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Gotham - CTV Pilot Promo

15 Jul 2014

Thanks to Nirat Anop for the heads up and to Batmanphil for the video.

CTV's trailer for Gotham showcasing additional footage including Ivy Pepper (Poision Ivy) and Edward Nygma (The Riddler).


  1. Awesome video, seeing the new footage is really exciting!
    Can't wait for September 22 :D

  2. looks really good, so the riddler worked the gotham police department i'll be darrned, i wonder what's selina's interest in bruce?

  3. Looks very promising!

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  6. Looks awasome! Easily my most anticipated new show this season after The Flash which I have seen the leaked pilot of, secretly hoping this leaks too lol

  7. Happy to see that Selina will play a huge part in this series. I'd rather watch her character than Gordon.


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