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USD POLL : Who is your favorite The 100 character?

16 Jun 2014

Today's User Submitted Daily (USD) Poll was submitted by guest69 who was picked randomly from our Poll Submissions (see below).

Let us know in the comments what you voted for and why?
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  1. Octavia & Bellamy

    I basically like everyone except for Finn

  2. Bellamy, he's grown a lot this season as with Octavia. Bellamy also doesn't fall prey into the I can't be bad, or good to impress a girl sceanario which is great, he's just doing right by himself and his sister.

  3. Anya, mainly because I like Dichen Lachman

  4. I like everyone except Finn, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Bellamy.

  5. Clarke and Bellamy :) but if I have to choose one, I choose Clarke :)

  6. Bellamy first
    Clarke second
    Raven third
    I guess Murphy fourth:)

    Finn is the least.

  7. 1. Finn
    2. Lincoln
    3. Octavia
    4. Clarke
    5. Raven

  8. 1) Bellamy
    2) Clark
    3) Abby
    4) Kane
    5) Lincoln

  9. Finn first
    then Clarke and Lincoln,
    then Kane and Bellamy

  10. Everyone except for Clark and Finn!

  11. This is my list too

  12. Bellamy

  13. I know we're few but I really like Kane, a complex character played bu the genius Henry Ian Cursic. I'd like to see more of him next season.

  14. Hetal Mikaelson16 June 2014 at 12:51

    Bellamy. great big brother <3

  15. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 13:21

    Bellamy and Clarke. Still I love everyone (even characters like Anya and Diane) except for Finn.

  16. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 13:21

    I agree. I think Kane is a very interesting character. I hope we get to know more of him next season.

  17. Am I biased if I say all of them is my favourite? I voted for Bellamy, because he has developed the most in my opinion. But the other hand I like the others as well! Even I like Finn. They have changed a lot during the season.

  18. Pablo Troncoso16 June 2014 at 15:04

    Bellamy all the way. I like how conflicted his character is and how far he came from the pilot. He went from outright villanous character to a good leader who has to deal with hard choices that haunts him. It's really incredible the character work done there and Bob Morley delivers some of the best acting talent The CW has.
    Runners up would be Jasper, who got an interesting character arc but he is a bit underused, Clarke, who came all the way from heroine to soldier, Kane, who just as Bellamy made a turn from villain to hero, and to some extent Raven, who I believe had a lot much to offer, but wasn't used well enough.


  20. 1) Bellamy
    2) Clarke
    3) Octavia
    4) Lincoln
    5) Jasper & Monty
    6) Raven
    because only 1 option is not enough :D

  21. Finn (inventive, negotiating, funny adventurer) by a long shot, then Kane and Lincoln.

    I think Finn's character was underused. Bob Morley is an awesome actor as Bellamy, but that doesn't make him my favorite character, actually I could have done with less Bellamy focus as I felt it took away storyline from the other main cast. The finale, both parts, were more balanced than other episodes.

  22. Clarke is definitely my favorite. It's been a while since I've loved a character as much as her. Bellamy is my 2nd fav. I really enjoy all of the characters so far.

  23. This poll did not ask for your least favorite :-) Thankfully J.R. likes them all.

  24. Voted for Finn although it could have just as easily been Octavia or Lincoln. I wonder how many people hate Finn because he threatens their favorite ship.

  25. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 16:39

    I love how everytime somebody dislikes a character it's because of a ship not because they have valid reasons to dislike that character.

  26. I like them all, but if I had to pick, I'd pick Finn followed by Kane, Raven and Clarke.

  27. So true. People put a lot of effort in writing about that they dislike Finn, but this poll did not ask for that. And it is not as if these polls really have any influence, Jason R. is very blunt in how he sees and loves all his characters the way he wrote them.

  28. Well, it could be a coincidence that only the ones who comment that they dislike Finn the most have Bellamy on top.

  29. Okay. So what exactly has Finn done to engender this much wrath on this thread, besides have a realationship with Clarke?

