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Beauty and the Beast - Ever After - Review: "We are who we are."

25 Jun 2014

Hey Beasties! Lilith here with a review on the latest episode of Beauty and the Beast, episode 2x20: Ever After. I’m afraid to say the honeymoon is over. This little Beastie is not happy with a majority of the events that occurred in this week’s episode. I do hate when the promos construct a better ideal for the episode than the episode does for itself. But I do have quite a few positive things to say about this episode as well. So, let’s just jump right in…

Honestly, I don't feel like a whole lot happened in this episode to move the story forward. I hope I am not alone when I say that these two past episodes have felt a little like filler when you stripped them down to the bare essentials. That is alarming and quite disappointing, considering we only have two more episodes left until a very long hiatus. Let me see, what did actually happen? Team Beastie now knows Gabe killed Watson the Witness, Gabe pulled the 'if I go down you all go down with me' card and we learned that Cat just isn't ready for a life in the 'burbs just yet.

This episode marked another new writer into the BATB family. Her name is Vanessa Rojas. I think she did a fantastic job with the pacing and exploring the budding relationship between JT and Tess. Which of course was very much appreciated. But I do feel she presented some out of character elements for both Cat and Vincent as well. While the moments were cute they fell short of my expectations (I guess I should stop reading fan fiction, LOL). But all-in-all I think this was a wonderful first outing. I felt that Ms. Rojas got what Beasties want for VinCat eventually but also showcased why it is much TOO soon for them to be even thinking of having a happy ending such as the one presented in this episode right now.

Steven A. Adelson absolutely knocked it out of the park this time around. This episode was breathtakingly beautiful. Mr. Adelson definitely made all the right moves on every front. He knew when to zoom, when to pan and when to give a wide shot to take it all in. Both the interior and exterior shots were wonderfully lit. The closeup shots were used sparingly and effectively and I feel like this is the best performance between JT and Tess since they've officially become a pair to date. I think Mr. Adelson really pulled some great performances from both Austin and Nina. If you appreciate the way he captured this episode be sure to let him know on Twitter via @adelsadelson.

The themes that I found to be most prevalent in this episode were 'you can't change who you are' and 'normal is relative'. I really loved that took back to season one and cooked up some classic recurring elements such as a wall of weird (this time it belonged to JT) and newspaper articles. They also revisited the 'Big Brother' element. I also love that we are seeing so much of the old Cat and Vincent who always tried to do what was right when they could. They make each other better people and are stronger together than they are apart.

While it was a pleasure to see Agent Knox once more, I'm just going to go ahead say it was a criminal underuse of Anthony Ruivivar. I like that he seems on the up and up and is doing his best to help Cat and Vincent. I also like that he seems frustrated with Cat and Vincent and their seemingly carelessness but also I feel like he admires them for trying to what is right under hellacious circumstances.

Let’s just address the elephant in the room that is Gabe, real quick so we can move on to happier topics. I feel that Gabe is taking up way too much time. Why can't we just throw him in jail? If they want to bring him back next season have him break out (and if they can swing it have him bring Papa Reynolds along for the ride as well). Right now we need to be focusing on Cat and Vincent rebuilding their relationship and giving us, the viewing audience, sometime to see them happy before this super long hiatus we as Beasties are about to embark on. I don't know why they keep letting Gabe get the upperhand. All I do know is that I want that character gone. I don't care how but it better be soon.

I don't know about you but I was absolutely thrilled to have JT Forbes back on my screen. He was sorely missed last episode and very much appreciated and showcased in this one. I love that we got to explore another facet of JT's personality, 'the doubting Thomas'. JT loves Vincent so much and puts too much pressure on himself. It just heartbreakingly endearing. I do wish we could have gotten a scene between just those two this episode but the scenes between JT and Tess more than made up for it. I'm really liking the dynamics between JT and Tess. We are getting to explore a lot of new territory with both of the characters.

