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MOVIES: The Giver - Official Trailer starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges

6 Jun 2014

Thanks to magnutude for the heads up.


  1. Excited for this! The cast is good and the story is intriguing, plus the books was good :)

  2. SHIELDNCISArrowfan6 June 2014 at 10:07

    some would be concern that the lead Jonas is a bit old.......the actor is 24 and Jonas is 12 in the book....A strong cast though

  3. Oh yeah definitely, I do realize that, I meant the cast collectively :)

  4. pinkphoenix19856 June 2014 at 12:11

    I get the feeling that they have changed some elements from the book to suit the movie storyline better. Of course they do that naturally and because of it, I don't mind that the actor playing Jonas is older as long as they don't make a big deal about the fact that he is supposed to be twelve.


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