  30. I like show runners who stand up to pressure on social media and just tell the story they have planned. It takes a lot of guts these days.

  31. The point is that Finn is the only one who gets hate in this comments in this particular poll, no other character triggers this dislike but in the poll but he clearly is not the least favorite one if you read the results.

  32. Well my most and least favourites don't have anything to do with the pairings or with my favourite characters.
    I want Clarke and Bellamy together.

    1. Bellamy
    2. Clarke
    3. Raven (Had sex with Bellamy, rumored to be a love interest for Bellamy, rumored to be pregnant, Bellamy showed concern for her)
    4. Murphy (Bellamy's biggest enemy, can kill him any second)

    From another show.
    I want Stefan and Caroline together.
    1. Stefan
    2. Caroline
    3. Klaus(slept with Caroline, is or was(I'm a bit confused recently) in love with Caroline)
    4. Katherine(slept with Stefan god knows how many times, is in love with Stefan, dead:( )

  33. You are not alone here!

  34. Then why doesn't Raven get hate? She slept with Bellamy, they could very likely be a couple in the future. I like Finn, especially after the last couple of episodes, but in general I see people saying that don't find him as interesting as the others.

  35. I like all the characters, but went for Kane.

  36. What do you mean by inconsistent? Could you give me some examples? I agree that both Raven and Finn became weaker characters when they started the love triangle junk. I would say that Finn was also better whenever Raven wasn't around. As for being a hypocrite, I find that is usually Clarke more than anyone else.

  37. So Bellamy and Clarke are your favorites and you want them to be together and Finn is your least, the one who the show runner explicitly said Clarke is in love with. But there is no relation, really? There might be only few who believe you because it sounds like shipwar at its finest.

  38. Clarke. She's my girl.

    My favorite guy is Jaha! He doesn't get enough love. I think he's awesome.

  39. Kane is definitely one of the most fascinating characters and he has had the most defined character arc. It helps that the acting is top notch as well.

  40. When Raven and Bellamy slept together, it was absolutely portrayed as payback sex. There was no love at all and they both did it just for convenience. They are not a threat right now to anyone's ship. Finn and Clarke are portrayed much differently and are seen as a threat to many shippers, at least in what I have read in social media. My guess is that if Raven does indeed become a real threat to people's ship, she will also become hated and probably even more so than Finn.

  41. Bellamy, Murphy and Kane.
    Clarke- when she's interacting with Bellamy.

  42. Saddens me that most of the comments are saying Bellamy or Finn. There are such awesome females on this show and I feel like so many here are voting for whichever guy they have a crush on.

  43. This seems like an inconsistency to me maybe I'm wrong I don't know. Because if I remember correct bomb was Finn's plan.

    In Ep 10 Finn: What do we need to build a bomb?
    Raven: Depends on what you're trying to blow up.
    Finn: How about a bridge?
    Finn says a few things then continues with below.
    Finn: Blowing the bridge won't stop the attack, but the longer we can delay it, the more of us will be able to fight.

    In Ep 13 Bellamy: You can hold them off long enough to make them turn back. That's the plan.
    Finn: That's always your plan, just like the bomb at the bridge.

  44. If it will make you feel any better, you can believe what you want to believe.

  45. I disagree that Raven will be hated more than Finn. In general people seem to like her character more than Finn. I've seen plenty of Bellarke shippers say they'd be fine with Raven/Bellamy as long as Bellarke are endgame. Some even ship both. I noticed that Finn had many more fans until Raven came down. A lot of people were turned off by how he treated Raven and Clarke. Before that I rarely saw him getting hate. He also isn't as developed as some of the others, and we never got his backstory. Most of his storyline in season 1 revolved around him being a love interest. I have hope that next season he will be developed more. Now that he and Clarke are separated for now, I think we'll see him grow outside of their relationship. I'd like to see him have a friendship with Bellamy since they'll be together for a while.