Speaking of Tess... OMG! Vanessa Rojas knocked it out of the park when it came to writing for Tess. She allowed for the character to show a softer side. Tess was so nurturing and reassuring. It was a welcomed change from the tough girl act that is trying to hide all her vulnerabilities. I think she understands being on the sidelines and in someone else's shadow very well. I love storytelling that shows rather than tells. Nina handle the material very well and really added a nice touch to this new side of the character we got to see.

I don't know how to feel about Cat in this episode. Cat has always been presented in this series as a little wishy-washy not to mention self-centered and self-serving. But it has always been balanced by being such a kick butt chick, her being loyal to a fault when it comes to Vincent, being good at her job and always wanting to right a wrong. But all these things collided in a manner that rubbed me the wrong during this episode. Cat keeps saying she will do anything to keep Vincent safe. Just a few episodes ago she was willing to let him walk away from her and sacrifice her happiness for his freedom and safety. But it came across to me that Cat was actively trying to sabotage the situation from the moment they arrived in suburbia. I feel like she blew her cover on purpose. Maybe not consciously but definitely subconsciously. I've always felt like Cat was an drama junkie and loves what a relationship with a wanted Vincent provides. Cat wants to have her cake and eat it too. She very much wanted normal last season and was the happiest we'd ever seen her to date during 'Date Night'. They were ready to leave it all behind less than a year ago and I'd kill to get some of that brief happiness back. That's just my two cents though.

Vincent has been slowly fading into the background and becoming more of a plot device than an actual character lately. I do love Jay Ryan's performance from week to week but I just wish he had more to do than save the damsel in distress. I really do appreciate how far they've brought Vincent in such a little amount of time. I'm fascinated with the approach they've taken by making Vincent funnier, more mellow, more pragmatic and definitely more of a fighter. Deep down somewhere season 1 Vincent is emerging slowly but surely. I'm very conflicted about Vincent. He did kill Kurt Windsor and the way I see it wasn't exactly self-defense but it is still a very sympathetic situation. I want Vincent to come clean to world and beat Gabe to the punch. I think it's the only way out of this mess.

Grade: B-


Character of the Night
• Tess

Best Character Interactions
• JT and Tess

Most Memorable Moment
• JT calls Tess his girl.

Line of the Night
• Cat: Can we go home now?

Scene of the Night
• Cat and Vincent return to the streets of NYC (where they belong) and talk about what their normal is.

That Awkward Moment
• That awkward moment when Cat was channeling her inner Disney princess by communing with a bird. I thought it was cute and clever.

Classic or Cliché?
• JT utters 'I'm walking here,' as he gets splashed by a passing taxicab.

The Nail on the Head Award
• Vincent (to Cat): No! You like looking for trouble.


Spotted: Captain Ward actually contributing to the functioning of the 125th precinct

I Call Shenanigans - If it isn't revealed in the next episode that Gabe got a tail put on him after he left the precinct, I'm going to need the writers to stop trying so hard with the procedural and cop elements because at this point it is getting ridiculous.

That Looks Familiar - Well, you can tell me that BATB takes place in NYC all you want but you're going to have to try harder to conceal Toronto... I mean come on Urban Eatery is on full display. If I'm not mistaken I pretty sure that was Eaton Centre. Threw me out of the episode for a moment. Not to mention it made me hungry, LOL.

Style Spotlight - I loved EVERYONE'S Jackets/Coats. Send help! This is getting out hand. It's 90 degrees in NYC and I'm scouring the internet for outerwear. Not to mention I just ordered Cat's orange and black flannel shirt from two episodes ago.

Easter Egg - They made a Batman reference! As I mentioned in an earlier review, Anthony Ruivivar voiced the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the animated TV show 'Beware The Batman'.

Top Three Tweets

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What did you think of this episode? How does it stack up against the rest of the episodes from this season? Is this reviewer off her rocker? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments. You know I love you for reading…

About the Author
Lilith Hellfire is a 27 year old female who currently resides in NYC, NY. She spends her nights either blogging, DJing or podcasting. She's a rabid fangirl of the following shows: Arrow, Beauty and The Beast, The Originals, Justified, Sons of Anarchy and Revenge.

