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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 1st July 2014

2 Jul 2014

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  1. Wow, huge drop for Chasing Life... Below 0.3......

  2. Still waiting for the full set of 18-49 ratings, hence Chasing Life's absence.

  3. Oh, good!

    It would've meant the end of it if it'd gone below 0.3.
    Praying for at least a 0.5

  4. Banged by Alexander SkarsgÄrd2 July 2014 at 22:56

    Night Shift adjusted down ... but still strong and 1st scripted show for the night.
    Royal Pains bounced back a little.
    Tyrant wasn't so good yesterday, that 0.5 could have been worse.

  5. Updated.

  6. Thanks for posting and updating @Bradley Adams nice one.

  7. No problemo

  8. Some fans really annoy me!2 July 2014 at 23:34

    Wow! Chasing Life is really steady, but I expect a rise next week, following PLL's 100th episode (even though it isn't, as a Lead-In, useful) and the huge reveal to the whole family.

  9. USA is not having a good summer. 0.3 for Covert Affairs, yikes.

  10. Oh my god... That's really really really really bad for Covert Affairs....
    I hope they will get a short order for a final season or something

  11. Should we (Covert Affairs) be worried? Does it mean that next season might be its last?

  12. Should us (Covert Affairs) fans be worried about their low numbers? Could this mean that next season might be its last?


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