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Revolution - Declaration of Independence - Review & Highlights

8 Jun 2014

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Well, this is at least two weeks late, but I’ve been busy, and I don’t do well with goodbyes. I just rewatched the season/series finale and thought I’d share a few thoughts, as well as open the discussion up to you – to share your favorite and least favorite moments from the series. Call it the part of the grieving process.

As for thoughts on the episode – obviously there were a lot of questions still left open. The cliffhanger ending with the nanos looked promising. The Miles/Rachel relationship got some legitimacy and closure by hearing Charlie give Rachel her blessing. Also on the relationship front, we heard from Charlie that she saw Jason as her love, and from Aaron that he considered Priscilla the love of his life. These last two seemed a little forced to me, because neither Charlie nor Aaron seemed to spend most of the series focusing on these people, but it’s a small point really.

The Patriots’ storyline was tied up nicely. This storyline never really grabbed me as much as I think it captured other people’s attention, so I’m fine with the ending. The nano storyline was just beginning, but nothing that can be done about that now. I didn’t like seeing Monroe and Conner end at odds – that arc had much more potential than the Patriots’ storyline – as well as the Monroe/Miles relationship, but again, nothing that can be done about that now.

Of course, short of a rescue from another network or brand like Netflix, we’ll never get more filled in with Rachel’s backstory with Miles, Ben, and Monroe. That is frustrating. What other loose ends am I missing?

There’s a field called “User Experience,” or UX as it’s often referred to, that has stormed businesses from a wide range of industries over the past 10 years or so. It was around before then, but it has more recently gotten more notice. The premise behind it is that it’s bad business to screw your end users, and by giving them a poor experience with your product, you’re only hurting yourself. Might be nice if NBC jumped on the bandwagon to adopt good UX practices. Other networks have been more progressive in trying to give users a better experience by adding a final shortened season to tie up loose ends. Just sayin’.

Highlights Section

In most weeks, in my reviews I’ve included the following sections:
- High Points
- Low Points
- Hottest Action
- Best Quotes

This week I’m leaving it open to hear what you all have to say about your favorite moments, least favorite moments, favorite action scenes, and favorite quotes. The range is series-wide (both seasons). For best quotes, don’t worry about getting an exact quote – a reference to the best of your memory is fine.


  1. #RelocateRevolution has to happen! The writers were/are building to such a Huge Season 3. Sh!t Happens was for me the most Action Packed, Sitting On the Edge of Your Seat episode. For me, it even included a Cringe Worthy scene which felt like Acid had been thrown in my eyes when the #Bachel Kiss happened. For me, that was just as powerful & a got to cover my eyes moment like I had for the Red Wedding in GOT. We have to know if Charlie is Mile's kid? We have to know if Bass & Miles can Play nice together. We have to know if Conner has gone Rogue or can he come back to a newly built Monroe Republic? We have to know if all that foreplay between Charlie & Bass ever Leads to something? We have to know just how powerful those Nano Zombies are? We have to know if there are more Tattooed Patriot Kids out there? We have to be a fly on the wall when the #OneNightInPhilly Bomb drops? We have to Relocate Revolution, there are just too many exciting stories that need to unfold on our screen by a Network or Stream Provider Like Netflix.

  2. The ending was very frustrating on a lot of fronts.

  3. Flashforward
    The Event

    ...yeah we've had MORE than our share of disappointing series finales lately thanks to cancellations that should not have happened or been allowed to happy because of stupid long network breaks.

  4. I am quite happy how it ended..the two most important story lines for me did end well, I thought. The Patriots are practically defeated (although I would have loved to see Truman finally being killed off), and the bromance of Miles and Bass ended on a good note. My highlight of the episode was that Miles trusted Bass, pretty much told Rachel she is wrong and Bass came thru for them and proved Miles right.
    I think one of the reason why I am happy how it ended is that I did read some spoilers and it sounded like it would end with a huge cliffhanger with our heroes in a non-winnable situation (meaning it might have looked like some would not survive) and Rachel learning the real reason for the blackout. These scenes were obviously deleted and I am glad for that because I am not sure I would have been able to live with this ending, if we are not able to Relocate Revolution to a new network or Netflix.
    I was never a fan of the Nano story line and while the ending was quite eerie, I was happy that it was not interwoven with the main story lines, but came at the end, so if this was indeed the series finale, you can turn it off 3 minutes early and never have a cliffhanger.
    I am not one who needs everything spelled out, so Charlie giving Miles her blessing to get serious with Rachel was enough for me...I don't need to know if he does it and if it works out (but that may be because I am not a fan of the Miles and Rachel pairing).

    The series does leave some question open for me that I would love to see answered which is one of the reasons why I am fighting for more season (the main reason is I am not willing to say good-bye to the characters yet)

    Favorite moments
    - I loved it when Miles crawled out of the hole in "Sh&#t Happens", with a new will and purpose in his life
    - simply loved watching Miles' development from this selfish person to the guy who tries to do good even if he still hates it
    - loved the relationship between Miles and Charlie, doesn't matter if he is her father or not
    - train scene
    - and Miles trusting Bass, and Bass coming thru
    - Miles, Bass, Aaron and Rachel in the Dreamcatcher episode

    Least favorite moments
    - I thought the romance between Miles and Rachel was boring in season 2. They should have never left out that she was his prisoner for quite a while and should have explained what happen. A bit more drama between those two in Season 2 would have made them more interesting.
    - The writers did Rachel no favors in Season 2 by re-writing this character from the badass she was in S1 to the pacifist in S2. She practically spent half a season running after Miles, and the other half telling him what to do. It would have been much better to get her involved sooner in the Nano story line with Aaron.
    - Nano story line
    - Rachel and Miles betraying Bass with the mustard gas. Thought this was very unlike Miles but a typical Rachel plan

    Favorite action scenes
    - Miles' fight scene in the pilot
    - Miles' fight scene in "Sh&#t happens"
    - train scene (who knew Gene is such an awesome shot?

    Favorite quotes

    - "Ring the Bell..we just stole a train" - Miles
    - We can win this together, but not with Yoko and her dad" - Bass
    - "and ....crap" - Miles
    - "It's annoying when a stupid kid tells you what to do, isn't it" - Miles
    - "to a little place called shut up and stay here" - Miles
    - "why are you out of breath"-Miles, "because I just ran" - Aaron
    - "great, it's like walking with a group of hairless ewoks" - Aaron

    and pretty much any quotes from Miles lol...sorry the quotes above are not exactly right but I hope you know which ones I mean

  5. High points: Miles and Monroe.
    Low points: Pretty much everything else
    Hottest action: 2.09 at the end
    Best quotes: "Beardy McGee", "You're a dick", "What'd you do, buy him a handjob and an eight ball?", "Go live the Mexican dream", "So, no sir, I will not sit down so you can shoot me in the face" (a rare non-Miles/Monroe quote), along with pretty much everything else Miles/Monroe said, and a couple of good ones from Neville, on occasion.

  6. Agree with Miles and Monroe for the high point. When they started developing their relationship, that's when I became more interested in the show.

  7. Yep. Plus the fact that David Lyons and Billy Burke were awesome.


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