She is the host of numerous podcasts such as Arrowcast, Beauty and the Beast
and Welcome to Beacon Hills.

She writes about Beauty and the Beast, Reign and Young & Hungry for Spoiler TV.


  1. i like that you mentioned catherine with the birds, it had a very fairy tale feel

  2. Genial episode mais j'ai regrette l'attitude de catherine envers vincent .elle qui voulait une vie normal dans cette episode elle ne le voulait pas ou elle a peur car c'est nouveau pour elle.

  3. i agree with many of your points. felt the characters were out of character in this episode - like they were not real people. the storyline was not fully believable and there were many plot holes (like vincat walking in the new york streets at the end of the episode, WTF lol). case of the week was predictable and with two episodes left i was thinking, really did we need a filler episode?? cat annoyed me for the reasons u mention though i would not say she has been wishy washy or self serving in general. but yes she has many weaknesses which i actually kind of like. the funny moments were not all that funny always because they did not feel very natural, they felt somewhat staged. what i really like about BATB humour (ep. 17 being a super example) is that they are great at having hugely emotional, heartbreaking and simultaneously funny moments. this humour was not the best one in that respect. i absolutely adored jt and tess (both together and individually) in this episode. what great chemistry they had. i cannot believe i am now totally sold on them. that last gummy worm scene was so sweet. didn't feel it much between vincat in this episode and i find it was a bit of a wasted opportunity and felt unrealistic considering how much they have missed each other ... this is the key strength of the show, just use it. adelson did a great job, I agree :) A.R. was really seriously underused - come on writers, have u not watched him in Banshee?? Gabe will be the key player after vincat in the last two eps i am sure and he will then die by the end of 22. i would bet on that lol. u know, now that gabe has turned bad i dont mind him - i think sendhil is great at it and i loved the dungeon scene between him and jt/tess. i also loved the vincat end scene (despite the unrealistic element of them walking freely) and foudn vincent calling cat a kid so appropriate lol and endearing. there were some great moments in the episode but not enough for me to find the episode compelling, i was somewhat bored. i did not hate it, more like neutral. i am sooo excited about 21 and 22- i think they will make up for the lack of excitement this had to offer

  4. @jenny_luvsryan25 June 2014 at 23:20

    I loved this episode and I thought Vincent was hilarious! However, Cat was ready to leave and move to Denver last season and now she can't leave the city? What the? I agree that Gabe has to go. It is getting old. And a really good love scene would be nice:)

  5. I liked the episode overall,it didn't feel normal for vincat to be out of New York,I would have liked it if they had fixed a dinner & relaxed for a change,maybe not for the whole episode but half.JT & Tess's scenes were great,I loved them all. There were alot of funny moments,Vincent talking to the fish,Cat forgetting Tim's name,& Vincent fixing breakfast...CEREAL REALLY! Catherine liked the bird before she left NY but not at the house.Come on now lets get Vincent cleared of murder & get rid of Gabe already....Sorry Sendhil,he plays a really good bad guy but he's just stepped over the line going to far with Catherine,I feel that him & Tori would have made a good couple,can't wait for the next 2 episodes,I'm sure they'll be amazing.

  6. Same feeling. It was a parody but not a great one. Maybe the idea was good for a brand new season but right now looked totally disconnected with the ongoing narrative.It's a bit frustrating when new writers forget to take a look at the old writing on the wall and suddenly try to re-edit and stretch characters' personality to fit them into THEIR own story , which is wildly different and opposite from the one already established . So confusing . Well, my expectations on S2 finale were way too high . My fault. Batb writers are what they are and S2 is just a reflection of their work output (mediocre) . Significant improvements in the last episodes look unrealistic unless they bring back some more talented S1 writers , sorely missed in the writing room. Hoping for the best but waiting for the worst .
    Indeed the last episode was pretty low on Gabe and heavy on VinCat ( less Vin , more Cat ) but not in a good way. The episode didn't really help to sympathize with Catherine character . Got the opposite effect on me. I know it was just a filler but it came at the end of a very troubled painful season . I was unable to enjoy it. I couldn't get out of my mind that she was more than willing to spent a lot of "cough - normal - cough - happy" moments in Gabe's apartment in downtown but she couldn't share one single laugh in the same room with Vincent in suburbia . Wrong place or wrong Beast ? Seriously , she was acting like a spoiled irresponsible sociopath and well, with a Beauty like that the Beast doesn't really need enemies , isn't it ? If I were him I would consider to buy a single one-way ticket for a tropical destination, miles away from Nyc. He could still have a platonic but epic relationship with Cat.... via Skype. Cheap and safe. I'm sorry for my sarcasm but writers always made a terrific job to make me dislike her . Always. Let's call Catherine " a season 2 collateral damage". End of rant.