  46. I've read those reviews of the episodes that come out every week from media sites. They're professionals and don't care about shipping. They don't seem to keen on Finn either. I think it's more of the "bore" factor than anything. The writers hopefully take this feedback and use it to make him more interesting next season.

  47. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 19:24

    Thank you. It's very easy to make it seem like Finn is hated because of Bellarke when it isn't like that at all. I liked him in the first episodes but then his character got annoying with the love triangle stuff and the hypocrisy.
    Also all the other character evolved and changed since the pilot but he pretty much remained the same.

  48. I suspect writers will retcon his backstory about his crime(spacewalking).
    We'll probably find out next season, Raven actually was the one who did illegal spacewalking not Finn if it makes sense. Well considering this show never surprised me I guess it won't surprise me if they retcon his past too.

  49. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 19:29

    This. Also the fact that he kept complaining about Bellamy's choices when he never got involved and never took responsibility for anything until the last episode. It's very easy to judge other people when you let them make the difficult choices for you.
    Besides he acted like he owned Clarke when he was playing with both girls and Clarke didn't own him anything. He never had the courage to tell Raven the truth. She had to find out by accident.
    And Clarke is no hypocrite. She was part of the torture and the bomb and took responsibility for it. She never acted like she was innocent.

  50. EuphemiaWonderland16 June 2014 at 19:32

    They already hinted at that in twitter some weeks ago. I don't know how it would count as retcon. Maybe they did the spacewalking together but he took all the fault so they wouldn't float Raven.
    I wouldn't mind that as long as they don't use it as an excuse for the cheating.

  51. We didn't have any hints on the show, Finn and Raven had a lot of scenes but about the crime? They left it up in the air for a reason. Finn got a lot of hate this season, so probably while the show was airing I guess they decided to make him more "innocent and good guy" and probably they'll fix the cheating along with it as well.

  52. Abby, Kane and Jaha are all awesome, from the acting point of view they outrank the teens imo. And I bet the older part of the viewers are watching the show because of them and the genre and not because of the teen drama. Most people here don't vote for them because they are a different age group. My theory is the older the viewer the least likely they are to engage in social media and ship wars. No offense to either group, all are equal, I just think not every group is representing itself here.

  53. Yeah, Cusick is really great!

  54. I think time will tell about Raven. Quite frankly, she was the character with the most promise for me until she came to the ground. I agree that Finn, Raven, and even Clarke got worse as characters when they started the love triangle. I hope that Raven and Finn will become more developed now that they aren't stuck with such a limiting storyline. As for Finn and Bellamy, i hope they do not become friends. Part of what has decreased my interest in both Bellamy and Clarke is that they are no longer rivals and tend to agree more than disagree. They are becoming boring because of it when they had such a great dynamic beforehand. If Clarker is no longer going to be the dissenting voice, then we need Finn to be it instead.

  55. I agree that Finn has been underdeveloped this season but the level of hate/dislike thrust toward him in these comments (i.e. hoping he gets killed off) smacks of something far more passionate than boredom.

  56. While at first I was far more interested in what happened on earth than the ark, about halfway through that reversed, becoming a significant difference when the 300 sacrificed themselves so the others would have more air. Now I am far more interested in the Ark story than the earth and in the adult characters. I hope that the two groups remain separated for the majority of season 2.

  57. I agree that many of the females are strong role models. Clarke is one of the strongest teens on TV right now, male or female. Abby should take on an even more significant role now that they are on the ground and the dynamics between Clarke and her should lead to some excellent scenes. Personally though, Octavia's story is the one that grabs me most. She's had the hardest life and her reactions are not always what i would expect them to do. It also helps that she seems to want to explore more of the earth and has a grounder connection. Right now the grounders fascinate me more than the 100 so I love that we will probably learn more about them through her.

