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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 8th July 2014

9 Jul 2014

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  1. Some fans really annoy me!10 July 2014 at 00:00

    Pretty Little Liars: I really expected higher ratings for the 100th episode. The episode itself was awesome, but the numbers are a little disappointing.

    Chasing Life is the steadiest show I've seen. It also was a great episode. I can see it hitting 0.5's for the next few episodes, even though it needs to rise to a 0.6 to earn a renewal.

    Finding Carter seems like a hit. The pilot did well, and it lost only one tenth for the fact, that it aired at 11pm, when no one watches a lot of TV. If it continues to do well, it soon might get an early renewal.

    Just one question: I know that they were recasting roles for Eye Candy, but I haven't heard anything from there, and is it set to premiere late this year or 2015? I'm a huge Victoria Justice fan, so I can't wait for that show.
    And I love how MTV is getting into scripted programming, much better than those lame reality show, they would have more hours of quality tv, when they would cancel all the Teen Mom shows (srsly who needs them?)

  2. How come there's no numbers for Covert Affairs?


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