  7. Thank Lilith.. I am glad you decided to tell as you see it (you always do anyway) as I know you have really been trying to see the good since we came back. To me this was a wasted hour at a time when we don't have an hour to waste! Aren't we done with trying to prove that Gabe is the bad guy and more of a beast than Vincent will ever be? Aren't we done with Vincent saving Cat and her saying I don't need you to save me? and Aren't we done with trying to define normal for this couple? "My normal is when I am with you!" I mistakenly thought after the forced hiatus and the loud roaring of the beasties that we would get one romantic scene in this episode-one hot sexy, juicy VinCat scene-a romantic dinner-a romantic bed scene-they were in a house with no one chasing them-no Gabe and no one knew where they were, for god's sake and the choice is to solve a murder? It seems like the writers are trying to emulate season 1 in some ways except the most important part and that was that this was an electrifying, sizzing couple and you could feel that love through the TV screen! The epic love story between Cat and Vincent has been lacklustre at best since we came back! And this is suppose to be Beauty and the Beast 2.0! I honestly do not get it.

    Yes JT and Tess were the stars of the episode-that made me happy-but we have 2 episodes left and next week we get to see Cat go on a fake date with Gabe while Vincent is being dissected into a few pieces. It seems like the goal of the writers is to shove as much action and drama as possible in the episodes and oh ya it is suppose to be an epic love story so we better have them kiss once or walk down the streets of New York arm in arm-that will please the Beasties!

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry-I want to have some good expectations for the last two episodes let alone season 3!

  8. Great review Lilith. This was a fun episode for me. We can all agree that it is time for Gabe to go!

  9. Great review, as always!!! I thought the same about Cat, so disappointing!! I also feel like they are so contained or cold with each other, :/ I don't know how to feel about this ep and what to expect from the remaining ones!

  10. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. I just my VinCat back on the same page with Team Beastie against the world. I'm not asking for too much am I?

  11. I just can't remember that fight with Kurt Windsor!!, wasn't self-defense??, I just remember they both were beasts when they were fighting and suddenly Vincent ripped his heart out of his chest, and that's it...

  12. THIS ep was the Cold Case to me. Ever After the title and all the hyped up cute VinCat pics released deluded me into expecting something very special and at least some majorly overdue sexytime for my fave couple ~ for that I blame myself for not getting what I hoped for. Ever After is far from being terrible but after 3 adrenaline rush eps that I LOVED, this one left me wanting and unsatisfied. Will never gush over JTnT but I acknowledge they had good scenes and glad Tess is finally getting better material as you say. She would have won me over more if she'd only shot bloody Gabe in the dungeons. Basically my feelings for this ep can be summed up as: What the Cat. When Cat said "I will do anything to be with you Vincent" and he carried her over the threshold I was all smiles. But then her inner Cattitude surfaced almost immediately with seemingly total disregard for Vincent's safety in her self absorbed quest for "justice". I get that that is Cat and Vincent's lovely true natures that they will always want to help others even at the expense of their own safety but for Cat to do so and risk blowing their covers before they can even name the fish and the fact that protecting the love of her life should have been her priority rather than sticking her very pretty nose into the painfully obvious lame murder case across the street (which she could have helped out annonymously) just didn't sit well with me. Luckily Vincent is so much more understanding of her Cattitude and the sweet lovely ending, unrealistic though it was, did soothe my ruffled beastie fur somewhat. I thought the script was bad and that's why I didn't love it but could just be the pacing and timing of it that makes Cat appear so reckless. AND the disappointing lack of VinCat intimacy in their big ol house with no Gabe SWAT or helis really was a wasted opportunity that added to my overall lack of appreciation for this episode. Would have loved to see VinCat play house a little longer than one awkward ep like this.