  58. Bellamy is easily the most fascinating character to me. That coupled with the fantastic development by the writers in season 1 and Bob Morley's great acting, makes him my favorite character overall. However, I'll say that he's followed closely by Clarke who became such a complete badass by the end of the season. It's always great to see a lead female character who can take care of herself but also has no problem looking to others when she can't.

    Kane, Abby and Jaha are in a 3-way tie for my favorite adult on the show. I just can't choose between them but I love them all and want them around for many seasons to come.

  59. Pablo Troncoso16 June 2014 at 21:08

    Many of us like the character arc Bellamy went through, it's waaay far from having a crush on the guy

  60. Agreed, I like them separated too. But it might get tricky to separate them with Abby and Kane on the ground. I cannot see Bellamy and Kane fitting together in the same scenes but I think the smoke they saw was the burning dropship of the 100. And part of me wants Raven saved by Abby. My guess is that Bellamy and Finn will look for Clarke and the other 47, meanwhile the adults will build a new station on the ground.

  61. The females are great, but not as complicated or complex as the male characters. Clarke killed Atom in episode 3, it was just a matter of time until she would kill to survive and become more badass. I love Raven, but she has so low self-esteem, I want to yell at my TV all the time. She could have ended the love triangle in episode 5 or 6, when she found out. Octavia's storyline is sadly also defined by Lincoln and Bellamy'story. Maybe the poll should have made a difference between female and male and the comments would have been different.

  62. I think they said overlooked, underused or underdeveloped character in regard to Finn in those reviews, I cannot recall boring and I read them, too. But I agree, I would like to see all the characters more evolve and explored.

  63. Raven, if not her then Clarke and then Octavia.
    I dislike Bellamy and Finn a lot. Same with Murphy.

  64. I'm pretty sure in ep 13 he meant that as when Bellamy said he wanted to kill people with the bomb, same way with wanting to kill grounders by blowing them up.

  65. he has complained about bellamy's choices, which he is entitled to, just like clarke has had something to say about bellamy's choices and wells.

    how did he act like he owned clarke? and he did try to tell raven, in day trip he tried to tell her but she said she did not care and did not want to know.

  66. I voted for Finn. But also Raven and Lincoln. But I like everyone really!

  67. Finn got my vote because of who he is. Not a saint, but a character with a good heart. One who sees violence as a last resort. One who steps up the plate because it is the right thing to do. He's a hero in every sense of the word.

    Of course, Finn is seen as boring to many fans. Heck even on TVD, Stefan gets less votes/likes than Damon in polls. It's just the predictable trending for these types of characters these days.

  68. It's not about "believe what you want", it's about what you actually posted as a response to what was said.

  69. What do you mean by weak?

  70. Okay let's play this game for a moment. Is he the only one who's "inconsistent" in the show?

  71. You've seen plenty of Bellarke shippers say what now? What's your source for this comment?

  72. Do you know anything about TVD? If you know then can you explain to me why I don't hate Klaus? And why he's my favourite? He's the biggest threat yet he's my favourite since I only hate characters that threat to my favourite pairings. People on this thread should stop generalizing people's choices. Just because we don't like the character it doesn't mean it's because of some stupid ship.

  73. I like almost everyone on this show except Finn.
    Even the guy that almost got hang grew on me after his last scenes. I am sure they are setting him up for a redemption arc. At first i hated him but after he escaped in a badass way and didn't tell the grounders about mines, i am willing to give him a chance.

  74. I like everyone except for Clarke and I'm kinda so so on Finn. Octavia and Lincoln and my favorite characters and couple.

  75. No need to apologize about the stupid ship part.

    If you check Twitter and Facebook, you'd find that many of the anti Finn comments are made by those favoring Clarke with somebody else. Unfortunately, those shippers who dislike the character for a different reason tend to get labeled the same way.

    I dont watch TVD. However, how is Klaus the biggest threat of your favorite pairing since he's no longer part of the regular TVD cast and Caroline is not even in love with him? As far as I know he slept with Caroline once and it's not like she's head over heels for him.

