaptation.

  3. That was a complete flop financially and critically. What on earth makes them think people are gonna fund this?

  4. Yes, definitely agree with the bad marketing. The movie overall isn't that bad at all, though! (+ I want ADRIAN IVASHKOV)

  5. addictedtowordsx15 July 2014 at 16:52

    Is crowd funding different or the same as kickstarter?

  6. Kickstarter is one of many ways of crowd funding.

  7. The books were awesome. They get better and better as the series goes on.

    The first movie, while a pretty decent adaptation of the book, just wasn't that great. It wasn't that greatly edited and he (back)story, in my opinion, is just too complicated to set up in one movie.

  8. Probably because the books have a lot of fans. However, I don't know where most of these fans were when the movie was in theaters. I do know that a lot of them didn't like the marketing for the first movie so hopefully they change that for this one.

  9. I love the books, but I'm not sure if the project is being handled by the "right" people. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but even if they manage to crowd fund this movie, I feel like it's gonna flop again.

  10. the need to do this for TMI movie! City of Ashes is my favorite book and it's sad they didnt do it right with first one and now we wont have a second e.e

  11. YAY! I mean the first one was pretty bad, but the two main characters were really well portrayed and I'm glad we'll get to see more of them.

  12. addictedtowordsx16 July 2014 at 00:43

    Okay, thanks.


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