    OK moving on to my Fave Moments.

    - VinCat arriving in the burbs. Seeing Vincent drive instead of Cat. Vincent carrying Cat.

    - your Line of the Night by Cat was really sweet and heartfelt when Vincent saved Cat. And the VinCat hug.

    - Vincent accepting that kicking ass is Cat's normal at the end.

    - Vincent's hat hair *swoons*

    - Vincent talking to goldfish.

    - Vincent questioning the neigbor.

    - The coats esp Cat's.

    - Agent Knox. I dig those elvish ears. Hope AR is back for Season 3.

    - JT being Batman.

    - Tess supporting JT.

    Fave LOL moment: Cat thinking neigbor flipped her off.

  13. Amen and Bravo!! I just want to add that Gabe has go to go ASAP!!! I don't know how much more I can stomach him!! You, maureen and Lilith nailed exactly how I felt about this whole episode. Really, you guys left me nothing else to say:)

  14. Thanks sweetie. I really really hate finding fault with my favorite show but I just had to let it all out. Don't even get me started on Gabe or GaG as I call him since that's what I felt like doing throughout his gross fauxmance with Cat. Lilith nailed how I feel about him right now. Hope the writers are just milking him as the villain to give him a send off. Really tired of his smarmy self hogging precious #BatB screentime and don't want to see him in Season 3.

  15. Hello Lilith as always love to read your point of you. I really like the episode and as you feel like it was one in between to take some peaceful before the storm.
    I really like Jay being funny, him talking with the goldfish was awesome. And yes the center of the ep were JT and Tess.
    Also agree that Gabe's time is OVER. THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEW #Batb ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Again I feel the same way. I really had to vent over this episode because I didn't care for Catherine's behavior. After EP 19 this seemed really OOC for her. Heck the minute she got out of the car she was saying everything she'd do to help and protect Vincent and the very next morning all bets were off. I was hoping to see a little romance or at least a little bit of affection. Catherine does feel like an adrenaline junkie who's only happy when Vincent's life is being threatened & they're on the run. I really hope we get to see some romance in the next episode or at least in the finale. That's why I fell in love with this show. I don't mind some of the action, I'd just like a balance of the two. I hope we'll get that in S3 and again I pray that we'll be rid of Gabe in the finale. Fingers and toes crossed! I call him Gabby because all he does is gab! Lol! I read somewhere that the woman that wrote this episode will be back for S3 which has me worried. The director from EP 19 his name was Rich will also be back. A friend of mine read this on twitter. They also said that Stuart one of the directors is trying to reach out to some of the writers from S1! That would be a dream come true if that happened! We could finally get back to the heart of the show!

  17. The Beauty deserved one GOOD episode about the Beauty . But Gabe and Vincent got the best of the season and she got the short end of the stick .

  18. Cátia Barradas26 June 2014 at 09:38

    I´m with you in many of your thougts it was not my favorite, but i like the "your normal" storyline and i love JT and Tess, the look adorable toghether :) And yes more shower scenes please :)

  19. Imagine
    this scene

    "In the suburb VinCat are dawning in bed in each other's arms, Cat still sleeps and Vincent leaves the bed very quit. Vincent prepares a tray with breakfast without forget a red rose in the tray. Vincent enters into the room and finds Cat in bed with the lap top open on her lap……."
    ..... And the whole last scene in the kitchen could be happened in the bed room without changing the time line or the sequence of the writer for the episode and would give to the ep a romantic touch that we the fans are longing.