    In my opinion, there are 3 reasons why Finn is disliked by many fans:

    1) Many of the Fans who want Clarke to be with someone else but she happens to be in love with Finn

    Or 2) Fans who feel that Finn has committed the unpardonable sin and it doesn't matter how sorry he feels about it or that there are other characters who have done much much worse, they get a pass while he doesn't

    Or 3) Fans who see him as boring/weak just like they see Stefan, Elijah, and other characters who happens to be, for the most part, against violence and seek peaceful means.

    At the end of the day, I like character while you don't, we may as well agree to disagree.

  76. Pretty much. A great deal of Finn hate comes from people who are mad because he is Clarke's choice, the boy that she loves. So they make a greater deal out of his faults than they do anyone else who has made even more horrible decisions.
    Again, not all Finn haters hate him because of a ship, but most from what I have seen definitely do.
    Because even if you find him boring or weak or whatever adjective that has been used to describe him by his haters, the level of hate that he gets is over and beyond anyone else's and it's so annoying that people want to pretend like it's not something more than just disliking a character (which people have every right tot do) when it comes to Finn hate. The bias is very clear.

  77. In season 3-4 Klaus was a threat, Caroline was attracted to him and if writers wanted to she could easily fall in love with him then a sudden spin-off came out which I didn't even know because I wasn't checking the web back then. But even in season 5 they had sex yet did I hate him? No. I expressed my dislike of pairing but it didn't change what I think about characters. Klaus is my favourite since they introduced his character and I even started to watch the originals for Klaus. If I don't like a pairing I express my dislike of the pairing, not of one character. There may people out there don't like Finn because of bellarke but not everyone. So stop generalizing people's choices. Some Fin fans are becoming annoying. It seems like most viewers don't like Finn, just accept it and move on. You can't do anything about it. If writers give him a good and convincing character development and actor could sell it people's opinion can change. It's up to the writers and the actor.

  78. I would love to see Raven and Abby reunite maybe even more than Clarke. I feel like Raven and Abby have a great relationship that elicits the best out of both characters. I'm hoping Abby will mentor Raven into the awesome character she should have been once she hit earth.

  79. The Abby-Raven relationship is also a not tainted one, because I don't see Clarke forgiving her mother anytime soon. I still fear that Raven will be one of the death of the first episodes, because with the adults on the ground her skills are not that essential anymore for the group. I think it is plot wise easier to find a way for Jaha to get to the ground than for Raven to survive this major injury unless maybe the Mountain men took her, they seem to be better equipped.
    But why would they take a fatal wounded?

  80. Damon Salvatore20 June 2014 at 11:03


  81. Caroline and Klaus had sex yes, but it was not mentioned by the writers or producers that she loves Klaus. It's possible that Klaus loves her. The only thing that was known for certain is that she loves Tyler. I don't watch TVD but I read the interviews, etc.

    If you re-read my previous reply, I'm sure not all Bellarke shippers hate Finn because Clarke loves him (per the producers). I'm arguing that the Caroline and Klaus example you gave is not comparable.

    No need to get upset over this. If you post a statement, then you can't take it personal when it's challenged by those who disagree.

  82. This is my last reply to you. I clearly wrote why it's comparable. But it seems like you're taking a small part of my post that serves your purpose and ignoring the rest so I'm gonna write one last time. Klaus was a "threat" in season "3 and 4" not just to Stefan and Caroline he was also threat to Caroline and Tyler too (and he managed to destroy Caroline Tyler relationship at the end) He also hurt Caroline a few times which is my favourite character. Caroline was attracted to him and according to what's shown on the screen they were getting closer but then Klaus left the show which I didn't know until I saw the show and I even started to watch the Originals for Klaus because he was my favourite since season 3 of TVD.

  83. Finn, I can't stand Bellamy.

  84. Jessica Pitman29 June 2014 at 03:18


  85. 1. Lincoln
    2. Murphy
    3. Bellamy
    4. Kaha
    5. Clarke

    Finn is dead last


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