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Penny Dreadful - Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters - Promo and Sneak Peeks

2 Jun 2014


  1. This is the big flashback episode, right? Looks great, love the tension in the Vanessa and Malcolm scenes.

  2. Finally ! A Vanessa centric episode ! I like all the characters but Vanessa is, to me, the most intriguing. Talking about women, I worry for Brona. She's not been lucky in life and as some suggest that she would become the future mate of Frankenstein's creature, I think she doesn't deserve that. One question : Is Dorian Gray supposed to sleep with everyone (at least the most attractives) ?

  3. Dorian Gray is bisexual/pansexual and hedonistic, he'll do anything or anyone if it staves off his boredom.

    I like Vanessa and Malcolm the most, so I can't wait for this episode and to learn more about their past and about what happened with Mina.

    I sometimes like Brona, sometimes not, but she definitely doesn't deserve to become Caliban's future mate, but I doubt it's a show about nice people who get what they deserve.

  4. I don't think so either. I have to remember that even if sometimes I've got to like some of them. It's a show about guilt and redemption not about 'happy-endings". It's cruel.

  5. Which is part of its appeal to me. I love damaged, flawed characters who make mistakes, whether they get redemption or not.

  6. I'm not particularly fond of flawed characters especially if the serie takes place nowdays. But when it comes to period drama or supernatural ones it's different. I can't explain why. Maybe I don't want to face reality or I don't want to see negative things and thinking that it could happen to anyone including me. I suppose I can stand back from it more easily.

    Anyway this is a great show. I was afraid of the little number of episodes but it seems to going well. Each story evolves right in time. Everything is connected and it follows nicely. The whole scenarios is convincing.

  7. I am, I love anti-heroes and flawed characters, but that's a matter of opinion. I hate that it's only 8 episodes and we're halfway done, with no news of a S2 yet. We don't know yet the history of most of the characters, I know we're addressing Vanessa-Mina-Malcolm next episode, and I'm sure we'll find out about Ethan as well, but I don't know if they'll have time to really delve into everyone's backstory properly.

  8. I hope they'll tell us more about this big transgression Vanessa committed. Vanessa flashbacks will be great, she's definitely my favorite character.

  9. Finally! some Vanessa Background story! i really cant wait


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