  20. Agree in part! Obviously we are all massive BATB fans and love our show, however this episode did leave me wanting more. Clever directing writing acting etc etc but there was missed opportunity for the forever interrupted VINCAT to have some "fun" time. Even if it wasn't an actual love scene, playfulness, around the kitchen bench 'the morning after', for example, would have seemed more appropriate. Just stopping to savour this time, even for a moment, would have been great. Having Cat be unwillingly pulled into the crime situation rather than seeking it out would have been more fitting to her character too. The plot felt like a filler and disjointed from the rest of the season. Although it may seem contradictory to my previous statements I didn't feel as though Cat was selfish. My husband kept saying that she was not putting them first and being selfish but true to my form I defended Cat till the end! The way I see it - Vincent (and catherine) has also always put himself in situations that jeopardize his safety and covert cover. In Season 1 JT was always at Vincent for entering crime scenes or blowing his cover - but it kept coming back to the fact that although their safety is at threat TRUTH and JUSTICE prevail (batman), this situation was no different IMO
    Anyway - I love the show and the cast and nothing will reduce my love for it. Looking forward to the rest of Season 2 and of course Season 3 BRING IT ON !! (please give beasties that Love scene we've been begging for) LOL

  21. I hate hate hate being negative about BatB except for Gabe because that's justifiable so while rewriting my comment here into my own review of this ep on tumblr, damn if I didn't suddenly enjoy the funny awkward burbs unbliss a lot more ~ for instance I totally missed the Barbie and Ken reference before by Cat. I'm still miffed at her Cattitude and lack of sexytime but overall I'm starting to appreciate this ep a lot more now. VinCat's expressions especially the funny looks they exchange when they first meet the neighbors are hilarious. Also as Lilith said, the promos really painted an idyllic picture of domestic bliss which raised my expectations on VinCat sexytime unnecessarily I feel. The title if you look at it from another POV which I'm starting to is actually ironic as suburban bliss is far from the ideal for VinCat right now so if I can put aside the nigging feeling that Cat should have tried harder to not be Cat then this episode is actually pretty good in a clever subtle fun way and NOT filler! :-)

  22. Thanks Lilith for your loving and fun review. Vincent actually had 22 minutes screen time and Gabe only 7 (even if those 7 seemed longer) in this episode.
    Jay Ryan was outstanding in this episode. Having a conversation with his pet fish (and coincidentally with us) "You know, she can't even handle normal", that was hilarious. His frank and friendly face meeting the devious neighbor: "Just out of curiosity, did you murder your husband?" Silently turning the cereal package over and over as if he hadn't seen one before. (And maybe he hadn't, we know JT isn't big on cereal.) Many more great scenes with Jay, including a couple where he is starting to distrust Cath's devotion to normal life. "Maybe you are sabotaging this thing" and actually getting angry with her. Jay seems to have a clear vision of how Vincent is changing and learning and he shows us both subtly and energetically where he is going with this character.
    Personally I am getting fed up with listening to her unrelenting and somewhat naïve belief that she and only she is Miss Justice System personified. She tries to alleviate this by adding on Vincent as an afterthought "And so do you."
    Tess had some dodgy scenes with JT. There is a thin line between nurturing and downright condescending, and I think the writers overstepped it: "Use that professor brain of yours", pat, pat.. JT never had to be patted on his head like this before, at least not concerning his intelligence. I like it better when Tess is admiring JT's brains and he is admiring her spunk. Thus nicely complementing each other.

  23. Now that would have brought some of the epicness back to this romance! I love it!

  24. Interesting review. I love Jay multiple acting skills but I'm not sure there was "Vincent" in the episode . I thought there was "Kevin" from Gogirls playing on my Tv screen. He loves that character.

