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Orphan Black - Episode 2.10 - By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried - Promo

15 Jun 2014

Thanks to Justin for the heads up.


  1. I can't, I just can't ._.

  2. Good thing I have the World Cup to distract me, otherwise I'd be losing it counting down the hours and minutes to the next episode!

  3. Wonder how Clone Club will get her out of this... that room Rachel has Kira in is very pink

  4. The head-roll Sarah does at about 0:20 - does that look more like a Helena mannerism?

  5. Sorry Orphan Clone Club, but this is the "Empire Strikes Back" season ie: "Dark Places and Bad Times" for our clone "(s)heroes"! My theories for the finale..........though I really want to be wrong for the most part.
    - Sarah Manning will be DYAD's prisoner by finale's end.
    - Cosima will lapse into a coma before the treatment saves her (I just can't see Cosima dying as she is the scientist and the "glue" that holds the characters and storylines together).
    - I'm afraid Delphine is going to die in the finale doing the right thing and redeeming herself, but I really hope I'm wrong.
    - Mrs. S ,Felix,and Co. will try and save the day, but find themselves overwhelmed by their enemies.
    - everyone will be captured and/or beaten leaving the door open for "Sestra Clone" Helena to save the day and everyone else's @$$ too...............beginning in season 3, DAMMIT!
    Nobody, 4 NOW!!!

  6. About Sarah being Dyad's prisoner, care to bet that Topside is an isolated hotel in Wales? When Rachel said Kira might even grow to like it here, all she needed to complete the picture was a striped scarf and multi-coloured umbrella. I wouldn't be surprised if season 3 sees Sarah absent for a good few episodes, and then either she returns but turns out to be another clone claiming to be Sarah or while Sarah is away we see the return of Beth or another supposed-to-be-dead clone. :)

  7. HA! I said the same thing during the promo !

  8. Yay! Daddy Daario 'er Daddy Cal is back!! Love the look on Mrs S' face!


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