  25. I liked what you had to say and I agree that watching it a second time gave me some different perspectives but I respectfully disagree that we should hate finding fault with the show we love. That is what the writer's and EP need to hear. Nothing is every idyllic and perfect and unless we stand up and say this could have been done in a different way, nothing will change and IMO more beasties will leave. In my profession, it is actually the constructive comments that make things better for everybody and I think that if the powers than be had actually listened to what the fans and reviewers had to say this season we wouldn't have had to fight so hard for Season 3 and IMO it WAS the Beasties that got us a season 3. There is such incredible talent in this show in all aspects of it, but it needs stay true to the essence of Beauty and the Beast and it needs to be cohesive. We saw that in Season 1-it wasn't perfect either, but it was way more cohesive than this season, IMO and there is no reason why we can't be a different season and get back to that. But I am glad you re-watched as it made me go back and re-watch and I saw many of the same things you did. We all SHOULD have high expectations of this show and especially now. We were promised by the Brad Kerns that this season would be more romantic-I am still waiting!

  26. I am so glad to hear that they are trying to reach out to some S1 writers. I would also like Sherri and Jennifer to be back in charge. This was a show they developed-it was their vision and thinking that needed to be changed in Season 2 was so wrong in my book! It did not work. I hate to be sexist, but I think women know romance better than men-and this show is about romance; it is not about action and drama-it is about romance and that is what is missing this season that feeling of a truly, unique epic romance. For me, that is what drew me and hooked me in season 1 and that is what has almost driven me away in season 2-the lack of that.

  27. I agree with you....please kill creepy Gabe off for good....He is as annoying as a character can be and stealing too many scenes with his stupidity. It's time for a new villain....too much creepy Gabe....go away

  28. Thank you for your excellent review. I wish the crew would use their stable of excellent writers instead of testing the waters. Or if they must use new writers, they should be required to watch the series first so they can keep the character's actions cohesive and believable.
    As you mentioned, Catherine was shown to be a "drama junkie" what happened to her demanding "normal" 18 times last season? Poor Vincent was willing to die to give it to her.
    It makes me wonder why she picked Vincent a the end of 2.16. Gabe wanted to stay safe, while Vincent was willing to go with her to the penthouse. So, safe and normal with Gabe didn't hold up to fast and furious adrenaline rush of the hunt. And suburbia with Vincent was no better. At least he said something about her sabotaging their cover. Finally, Vincent saw a flaw?
    Didn't Windsor get hold of Gabe's euthanasia syringe and was aiming for Vincent? I would say it was self defense.
    They are making Gabe look laughable. The noble hero to the supervillain. Backing out of the dungeon was the most ridiculous scene. Why not just shoot him and burn his body in the incinerator and be done with him? How could he turn in evidence if he was dead and gone. No one has found the dungeon yet, why would this be any different. That whole scene made no sense.
    That is the one thing consistent about Tess. She only used her gun once that I remember, and that was to shoot Vincent. So she may not be willing to kill someone, even if they were threatening her with a gun. Well, except for Vincent. I question her sometimes though. First shipping Gabe/Catherine, then telling Gabe about the exoneration so he could block it. Setting Vincent up to locate the missing Cat and then trying to talk Cat into giving him up once she was found to be safe. Now she lets Gabe go. It is just confusing.

  29. Thanks, Lilith for Always saying it like you mean it, terrific review don't have much to add except if I had to say something we got what we wanted with more JT and boy did he shine,now if we could get Less of Gabe,as in Gabe be gone!!!!!!! Ooh I'm with you on those nice jackets the cast are always rocking, good luck with you getting yours:-)

  30. I so agree with you!! I don't like how writers like to insult our intelligence!

  31. Bravo, Bravo, very well said, and I agree whole heartily to your thoughts, if I wasn't so tired I'd give you a standing ovation!!!!

  32. My thoughts only..could it be that at this time of filming these eps, BATB had no idea of the outcome of any renewal. Which meant, it was quite difficult to decide which direction to take...whether for an end to a show or otherwise. On the other hand, this episode was misunderstood by many. Kimberley clearly tweeted us....

  33. Lilith, your review always so good, but I'm disappointed with Cat's actions on this episode. In the life don't do just what we like, sometimes sacrifices are necessary and Cat here ignore this.
    I expected in that house a connection with end from episode 2x19, because VinCat seemed too anxious for have each other. But I'm not desist - I love BATB.

  34. Wooo...I totally agree with you. The new writers seemed not to have watched the series before, what resulted in incoherences.


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